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+++++ + + ++++++ ++++++ Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth North America + + ++++++ ++++++ TRANSMISSIONS +++ +++ + + Thee Electronic Journal of TOPYNA +++ +++ ++++++ ++++++ Edition 4.01 + p23 + Timefix: 1.23.1994 ev ++++++ ++++++ + + Contact: (Coyote 129) +++++ (Coyote 131) +++++++++++++++++++ Lbh ner ab ybatre n fynir +++++++++++++++++++++++ 4.01.0 - Menu 4.01.1 - i'm back, editorial by Coyote 129 4.01.2 - PSYCHICK, from 'Thee Definitions ov Psychick Youth' 4.01.3 - COYOTE DANCING IN A NEW Y-ERA 4.01.4 - KALI DANCING IN A NEW Y-ERA 4.01.5 - The Naming Of An Age 4.01.6 - Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth North America Logo (.gif) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 4.01.1 - i'm back! Well, it has been a long time. many changes have occured in my existence since thee last time i edited a TRANSMISSION. when TRANSMISSION 0.75 came out in November of 1990, i had no idea what changes and growth were in store, both for me and thee Temple. i am pleased that TOPY has been there for me during this time. i hope i can always be around in the future when thee Temple needs my help. i'd also like to thank C131 for keeping TRANSMISSIONS alive, thru my periods of net drought and other times. i hope i can help return the favor, and keep the output up to the same standard. there are other changes that would have been out of the realm of possibilty just a few months ago: * TOPY will have its own Internet site by next months TRANSMISSION. * TOPY will open more Action Points in 1994 than ever before. * more TOPY material will be available online. * TOPY will begin to take a more public role in sharing it tenets. Many of these changes are directly possible because of the evolution that TOPY has had to undergo after the decision to seperate our activities from the activities of Psychic TV. In retrospect, thee Network can see that that decision, however hard it was, was the right one! 1994 is the year that TOPY "comes of age". Psychick Youth, all grown up! stay tuned.... Thee Frantic love ov passion: Coyote 129 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 4.01.2 - PSYCHICK From 'Thee Definitions ov Psychick Youth' Published in BROADCAST issue 4/5, 1993 * Manifestation of an enhanced and focused perception developed by creating a state of mind where the intuitive/creative faculties of the subconscious mind can interrelate with the ordinary state of consciousness, thus normally suppressed and/or ignored data can be analyzed or used in a constructive manner to assist in one's personal evolutionary path. Psychick is to psychic what magick is to magic. Lack of the 'k' usually implies sleight-of-hand 'hocus-pocus' tricks. * PSY- 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet CHI- daoism - great breath, the soul, life. * The deliberate modification of the Self by internal means, influencing one's behavior through thought, meditation, analysis. In the equation 'as above, so below', psychick magick would be affecting 'below', the microcosm. * The term itself can be taken to imply paranormally talented young people, --More--(19%) [3646/19078]=set current to n, TAB=next unread, /=search pattern, ^K)ill/select,a)uthor search, B)ody search, c)atchup, f)ollowup, K=mark read,|=pipe, m)ail, o=print, q)uit, r)eply mail, s)ave, t)ag, w=postThread 8 of 8 (page 6): TRANSMISSIONS 4.01 the psy-chicks, who are the Maat mutants forming the evolutionary wave of homo veritas. It is what happens when one is tuned in. 'I don't have to tell you, and it's better, sweeter if I don't.' (See also magick) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 4.01.3 - COYOTE DANCING IN A NEW Y-ERA As thee focus ov thee recent Event hosted by TOPY TERRA, there was a which E actively participated...E was thee first to finish stringing my tangellos and bells [six ov each]...and carrying them to thee piercing area...i was greated by thee master piercer..."Are all ov those for you?", he asked smiling devilishly...E said, "Yes.", to which he repied that we should begin with me...thee actual piercing did not feel as painful as E thought it would, but thee weight upon these fresh "wounds" was much more painful than E expected...finally after waiting for fourteen others to be pierced by thee three piercers present...WE moved out into thee underground tunnel in which we had gathered, formed a circle and chanted...thee drumming began...moving was painful at first... but quickly thee Endorphines kicked in...thee weights upon my back tugged in such a way that it felt as if E had wings...flying is an accurate descriptor ov my Experience...E did not notice thee first couple ov balls to fall off...but when thee final ball flew off...E was englufed in a tidal wave ov Pure Pleasure...that filled me with such JOY that E felt far too big for that bunker...or for this that moment E Empowered my Sigil which consisted ov verbal and somatic parts... each ov us dance together...but each for our own goals...after each ov us had finished dancing...we gathered in a circle...holding hands...allowing thee Energy to flow through sweating blood streaked bodies...chanting... or just breathing...allowing our"selves" to get used to this world again... amour fou, coyote 131 10i1994CE ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 4.01.4 - KALI DANCING IN A NEW Y-ERA TOPY LUNA participated in a New Y-era Event in thee Bay was beautiful to see such a gathering ov Tribes...Topi, IOT, Magickal Allies, Rainbow Queers, thee a rather impromptu way, based on some loose ideas, TOPY LUNA led a KALI Rite, in which some 50 allies particpated...WE explained that we were wanting to Evoke KALI, so as to shed from our lives whatever we had been carrying around for thee last y-era that was no longer useful like a snake sheds its old skin...we called thee quarters, Evoking Elementals while focusing upon thee coresponding regions ov thee Body...a Magickal Ally read a passage about thee GODDESS [in thee first person]...E described HER powers ov destruction/creation while my brothers c236 & c25 distributed pieces ov a 15' snake shed for people to focus upon that object what they desired to shed from their lives and while c236 danced within and shed a red tube ov clothe as a visual example ov thee Emotional process in which we were engaged...we chanted "SHE IS DARKNESS COMING INTO LIGHT!"...c236 led us out beneatth thee Night Sky and we gathered around thee bon which time/place E instructed those gathered to fling into thee Fire thee snake shed along with that which we wished to shed from our lives, but only when they were really ready to let it go...i blew a horn thrice and asked those who participated to sometime that night look up into HER Darkness ov thee Night Sky and say thanks for a freshly plowed field upon which new seeds may be flung... a mad l-ov-e from an empty land, coyote 131 KALI DANCES IN EVERYONE'S HEART AND HER FOOTFALLS ARE OUR HEARTBEATS! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 4.01.5 - The Naming Of An Age By: al677@cleveland.Freenet.Edu USA, 1992 Here we are, all in this together, plummeting helter-skelter toward a new century, a new millennium, a new Age, and it's not too early to begin thinking about what we shall call it. The naming of an Age is not something to be taken lightly, after all, and if we wait too long we will eventually lose the right to name our new Age ourselves, leaving the task to some post-historic nerd who has no real feel for just what it is that makes us tick. It is important that we name our Age now, while it is fresh and clear in our minds. We give names to Ages in history on the basis of some characteristic which, from our point of view, is a significant and central aspect of a culture. The name should be short and convenient, and should evoke an immediate image of what the times were like, while carrying a specific and unique flavor that distinguishes this Age from all others. It is also important to note that Ages have been coming closer and closer together lately -- the Industrial Age, the Atomic Age, the Space Age, the Electronic Age, the Computer Age, the Information Age, all rushing down on us in a hailstorm of historical importance until they overlap and blur together like the pages of a cartoon flipbook. Our new Age should have a name that is truly distinctive, that sets it apart from mere technological labels and touches the core of our place in cultural history. A name that immediately identifies the essence of who and what we are. Bearing all of this in mind, I suggest that we christen our new Age 'The T-Shirt Age.' Before you scoff and sneer, consider the evidence. What specific aspect of our culture could better represent who we are as a people, our tastes, our art, our politics, our world view, our philosophy? You may think that the T-Shirt is a trite and banal image, undignified and unfit for the grand purpose of identifying an entire Age of history. And perhaps it is trite. But do not dismiss it out of hand solely for that reason. Think of the symbolism here. The very nature of the T-shirt illustrates our place in history with eloquence. It represents our penchant for off-the-rack, mass-produced, interchangeable personalities, slipped on easily and worn with smug arrogance. Who we are is encapsulated in our T-shirts, whether plain and bland or adorned with caricatures, aphorisms, profanity or meaningless patterns. We have no need to develop complexities of soul and mind; our views on any subject can be stated in a cartoon and a caption, emblazoned on our proud, out-thrust chests. Our politics and ways of life are slogans and jingoisms of twelve words or less: if it can't be read on a T-shirt from across the room, it's too complex to bother with. The ever popular 'Shit Happens' T-shirt is a poetically concise, eloquent expression of our apathetic indifference to the constant slings and arrows of our outrageous world, and our firm belief that there's nothing we can do about it anyway. Our infatuation with amusing ourselves and our adoration of entertainers -- actors, rock groups, sports figures, religious and political leaders -- are epitomized by the T-shirt. We strut our likes and dislikes publicly and uninvited, advising all who cross our paths that we love Hulk Hogan and Freddy Kreuger, Axel Rose or Vanna White, Jimmy Swaggart, Ronald McDonald, or Hot Babes With Bodacious Hooters. The T-shirt crosses all social lines. Everyone wears them, from factory worker to clergyman to teenager to executive. The one-sizefits-all mentality is the perfect representation of our homogeneity, our distaste for individuality, our distrust of anything different, and our passion for imposing equality at the expense of excellence. T-shirts know no boundaries. Age, occupation, economic status, race, gender, physical condition: T-shirts are the same for everyone. T-shirts are fashionably informal, and we are a culture obsessed with fashion and disdainful of formality. We wear them to work, to play, to church and to socialize, to make an impression and to make love. They're universally accepted, and acceptance is of paramount importance to us. We are a wash-n-wear culture, a society on the go, in love with convenience. You can change from your work T-shirt to your tennis T-shirt to your going-out-to-dinner T-shirt without losing more than a moment of your valuable time. The T-shirt requires virtually no care or attention. They do wear out periodically, but then, so do our ideals, and you can pick up new ones at any drug store or corner gas mart. They're cheap, easy, disposable; simply toss them aside and don another. It'll stretch to fit anything, giving it some resemblance to our belief in political speeches and the national debt. So despite the misgivings you may have had, you can surely see that the T-shirt is a remarkably appropriate emblem for our Age. One might even say it suits us to a T. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ a 3E Electronic Publication This is copyright (C)1994 by Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth North America and individual authors Reproduce at will! please credit authors! don't sell! transmit yourself!


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