Walk Away The exorcist By Skipp Porteous Exorcisms are long, arduous, and often violent. T

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Walk Away The exorcist By Skipp Porteous Exorcisms are long, arduous, and often violent. The church elders and I usually went to private homes to perform exorcisms. On some occasions our wives went with us, for extra spiritual power. In one home, an average, middle-class housewife knelt on the wall-to-wall carpet. As a dozen hands were laid on her head, we first prayed in tongues. "Shun-da-da-da-ma hun-da. On-di, ma-kai-on-do," someone babbled. "Come out! Come out in the name of Jesus! I command you to come out of her!" one elder shouted into her ear. "You evil spirit of lust," he continued with great power and authority, "and you spirit of witchcraft, leave, in the name of Jesus!" By now the atmosphere was charged and everyone continued to speak in tongues. The pitch grew louder as we feverishly prayed for the woman's deliverance from evil spirits. Someone started to sing, "In the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus." Everyone joined in and lifted their hands toward heaven. The woman slumped to the carpet floor and sobbed. Seizing the moment, an elder clutched the woman with his burly hands. He blurted loudly in tongues and vigorously shook the woman. The rest of the group stopped singing and shouted incomprehensible utterances. The woman sat up, her knees digging into the carpet as the elder continued to shake the demons out of her. "Come out! In the name of Jesus, I command you!" he yelled into her ear. Overwhelmed, she screamed and fought back. Now everyone held her by the arms and shoulders as they yelled for the demons to come out. "Fuck you! Fuck you all!" the woman screamed. "You're all going to hell!" While some of the women were shocked by the vulgarity, this outburst only encouraged us. Because a Christian wouldn't talk like that, we were now certain it was the demon speaking through her. Discovered, he was obviously ready to come out, but not before a last ditch effort. Then she screamed again, and started to cough and gag. Having been through this many times, we had the whoopee bag ready, but she missed and vomited on the carpet. Ecstatic, we shouted in unison, "Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus!" The woman we delivered from evil spirits had normal problems. She fornicated. She smoked cigarettes - indicating a rebellious nature - which is one major door we thought demons used to get into a person. Also, she admitted to reading her horoscope in the newspaper, and as a child, she played with a Ouija board. We believed these activities resulted in demon influence. The antic of cursing is very common during an exorcism. Sometimes the subject spit, bit, punched, and attempted to choke the would-be exorcists. The wilder the exorcism, the more convinced we were that it was really a demon we were dealing with. One man, whose family tricked him into coming to the exorcism, leapt over a coffee table and grabbed me by the throat. It took four men and their wives to wrestle him to the floor, where he was finally obliged to throw up, thus expelling the supposed demons. Once, while waiting for the elders to arrive, my wife and I had to hogtie a woman to a chair. Suicidal, she kept running to the kitchen to grab a knife. We performed several exorcisms on her to no avail. Ultimately, she was committed to a mental institution where she received shock treatments. One attractive 21-year-old was thought to be possessed by demons. Her unnatural craving for food caused her to gorge herself at meals, and during the night she raided the refrigerator and ate everything in sight. Strangely, she never gained any weight. In fact, she was malnourished. Why? Because after eating she forced herself to vomit. Twice we attempted to cast demons out of her, but her symptoms remained unchanged. Then a doctor diagnosed her as having bulimia, but treatment came too late. Before her 22nd birthday, she committed suicide. I've known of occasions where ministers have called dozens of people forward at the conclusion of a service. Those who've been involved in the occult, false religions, have uncontrolled lusts or habits, and even women who've had an abortion, participated in a mass exorcism which concluded with everyone engaging in the obligatory vomiting. Yards of church carpet have been ruined in this manner. Over a period of almost three years, we performed dozens of exorcisms. Our victims included men, women and children, as young as seven and eight. After a while, it became clear that everyone we thought we had delivered of demons reverted back to their old ways and still had the same problems. In fact, several ended up in mental institutions or died through suicide. Rather than admit to the severity of our destruction, we just let it go and went on to emphasize something else. 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