THE WITCHES BOOK OF NAMES Are you searching for your Magical Name? Do you want exactly the

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THE WITCHES BOOK OF NAMES ============================ Are you searching for your Magical Name? Do you want exactly the right name for you, one that expresses your hopes, your dreams, your ideals? Perhaps you want one that honors a specific Lord or Lady? Do you want one that isn't being used by hundreds of other people? Then THE WITCHES BOOK OF NAMES will be useful to you. Containing over 2400 names, the book presents those names in three different ways. First the names are divided by categories, such as "ANIMALS" below. You can look up a specific type of name, eg. plants, mythological, etc. Second, the names are listed by meaning. Last, they are listed alphabetically, with longer definitions, and, in many cases, commentary on why the name might or might not be suitable for a magical name. Because this is an electronic book, you can search each category for a specific word or phrase. You can also print the category, if you like. As mentioned above, the category "ANIMALS" is included below to serve as an example. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * ANIMALS Many gods and goddesses (especially among the Egyptian dieties) are symbolized by animals or have animals sacred to Them. Choosing the name of an animal should reflect a to desire to develop the good qualities of that animal, or perhaps to honor the deity to whom it is sacred. Included also are names given to these animals in languages other than English. The word would still symbolize the qualities of the animal, but could symbolize your physical roots, as well, or just sound better to you. If you have a power animal or a totem, remember that animal is part you, and part things you need. You can choose the name of that animal to celebrate the parts that are you, and as an invocation of the qualities you need to develop. In the Alphabetical Lit, there are brief discussions on each animal, although the individual animals are not listed here. Antelope Judi (F) [Native American] Antelope Shesau (E) [Egyptian] Badger Broch (E) [Cornish] Badger Honani (E) [Native American] Badger Brock (M) [Celtic] Badger's pool Polbroke (E) [Cornish] Bear Otso (M) [Finnish] Bear Yana (M) [Native American] Bear Artos (M) [] Bear Colborn (M) [German,Old] Bear Kuma (E) [Japanese] Bear Honaw (E) [Native American] Bear Bernard (M) [Teutonic] Bear Kolbjorn (M) [Scandinavian] Bear (noble bear) Albern (M) [Teutonic] Bear -hero Arthur (M) [Welsh] Bear God Otava (M) [Finnish] Bear goddess Artio (F) [Celtic] Bear of Os Osborn (M) [Anglo-Saxon] Bear Priestess Artio (F) [Celtic] Bear-like Orson (M) [Latin] Bearlike Barret (M) [Teutonic] Beaver Tayanita (F) [Native American] Beaver Chapa (F) [Native American] Beaver Ahmik (M) [Native American] Bee Deborah (F) [Hebrew] Bee Melissa (F) [Greek] Bird Cholena (F) [Native American] Bird Bird (F) [English] Bird Goyal (M) [Hebrew] Bird Sakunah (F) [India] Bird Avis (E) [Latin] Bird Tzipora (F) [Hebrew] Bird Jarita (F) [Hindu] Bird goddess Khurab (F) [Egyptian] Bird of immortality Samru (M) [Persian] Bird, wanderer Peregrine (E) [Latin] Bird, yellow Pazi (F) [Native American] Blackbird Merle (F) [Latin] Bluebird Chimalis (F) [Native American] Bluebird Doli (F) [Native American] Boar Evers (M) [Anglo-Saxon] Boar, Everett (M) Boar-strong Eberhard (M) [Teutonic] Boarlike Averill (M) [Anglo-Saxon] Brave as a lion Leontine (F) [Latin] Brave, strong, bear Bernadine (F) [Teutonic] Buffalo Tatanka (M) [Native American] Buffalo Ayani (M) [Native American] Bull god Thesam (M) [Egyptian] Butterfly Kimimela (F) [Native American] Butterfly Vanessa (F) [Greek] Butterfly Parvaneh (F) [Persian] Butterfly Aponi (F) [Native American] Butterfly Mariposa (F) [Spanish] Butterfly Cho (F) [Japanese] Buzzard Hega (M) [Native American] Camel Kamila (F) [Serbo-croation] Cat goddess Pakhit (F) [Egyptian] Cattle God Sumugan (M) [Assyro- Babylonian] Cattle God Volos (M) [Russian] Centaur, wise Chiron Chicken Kip (M) [Dutch] Colt Ebol (M) [Cornish] Cow Goddess Remnit (F) [Egyptian] Cow house Chall (E) [Cornish] Coyote Mikasi (M) [Native American] Crab Karka (F) [Hindu] Crane Baka (F) [Hindu] Crane valley Crandall (M) [English, Old] Crow Angwusi (E) [Native American] Crow Kookako (M) [Maori] Crow's crossing Crawford (M) [English, Old] Cub Cullen (M) [Celtic] Dancer Namid (E) [Native American] Dark, raven Bram (M) [Gaelic] Deer Choovio (E) [Native American] Deer Moki (E) [Native American] Deer Carrow (E) [Cornish] Deer Zvi (M) [Hebrew] Deer Shika (F) [Japanese] Deer Hinda (F) [Anglo-Saxon] Deer Dyani (F) [Native American] Deer Honovi (E) [Native American] Deer field Raleigh (M) [English, Old] Deer forest Roscoe (M) [Teutonic] Deer goddess Sadbh (F) [Irish] Deer or gazelle Ayalet (F) [Hebrew] Deer's brook Rayburn (M) [English, Old] Deer's spring Hartwell (M) [Teutonic] Doe Sivia (F) [Hebrew] Dove Chenoa (F) [Native American] Dove Jemimah (F) [Hebrew] Dove Jonina (F) [Hebrew] Dove Paloma (F) [Spanish] Dove Colin (M) [Scottish] Dove Malcolm (M) [Celtic] Dove Callum (M) [Celtic] Dove Jonah (M) [Hebrew] Dove-keeper Coleman (M) [Celtic] Dragon Draco (E) [Latin] Dragon Tatsu (F) [Japanese] Dragon Ryo (F) [Japanese] Eagle Arvada (F) [Danish] Eagle Ajax (M) [Greek] Eagle Migisi (F) [Native American] Eagle Shahin (M) [Persian] Eagle Akilina (F) [Russian] Eagle Erland (M) [Teutonic] Eagle Ahren (M) [German, Old] Eagle Kwahu (E) [Native American] Eagle Washi (F) [Japanese] Eagle Peta (F) [Native American] Eagle heroine Arabella (F) [Teutonic] Eagle maid Ara (F) [Teutonic] Eagle Valley Arden (F) [Anglo-Saxon] Eagle, flying Altair (M) [Arabic] Elk Cha'risa (E) [Native American] Falcon Taka (F) [Japanese] Falcon Shahina (F) [Arabic] Falcon hunter Falkner (M) [Anglo-Saxon] Falcon trainer or hunter Fowler (M) [Anglo-saxon] Fawn Niabi (F) [Native American] Fawn Orpah (F) [Hebrew] Fawn Ephron (M) [Hebrew] Fawn Awenita (F) [Native American] Fawn Niabi (F) [Native American] Fecundity Hare Fish God Remi (F) [Egyptian] Fox Chula (M) [Native American] Fox Lowern (E) [Cornish] Fox Sinopa (F) [Native American] Fox, Inali (M) [Native American] Fox-like Russell (M) [Anglo-Saxon] Frog Paqrer (E) [Egyptian] Frog Pakwa (E) [Native American] From the cottage, or the bear Byron (M) [French] Gazelle Dorcas (F) [Greek] Gazelle Tabitha (F) [Aramaic] Gazelle Hann (E) [Egyptian] Gazelle Rasha (F) [Arabic] Gentle, peaceful, dove Culver (M) [Anglo-Saxon] God of fisherman Ebisu (M) [Japanese] God of health and hunting Khors (M) [Slavic] God of light and purity Mithra (M) [Persian] God of War Monthu (M) [Egyptian] Goddess Astraste (F) [British] Goddess of Milk Cows Amitnen (F) [Egyptian] Goose Neka (F) [Native American] Gryphon Griffin Guardian spirit of cattle Dervaspa (M) [Persian] Hare's or stag's meadow Harley (M) [Anglo-Saxon] Hawk Bak (E) [Egyptian] Hawk Ioviano (M) [Native American] Hawk Goddess Baket (F) [Egyptian] Hawk of battle Gawain (M) [Teutonic] Hawk of battle Gavin (M) [Scottish] He who lives near the boar's den Bordon (M) [English, Old] Healing Goddess Gula (M) [Babylonian] High priest Minos (M) [Greek] Honor, strength Wolf Horse Ross (M) [Teutonic] Horse Marth (E) [Cornish] Horse Rosswell (M) [Teutonic] Horse goddess Epona (F) [Celtic] Horse lord Ahern (M) [Celtic] Horse lover Philip (M) [Greek] Hound of Culain Cuchulain (M) [Irish] Hound of the great plains Conway (M) [Celtic] Jackal Chacal (M) [French] Jackal or wolf Sab (E) [Egyptian] Kitty Kisa (F) [Russian] Lamblike, musical, shell island Shelley Lark Corydon (M) [Greek] Lark Alauda (F) [Gallic] Lark Calandra (F) [Greek] Leopard Namir (M) [Israeli] Light-giver, Bull Bekh (E) [Egyptian] Linnet Linette (F) [Anglo-Latin] Lion Asad (M) [Hebrew] Lion Lyall (M) [English, Old] Lion Sher (M) [Hindi] Lion Gur (M) [Hebrew] Lion Ari (M) [Hebrew] Lion Leonard (M) [Germanic] Lion Arslan (M) [Turkish] Lion Leander (M) [Greek] Lion Leo (M) [Latin] Lion Liona (F) [Hawaiian] Lion god Mahes (M) [Egyptian] Lion God Ami Pe (M) [Egyptian] Lion of God Ariel (M) [Hebrew] Lion-headed war god Apedemak (F) [Sudanese] Lioness Lea (F) [Latin] Lioness Liviya (F) [Hebrew] Lioness Leona (F) [Latin] Lioness Kefiruh (F) [Hebrew] Lioness of god Ariella (F) [Hebrew] Lionlike, lightening Llewellyn (M) [Celtic] Little gray cat Grimalkin (E) [Unknown] Little lioness Linette (F) [French-Latin] Longevity Crane (E) Longevity, continued effort Turtle Lover of horses Lorimer (M) [Latin] Lynx Goddess Mafdet (F) [Egyptian] Mare Mer (E) [Cornish] Metamorphosis Chrysalis (E) Mighty as a boar Everard (M) [Teutonic] Mongoose Khatru (E) [Egyptian] Mouse Logosan (E) [Cornish] Mouse or rat Penu (E) [Egyptian] Mule God Mullo (M) [Celtic-Latin] Naive, lamblike Rachel (F) [Hebrew] Nightingale Philomela (F) [Greek] Ostrich Jaen (F) [Hebrew] Owl Mongwau (E) [Native American] Owl Opa (F) [Native American] Parrot Eskyaro (E) [Native American] Parrot Kyaro (E) [Native American] Peace Dove Pelican Ham (E) [Egyptian] Pelican Shadah (F) [Native American] Pheasant Bayna (F) [Native American] Phoenix Bennu (E) [Egyptian] Pigeon Cudon (E) [Cornish] Protected by wolves Rolf (M) [Germanic] Protected by wolves Ralph (M) [Anglo-Saxon] Protected by wolves Randall (M) [Anglo-Saxon] Protected by wolves Randolph (M) [Anglo-Saxon] Purity, woodlark Enid (F) [Welsh] Raccoon Mika (F) [Native American] Rattlesnake girl Shumana (F) [Native American] Raven Corwin (M) [Latin] Raven Bran (E) [Cornish] Raven Bertram (M) [Latin] Raven Corbeau (M) [French] Raven Berton (M) [Teutonic] Raven Corneille (F) [French] Raven Corbin (M) [Latin] Raven Emeranne (F) [French] Raven maid Brenna (F) [Celtic] Raven of Odin Hugin (M) [Nordic] Raven of Odin Munin (M) [Nordic] Raven son Ingram (M) [Teutonic] Raven's hill Penvrane (E) [Cornish] Raven's or Bran's home Bodbrane (E) [Cornish] Region of wild animals Darryl (M) [English, Old] Sacrifice Pelican Salmon Haloke (E) [Native American] Scorpio symbol Eagle (E) Sea gull Larine (F) [Latin] Sea gull Sea Gull (F) [Latin] Sea gull Lara (F) [Greek] Sea or Dragon King Rinjin (M) [Japanese] Serenity Delphine (F) [Greek] Serpent maid Ortrude (F) [Teutonic] She-bear Ursula (F) [Greek] Sheep Goddess Lahar (F) [Assyro- Babylonian] Silvery Ariana (F) [Welsh] Snowbird Chilali (F) [Native American] Song thrush Mavis (F) [Celtic] Sparrow Galvin (M) [Celtic] Spider Goddess (weaver) Arachne (F) [Greek] spirit, double, bull ka (E) [Egyptian] Squirrel Salali (F) [Native American] Squirrel Ardilla (F) [Spanish] Stag Herschel (M) [Teutonic] Stork Koko (F) [Japanese] Strong Abiria (M) [Hebrew] Strong as an eagle Arnold (M) [Teutonic] Swallow Deron (M) [Hebrew] Swallow or Thrush Sisika (F) [Native American] Swine God Moccus (M) [Celtic-Latin] Thunder Bird Raicho (E) [Japanese] Tiger Tora (E) [Japanese] Transition and fertility Frog (E) Turtle Awanata (E) [Native American] Vixen Goddess Inari (F) [Japanese] War serpent Guthrie (M) [Celtic] Warbling song bird Sora (F) [Native American] Weasel Pivane (E) [Native American] Wild boar Averil (M) [English, Old] Winged, birdlike Aletta (F) [Latin] Wisdom, eternity Serpent (M) Wise centaur Chiron (M) [Greek]Wolf Wolf Lowell (M) [Teutonic] Wolf Edon (M) [French] Wolf Tala (F) [Native American] Wolf Nashoba (M) [Native American] Wolf of Thor Tunstal (M) [Teutonic] Wolf way Wolfgang (M) [Teutonic] Wolf, brave as a wolf Phelan (M) [Celtic] Wolf, famed Rudolph (M) [Teutonic] Wolf-rule Ulric (M) [Teutonic]


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