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PARANORMAL ACTIVITY AND IT'S RELATIONSHIP TO THE UFO ABDUCTION PHENOMENON BY William S. English UFINET News and Information Service INTRODUCTION: For many years, UFOs, or Unidentified Flying Objects and their research have been classed among the fringe elements of our society. Looked upon as being somewhat of a cult and most certainly inhabited by screwballs and nut-cases. Those who have had Abduction experiences suffer trauma not only from the experience, which in many cases is not remembered on a conscious level, but also from the trauma of being ridiculed by their peers. To often, the circumstances surrounding a legitimate Abduction case are clouded with extraneous issues that seem to complicate the initial issue of abduction by a possible Alien life form. Additionally the very nature of those issues often cloud the judgement of even the most experienced investigator of the UFO Phenomenon. This is due largely in part because of the Investigator's desire to find empirical evidence to support the existence of UFOs. As a result of this, over the past twenty years the majority of UFO Investigators have totally ignored another, and perhaps most important aspect of UFOlogy. The possible connection of Paranormal experiences to UFO abductions. Over the years we have equated Paranormal Activities, such as channeling, psycho-kinetics, manifestations of odd noises, telepathy, and a host of other things associated with it, as being totally separate from UFO Investigations. However a recent review of files and information for the past twenty years has shown a possible connection between the two. Most notably this connection seems to be associated with the Abduction Phenomenon as shown by Doctor Leo Sprinkle in his work as early as 1963. In an article written by Dr. Sprinkle which appeared in "Psychotherapy in Private Practice" Vol.6(3) 1988, he had this to say; " our contemporary society, those persons who describe paranormal/psychic/spiritual crises, or emotional trauma from memories of possible past lives, often are faced with scoffing or skeptical reactions -- not only from their friends and relatives, but sometimes from professional persons, including psychotherapists. And, if a person describes a UFO experience (including abduction by alien beings, out of body experience, near death experience, bodily marks from a medical examination, genital examination, past life memories, planetary visions, automatic writing or telepathic communication, and a message or mission for Humankind, etc.), then the psychological resistance of the psychotherapist, as well as the emotional trauma of the person, can be an important factor -- not only in the process of psychotherapy, but in the questions of whether services are provided to that person! The complex and controversial claims of UFO abductees/contactees are a background for the general question: Based on the processes of psychotherapy, what do we know about UFO experiences?" In a recent conversation with Dr.Sprinkle I asked him if paranormal activity was common among those people who may have had possible contact with UFOs, and if so why hadn't we heard more about this..? Dr. Sprinkle's reply was surprising as he went on to say, "Yes, it is extremely common. In fact I have been researching the Paranormal question since 1963 and was asked by the Lorenzens (Jim and Coral Lorenzen of APRO) to write a chapter for a book they were writing in the mid 70's that dealt with this very issue." Interestingly enough, Dr. Sprinkle, for many years seemed to be the only professional Psychologist who even adhered to the idea that UFOs were possibly real. Having established a reputation in his field for his regressive hypnosis sessions with several of the more modern day abduction reports Dr. Sprinkle has become the foremost authority on the subject of Abductions. In the same article he went on to express several tentative viewpoints: 1.) I believe that `flying saucers' (UFOs) exist. 2.) I believe that I cannot prove to anyone that UFOs exist. 3.) I believe that UFO research is always frustrating, often fearful, sometimes fun. 4.) I believe that psychotherapeutic services and social support for UFO Experiencers are helpful to them in accepting the reality of these experiences and in understanding of the silliness and the significance of these experiences. 5.) I believe that there are many skills that can be useful to the psychotherapist who works with UFO Experiencers, but the main attributes are courage, curiosity, and compassion. 6.) I appreciate the willingness of UFO Experiencers to share their information, and the willingness of professional colleagues to assist UFO Experiencers. Perhaps, someday, UFO research can lead to results which could test the hypothesis that UFO activity is an educational program. This last remark seemed somewhat new age'ish on the Good Doctor's part, but in light of the recent revelation of a few years ago that he himself had apparently been abducted as a child, it is understandable. PART TWO In some cases we as investigators have to ask the question concerning the types of encounters that many abductees experience. In so doing the questions will elicit some type of answer or reaction. Bearing in mind it is often difficult for the investigator, or for that matter, the psychotherapist to either understand or accept the answers they are given. This comes not from a desire to deny the subject's experiences, but more form the point of view, that it is difficult for the Investigator/Psychotherapist to accept the answer. In many cases the subject will present an answer unacceptable to the Investigator/Psychotherapist. This seems to be the case with regard to paranormal activity which may accompany such an encounter. Throughout the several years Dr. Sprinkle has devoted his efforts to finding the answers to this phenomenon, he has put forth the following hypothesis: Thesis 1. There is sufficient evidence to accept the hypothesis that many UFO witnesses have experienced encounters with space craft that are piloted or controlled by intelligent alien beings (e.g., Hynek, 1972;Jacobs, 1975; Randles, 1983; Rutledge, 1981; Smith, 1987). Thesis 2. There is sufficient evidence to accept the hypothesis that many UFO witnesses have experienced abductions and examination by UFO occupants, including bodily, psychological, and/or sexual examinations (e.g., Fowler, 1979, 1982; Fuller, 1966; Hopkins, 1981, 1987; Lorenzen & Lorenzen, 1967, 1976, 1977; Sprinkle, 1979, 1981; Strieber, 1987). Thesis 3. There is sufficient evidence to accept the hypothesis that most UFO witnesses are normal in their psychological functioning (e.g., Bloecher, Clamar, & Hopkins, 1985; Keul & Phillips, 1986; Parnell, 1987; Schwarz, 1983; Sprinkle, 1976b, 1979a). Thesis 4. There is sufficient evidence to accept the hypothesis the psychic phenomena, including "channeled" communications, are associated with UFO encounters; further, there is emerging evidence that UFO contactees view themselves as changing from "planetary persons" to "cosmic citizens" (e.g., Davis, 1985; Kannenberg, 1982, 1986; Kinder, 1987; Montgomery, 1985; Puharich, 1974; Sprinkle, 1981; Steiger & Steiger, 1981). Remembering the previously mentioned hypothesis, let us review certain facts; "In a majority of cases the contactees/victims are initially unaware of their contact experience on a conscious level. They have subliminated their experiences to a subconscious level." We know this is possible due to findings from victims of childhood sexual assaults and in many cases rape victims, and in some cases, victims of violent crime or accidents. As an act of mental self-defense, the incident or incidents are forcefully forgotten, either through external influences (i.e., programming on the part of the abductors) or through the psychological processes that come into play to create a mental feeling of security. "Awareness of the contact experience can, and often times remains dormant until such time as an incident/phase/word or experience triggers the memory, and starts the process of bringing the memory to the conscious level." At this point we now begin to see the manifestation of paranormal activity. In many cases the contactee/victim begins to feel a feeling of un-rightness, i.e., unexplainable fear, paranoia, panic attacks etc. . .. In other cases the paranormal activity will manifest itself in other ways, such as; Psycho-kinetic Activity (Poltergeist) Manifestation of visual phenomena (Green fireballs, visions of ghost, physical assaults upon the victim or members of the victims household.) The hearing of ghostly high pitched voices, screaming warnings that only the victim can hear. Telepathy and premonitions. At the same time we must enquire as to the validity of these manifestations. A case in point... A college educated male, approximately 30 years of age recalled a series of paranormal incidents that began at the age of twenty years and resulted ultimately in the discovery that he was in fact an abductee at the age of four years. ".....I was twenty. I was living in Jamestown, California at the time with three other young people in an old house outside of town. One night I returned to my bedroom after getting up to use the bathroom. I turned off the light, got in my bed and laid on my left side. As soon as I laid down I "knew" there was something in the room with me. I could "feel" it thinking. I immediately became aware of something moving to me from across the room and it stood on the foam pad right in front of my face and made a depression there that my hands, which were up by my face started to roll into. Then suddenly there was a weight on top of my body that pushed me down through the support of my pad into the floor and held me there paralysed. There also was a load sound in my upturned right ear which sounded as though something were yelling or shouting or exhaling right against my ear. It was one long sound though there was no variation in timbre, frequency, or pitch and it continued for the entire time that I could not move." He went on to say that he slept for a year or two afterwards with a light on in his room or shining into his room from another room. He continued. "....a few days before I moved out of that place in fear of whatever it was that happened, I was watching T.V. in the living room in broad daylight when I felt as if something were touching the insides of my thighs, like there was something invisible trying to push them apart. I now do not believe that there was actually something there at the moment, but that it was a strong subliminal memory of having been touched there. Also when I was moving back down to college I had a similar sensation across my upper abdomen while I was driving a car. That wasn't the end of my experiences. It followed me to where I moved and ten months later I had a UFO sighting over Modesto, California at very close range. Which by the way I didn't associate with my prior experiences. There was also a vivid "dream" I had where something had gone into my consciousness, made me feel euphoric, and made my life pass before my eyes while they re-experienced it with me as if they were looking for something (This was also associated with a sighting in the dream) They also did something to the back of my head. The memory of these things persisted in bothering me for years. At the time I moved away from the rural areas thinking that these things would stop. I didn't know what was happening to me. I began having panic attacks after the one experience in Jamestown and I had never had them before. All of this was quite unsettling and I couldn't figure out why when I was having one of the best times of my life that something so strange would start plaguing me." The incidents that happened to this subject are most certainly of a paranormal nature, and fall classically into that category. However, let us examine several possibilities we as UFO investigators seem to overlook. As of yet, science has not been able to adequately explain the cause of Paranormal activity. Science has defined paranormal activity as something laying outside of the realm of the normal acceptable standards that have been established for human behavior. Yet at the same time they are just now, within the last one hundred years, beginning to define that human behavior and the accompanying dysfunctions inherent in it. For the most part, the activity that seems to accompany a Contactee/victim is of a paranormal nature as clearly defined by Dr. Sprinkle in his fourth hypothesis, However in recent years it has also become apparent the term paranormal activity, can encompass several other things as well as the afore mentioned items. Let us as investigators, for the moment ignore the paranormal aspects of such encounters and look at other possible explanations using the above example. Several years after the paranormal experiences related above, the subject was hypnotically regressed by Kathy McCampbell, daughter of Mr. James McCampbell, and it was discovered that as a child of four years of age he in fact was abducted. The following is his recollection of the abduction experience. "I was with the group of girls (his mother was a Girl Scout Leader) and then I remember being away from them, then I became very dizzy, I remember being carried then seeing something come down from above the tree line. I was handed up into something (it was on the ground) it looked round and silver kind of like a diving bell and was not that large. I opened my eyes, there were three of them on either side of me looking down at me. The next I know is that I'm sitting up but I am leaning against one of them who is at my side. He is holding something on top and at the back of my head." As it can be seen, there seems to be a similarity between the abduction encounter and the paranormal incidents previously related. Examining it more closely, the initial paranormal incident where the subject felt the presence of something in the room and then felt the pressure on top of him and the loud noise in his ear has at least one explanation, that being that the subject for some reason had a subconscious memory triggered and then relived a portion of the initial abduction experience. The reliving of the experience seemed so real at the time it is difficult if not impossible for the subject to separate the reality from the illusion. Therefore the subject believes that the paranormal incident did in fact take place. Further evidence of this is during the second paranormal encounter the subject felt something touching the inside of his thighs, and then during the third incident, something touching his upper torso. During the following two incidents however, he admitted to having more of a feeling that it was a memory rather than a real experience. Like so many other victims of sexual assault and violent crime, he began to remember the incidents in a way that would allow his mental well being to stay intact, while at the same time gradually learning to cope with the incident. This is a rather simplistic explanation, however it does not answer all of the questions that arise when dealing with paranormal activity, and it most certainly does not answer the questions concerning the validity of such activity. It is at this point that we as investigators and members of the psychological and mental health professions begin to enter into extremely dangerous territory. `Is paranormal activity real?' There is evidence to indicate that some paranormal activity is real. Such things as ghost, poltergeist etc. . .. As for the other things that seem to be more commonly associated with UFO encounters, it is difficult to say on a more logical level. In most cases the evidence seems to be self perpetuating in that over the years unrelated cases have been investigated that show striking similarities. These similarities are easily explained by some, yet there is always the hidden fact that is kept hidden by most good investigators in order that they may have a control factor in which to gauge the validity of other cases. In short, this is an area and a decision which lays entirely in the hands of the psychotherapist and the UFOlogist. It is their own personal beliefs which must decide whether or not they believe in the paranormal aspects involved with this phenomenon. PART THREE Assuming for the moment paranormal activity is in fact real in some form or another, let us examine further it's relationship with the UFO/Abductee/Contactee Phenomena. In most cases paranormal activity and abilities are existent to some degree in all of us. Whether it be the ability to look briefly into the future (DejaVu), to detect the loss of a loved one before being told, telepathy (such as in twins), psycho- kinesis, etc. . .. However, these abilities lay dormant until something, either an event or a memory, triggers the ability. In many cases this particular event is the result of a trauma, or for that matter, the incident that is triggered was a trauma in itself. One particular point that we must remember is the human mind and brain is the most complex and even today unknown aspect of the Human-being. We can chart the Brain, and even have a fair idea as to what each particular area within the brain will control. But! We are unable to delve deeper into it to look at the area most commonly referred to as the soul. That part which makes up our personalities, our abilities to think and discern information. Control emotions, or for that matter, what creates those emotions which separate us from the lower orders of the animal kingdom. In short, we don't fully know what exactly the abilities are within the human animal. An interesting point which should be considered is, most biologist will tell you the brain capacity of the lower orders of the animal kingdom reflect the full mental ability of those animals, barring mental retardation or defects. Yet a human brain, followed by the dolphin, is one of the largest, if not the largest brain within the mammalian chain. And we do not use it to it's fullest capacity. This is odd since development on an evolutionary scale theoretically says all life forms physically develop to their fullest capabilities. If this holds true, then why hasn't humankind? Or is there the possibility that we did, and then through some cataclysmic occurrences we lost those abilities..? Having set the stage somewhat, and seeing that the human brain or the human animal is capable of far more than many of us give credit to it, lets us now examine closely the relationship between Paranormal Activity and UFO contacts. Accepting the possibilities previously stated, we as human- beings have created in our minds and in our a world a certain amount of stability based upon what we consider to be incontrovertible facts. But I now ask the question; "What if those facts we have established are found to be falsehoods?" This creates an interesting dilemma....How would we cope with such a revelation? I present the following theory for your consideration... Theorem.... Throughout the span of recorded history, the human animal has given basic and simple explanations to those things we are incapable of understanding. We have placed these strange occurrences into categories we are comfortable with. Such things as Religion to explain celestial beings (angels), and beings horrible and evil (demons). Those things defying our ability to explain technologically or logically became things of magic and Witchcraft. As humankind progressed through the sciences and technology, what was once within the realm of religion and magic went into the realm of science and logic, and this is where our development stands. Suddenly there comes into our existence something which cannot be placed within the normal classifications we have established for ourselves. Since we no longer for the most part believe in magic, we attempt to place it within the realm of science. Yet when we are unable to give logical explanations through science, it then falls within the realm of magic, or the paranormal, which falls outside of both magic and the sciences. It is at this point the primal instincts of the human animal come into play, and at the same time something even more astounding. The human brain's ability to protect itself from something that does not compute or work within it's ability to assimilate. Unlike a computer however, it reprograms itself to continue functioning on a relatively normal level until such time as more information becomes available to help it assimilate the previously blanked out data. At this point some unusual occurrences take place causing the brain to trigger the previously blanked memories and bringing them forward from the sub-conscious into the conscious area of the mind, or Id. With this occurrence comes increased metal activity that creates an increase in Neuro-electrical activity within the brain itself, thereby increasing the brain's natural abilities to manipulate it's physical surrounding without physical intervention.. This theorem may not be as far fetched as it may sound. We know that bio-electrical activity is one of the motivating factors which makes the human body animate, function, and live. We also know for example that in the event of injury to either the brain or the Neuro-systems (nervous system) certain parts of the human body cease to function. Taking it a step further, we currently are able to manipulate invisible electrical forces in the form of Radio and television waves, which transmit pictures, turn motors, and make possible such innovations as the modern home computer. Therefore the idea of the human brain creating such amounts of electrical activity as to be able to control and effect it's surrounding environment is not far fetched at all. Now you ask the question; "What has this to do with UFO Abductees/Contactees? Simply put, we must first consider two possibilities. The first being we have accepted that UFOs and Aliens do exist, and therefore based upon the available evidence human-beings are being contacted and/or being forcefully abducted for whatever purposes. Because of the trauma caused these Abductees/Contactees their brains have shut down in order to be able to assimilate the data necessary to cope with this incident in their lives. In many cases these incidents are on-going occurrences which would require some sort of mental manipulation on the part of the abductors to keep control of their subject. Because of the ingrained human survival instinct the human brain begins to increase it's bio-electrical activity thereby causing paranormal activity in it's surrounding vicinity. whether it manifest itself as uncommonly clear memories that cause the abductee/contactee to relive the physical sensations that they were subjected to during the course of their abduction, or other physical manipulations in their surroundings i.e..poltergeist, telepathy, psycho-kinesis.. The second possibility we must consider is the physical modification or manipulation of the human brain on the part of the abductors i.e..implants, bio-genetic engineering or modifications etc..We know that it is possible to control the human mind or at least certain areas of the brain that will cause pleasure and pain, anger and apathy. Therefore why is it not possible for a possibly more advance culture to have carried this further and be able to control all aspects of the brain? Making possible such things as channeling (communications) and all of the previously mentioned paranormal phenomena. A recent review of case studies that date back as far as the late to middle fifties has shown that in almost all instances where a person reports abduction or contact in some form or another there is almost always paranormal activity reported. Currently there are certain individuals within the UFO/paranormal fields who have shown and uncanny ability to predict where and when a UFO sighting or flap is about to occur. Increased E.S.P abilities, etc...In almost all cases it has been shown that they are abductees or contactees.. CONCLUSIONS Contrary to popular belief, it is apparent that Paranormal Activity and UFO related Activity are NOT separate issues, but rather, are one in the same. Both being an integral part of the other, and both playing a significant role in the lives of the Abductees/Contactees. It is apparent that we as Investigators and Psychotherapist can no longer ignore the fact that Paranormal activity does occur in some form or another in relationship to the UFO/Abduction/Contact Phenomena. We as Investigators and Psychotherapeutic professionals must come together to establish criteria in which to investigate and treat Abduction/Contact trauma victims, bearing in mind that these people require a different type of treatment and inter- action between the investigator, psychotherapist, and mental health professional. The psychotherapeutic profession must help establish the acceptance within the mental health professions that there is indeed a whole phenomena in existence that does in fact deal with UFO contact and abduction, and that new methods are required to treat and deal with these unfortunates. Most importantly they must also be taught to accept the fact that whenever a victim of such occurrences comes to them for professional help, they are NOT crazy, but in fact show be in the same classification as that of sexual abuse, and violent crime victims. We as Investigators must educate ourselves for a better understanding of the trauma that victims of Abduction undergo, and become aware of the various aspects of Paranormal activity that in fact do exist..


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