ONCE UPON A TIME there was a little snake who loved to hiss. He hissed in the pit so much

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ONCE UPON A TIME there was a little snake who loved to hiss. He hissed in the pit so much that one day his mother told him that he best learn to hiss in some of the other pits. So, she turned him out of the home pit and sent him out hunting a new hissing pit to hiss in. So first, he went to the neighbors pit and started to hiss and the neighbor came in and said,"What are you doing hissing in our pit? Go to your own pit and hiss in IT." Well, since his mother and father were hissing in their pit, the little snake knew better than to go home and try to hiss in his own pit. So he went across the street and found another pit and asked the snakes there if he could hiss in their pit. They told him that he had a pit of his own and that if he couldn't hiss in his own pit that he surely better not get caught hissing in THEIR pit. So the little hisser slithered on to the pit of Miss Potts and went in and started hissing in her pit. Now Miss Potts had a hissing pit! She had a BIG hissing pit and always had lots of hissers hissing in her pit. But no one had told our little snake that he could hiss in her pit, so when she came home and found him, she told him that since he had not been invited to hiss in her pit, that he could not hiss in it, and that he had a big hissing pit at his own house and if hee wanted to hiss he should go home to his own hissing pit and hiss in it; he had no right to hiss in her pit, and that he had a better go find a pit of his own and hiss in it. So home he went. Straight home (as straight as a snake can slither) and told his mother that he could not find a hissing pit and that everybody said that he had better find his own pit and go hiss in it. But when he told her that Miss Potts (who had the biggest finest hissing pit in the area) wouldn't let him hiss in her pit, she REALLY lost her cool, saying, "Now ain't that something! And I can remember when Miss Potts didn't even have a pit to hiss in!"


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