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From: Michael Rogero Brown To: All Msg #104, Dec-21-92 05:00PM Subject: Hollow Earth Bibliography (plus Flat Earth too!) Organization: Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL, USA From: (Michael Rogero Brown) Message-ID: <> Newsgroups: sci.skeptic The following is a short bibliography I put together doing my 'research' into the area of Hollow Earth theories. If anyone knows of any other books or articles on the subject, I'd love to hear about it. One note: the term "inverted earth" is one I came up with to describe the ideas held by Koresheans and others to describe their view of the earth. These people think the world is inside out, ie WE (and the rest of the universe) reside within a hollow sphere. I use this term so that these people can be separeted froum the Hollow Earth theorists. Some writers lump them all together, but I disagree. ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY OF FLAT, HOLLOW, INVERTED EARTH THEORIES Works discussing all: --------------------- Gardner, Martin. "Flat and Hollow." In _Fads and Fallacies In the Name of Science_ New York: Dover Publications, 1957, 16-27. Good starting point. Unfortunalty, does not discuss current followers. Moore, Patrick. _Can You Speak Venusian? A Guide to the Independent Thinkers_ New York: W.W. Norton Co, 1972. A sort of British version of Fads & Fallacies. has a chapter on Flat Earthers (British), another on Hollow & inverted earthers (including Germans), and one on an alternate universe that is in a class by itself. Sladek, John. _The New Apocrapha_ New York: Stein and Day, 1973. Another British version of Fads&Fallacies, but much longer and some what more humorous. Very good book, wish someone would bring it back in print (Prometheus??) Touches on Flat, Hollow, and Inverted and Nazi interest. Time-Life Books. "An Interior World." In _Mystic Places_ NY: Time-Life Books, 1987, 138-154. Good article on hollow & inverted, also mentioning nazi interst, Ray Palmer, etc. Webb, James. "Cosmology (Occult)." In _Encyclopedia of the Unexplained_ Richard Cavendish, ed. NY: McGraw-Hill, 1974, 66-69. Overview of all three plus 'world ice theory' & nazi's interest in inverted earth. Works discussing Flat Earth theories: ------------------------------------- Reader's Digest. _Strange Stories, Amazing Facts_. Pleasantville, NY: Reader's Digest Association, 1976. Article discussing current Flat Earth Society. Schadewald, Robert. "Some Like it Flat." In _Fringes of Reason_ Ted Schultz, ed. New York: Harmony Books, 1989, 86-88. At present, definitive history of movement. Schadewald, Robert. _The Plane Truth_ As yet unpublished work on Flatearthers. Works discussing Hollow Earth theories: --------------------------------------- Bernard, Raymond. _The Hollow Earth_ New York: Bell Publ, 1979. Talks about past advocates Gardner and Reed, adds new ideas like Ring Nebulae as proof of hollow worlds. Clute, John, and Peter Nicholls. "Captain Adam Seaborn." In _The Science Fiction Encycopedia_ Peter Nicholls, ed. New York: Doubleday, 1979, 535. About Seaborn and book Symzonia. Felt Symmes was not Seaborn. Elwood, Ann. "Inside the Good Earth: What's Going on Under Our Feet?" In _People's Almanac_ David Wallechinsky & Irving Wallace, ed. New York: Doubleday & Co, 1975, 691-695. Basic article on subject, good list of hollow earth science fiction. Gardner, Martin. "Who Was Ray Palmer?" In his _The New Age: Notes of a Fringe Watcher_ Prometheus Books, 1992, 209-222. Talks of Ray Palmer's interest in Hollow earth and reveals true i.d. of "Dr" Raymond Bernard of _The Hollow Earth_. Gardner, William B. _A Journey to the Earth's Interior_ 1920. Basic work after Reed, see Schultz on where to order copy. Haining, Peter. "Subterranean Worlds." In his _The Ancient Mysteries Reader_ Garden City, NJ: Doubleday & Co, 1975. Idea of books is to print fiction based on ancient mysteries. Has a section on Hollow Earth publishing Poe's "Ms. Found in a Bottle" and part of Lytton's Coming Race along with an intro/overview. Reader's Digest. _Strange Stories, Amazing Facts_ Article focused on Symmes. Reed, William. _The Phantom of the Poles_ 1906. First basic work after Symmes. See Schultz on where to order copy. Ted Schultz. "Jumping Geography." In _Fringes of Reason_ Ted Schultz, ed. New York: Harmony Books, 1989, 89-91. Short on article of basic works, plus where to order copies. Shepard, Leslie A. "Hollow Earth." In _Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parasychology, Vol I_ Detroit: Gale Research Co, 1978, 431-432. Short, basic article. Smith, Warren. _The Hidden Secrets of the Hollow Earth_ New York: Zebra Books, 1976. Looks at many hollow earth ideas and also related idea of great caverns in earth's crust. Some times skeptical, neutral, and accepting of ideas. Journalistic: i.e. no footnotes or bibliography. Stanton, William. _The Great United States Exploring Expedition of 1838-1842_ Univ of California Press, 1975. Symmes was influence on the organizing of expedition. Only second chapter devoted to him and his followers. Symmes, John Cleves. _Symzonia_ NY: Arno Press, 1975. This book original published as by "Captian Seaborn". Many have debated on whether Seaborn was Symmes. If Arno has reprinted this as by Symmes, I wonder what makes them think so. This was an early novel discribing a trip into a hollow earth. Walton, Bruce A. _A Guide to the Inner Earth_ Health Research, 1983. Bibliography on articles about great caverns in earth's crust. HR also publishes Reed & Garnder. See Schultz. Works discussing "Inverted Earth" theories: ------------------------------------------- Andrew, Allen H. _A Yank Pioneer in Florida_ Jacksonville, FL: Douglas Priting Co, 1950. Autobio by member, and later a leader of Koreshan Unity. "Osted" in power struggle, but almost nothing on Koreshan beliefs. Berrey, Richard S. _The Koreshan Unity: An Economic History of a Communistic Experiment in Florida_ Master's thesis, University of Florida, 1928. Carmer, Carl. "The Great Alchemist at Utica." In his _Dark Trees to the Wind_ NY: William Sloane Assoc, 1949. Book is on NY state, one chapter on Koresh as he was from NY. Describes visit by author to Estero in 1948. Damkohler, Capt. E.E. _Estero, Fla. 1882_ Ft Myers Beach, FL, Island Press, 1967. Koreshans settled on author's father's land when he was a boy. Author has no liking for Koreshans. Fine, Howard David. _The Koreshan Unity- Utopian Community: "We Live Inside the World"_ Master's thesis. Notre Dame University, 1972. Have not seen. Gardner, Martin. "Occam's Razor and the Nutshell Earth" _Skeptical Inquirer 12_ (1979): 355-358. Article on current 'scientific' adherents to inverted earth. Herbert, G.M. and I.S.K. Reeves V. _Koreshan Unity Settlement, 1894-1977_ Florida Dept of Natural Resources, 1977. Mainly architectural work, does give basic history and beliefs of Koreshanity. Hogan, Joanna. "Park Preserves Vestiges of Hollow-Earth Cult." _Miami Herald_ 2 april 1989. J4. Basic article on Koreshan Park, done for paper's Travel section. Koreshan, Cyrus Reed Teed. _The Cellular Cosmogony_ Philadelphia: Porcupine Press, 1975. Reprints the basic Koreshan book which gives "evidence" of their claim. New intro by history discusses K. Unity history. Mackle, Elliot J., Jr. _The Koreshan Unity in Florida, 1894-1910_ Master's thesis, Univ of Miami, 1971. Have copy. Melton, J. Gordon. "Koreshan Unity." In his _Encyclopedia of American Religion, 2nd ed_ Detroit: Gale Research Co, 1987, p 742. Short description, gives address of person in Vero Beach. "Teed, Cyrus Read." In his _Biographical Dictionary of American Cult & Sect Leaders_ New York: Garland Publ, 1986. 287-288. Brief bio, lists some of his books. Rainard, Robert Lynn. _In the Name of Humanity: The Koreshan Unity_ Master's thesis, University of South Florida, 1974. Have copy.


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