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TRAX BOOK AND TAPE 332 W. Martin Ln. Murray, Utah 84107 801-262-3601 YOUR SOURCE FOR BOOKS AND OTHER INFORMATION ABOUT FREEDOM, HEALTH, SURVIVAL, COMMON LAW, SOVEREIGNTY, ECONOMICS, CONSPIRACY, HOME SCHOOLING, LIBERALISM, SATANISM, SCIENCE, CHRISTIAN BOOKS, HISTORY, IRS, MANY OTHERS. Please request by mail a complete catalog. All mail orders require 15% added to your order for postage and handling. Thank you BASHED BY THE BANKERS by Byron Dale The author describes in vivid detail how the federal government servants protect us and our property. He was attacked in his own home without cause and almost beaten to death by a govt./state S.W.A.T. team of state police. Are you next on the list for believing and having the same knowledge that Byron Dale does? 5.00 COIN'S FINANCIAL SCHOOL by William H. Harvey "Coin" Harvey's popular American classic, a trumpet blast against the Rothschils and other international "gold bugs," inspired William Jennings Bryan in his 1896 crusade to free America from its "cross of gold." Brisk text, period cartoons, and Establishment historian Richard Hofstadter's skeptical but informative introduction make this an excellent introduction to the money question during the first century of the Republic. 6.00 COLLECTIVE SPEECHES OF CONGRESSMAN LOUIS T. McFADDEN, The; as compiled from the Congressional Record Trip-hammer congressional speeches by Depression-era statesman Louis T. McFadden, one of the most powerful and convincing voices ever raised against the internationalist conquest of the American economy. This courageous American lawmaker dared to battle the Federal Reserve and the international banking racket, not least for their ruthless exploitation of post-Versailles Germany, mincing no words on the shadowy forces behind banking and Bolshevism. The theme of these speeches is the question, unanswered by the Establishment to this day, Congressman McFadden thundered 60 years ago: "Why not an American policy?" 11.00 EMPIRE OF THE CITY-WORLD SUPERSTATE by E.C Knuth A concise, informative guide to how international finance, in tandem with British imperialism, exploited and even created geopolitical rivalries during the 19th and 20th centuries. Crammed with facts and revelations of the subterranean maneuvering that brought untold wealth to the bankers but only "blood, sweat, and tears" to the people, including the English people, from the Opium War to the Boer War to and through the World Wars. 5.00 TO HARASS OUR PEOPLE by Cong. George Hansen The IRS "has erected a Multitude of new offices, and sent hither Swarms of Officers, to harass our people, and eat out their substance: (Declaration of Independence). The most explosive expose' of the IRS ever written. 7.00 LAW THAT NEVER WAS VOL #1, The; by Bill Benson & M.J. "Red" Beckman Mr. Benson has given the reader documentation in these books revealing that the 16th Amendment to the Constitution was never ratified and passed, Therefore is NULL AND VOID. 24.00 LAW THAT NEVER WAS VOL #2, The; by Bill Benson This book is based upon reaction to the evidence of fraud presented in Vol. 1 and recounts the legal history of the issue raised in Vol. 1 It also provides an historical perspective of events which were and are pertinent to that issue. 24.00 NEW MONETARY SYSTEM, A; by Charles Morburn and Russel Norburn This study concentrates on two fundamental concerns: 1) the characteristics of a sound, ethical monetary system of enhancing prosperity in a free society and 2) the barriers presently preventing such a system from being considered and inaugurated. 4.00 OUT OF DEBT, OUT OF DANGER by congressman Jerry Voorhis Congressman Voorhis was resolutely opposed to the Federal Reserve Banking System on Constitutional and ethical grounds, and adhered model legislation that would have abolished the Fed as constituted, transforming it from a debt-spawning monster into a true servant of the public. Voorhis was unique in his grasp of the harmful effects of the Fed on America, and in his courage as a prominent elected official to publicly, vigorously oppose it. After you have read this book you will know the Fed as Congressman Voorhis knew it. 10.00 ROTHSCHILD MONEY TRUST, The; by George Armstrong Mayer Amschel Rothschild, founder of the Rothschild fortune, at the time of his death in 1812, created a trust of his estate. The extent of founder's fortune at the time of his death is not known nor is the present magnitude of it known, but apparently it represents about one-half of the wealth of the world. This huge fortune has been devoted with great shrewdness and energy to the purpose of exploiting the "subjects" in all the countries of the globe. Methods employed are the manipulation of currencies, speculations on the exchanges, and wars. 5.00 SECRETS OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE by Eustice Mullins Mullins presents some bare facts about the Federal Reserve System with subjects on: it is NOT a U.S. government bank; it IS NOT controlled by the President; IS NOT controlled by Congress; it IS a privately owned Central Bank controlled by the elite financiers in their own interest. The Federal Reserve Elite Controls excessive interest rates, inflation, the printing of paper money, and have taken control of the DEPRESSION of PROSPERITY in the United States. 15.00 STABLE MONEY by W.E. Turner A conservative American takes on the Federal Reserve and classical as well as left-liberalism in this systemic treatise on the money problem in America and abroad. From "business cycles" to taxes,debt, inflation, the role of the Fed, foreign trade and trade wars, the author clarifies the often deliberately obscure theories and practices which make economics and money mysterious. Forward by legendary Fed foe Congressman Wright Patman. 4.00 UNITED STATES TREASURY SYSTEM, The; by Silas W. Adams Which shall it be: Federal Reserve System? Or U.S. Treasury System? We will continue to be the slaves of the bankers and pay the money, bank deposits, and control credit. 1.00 WEALTH FOR ALL - ECONOMICS by R.E. McMaster, Jr. A collection of articles written by McMasters in his weekly economics newsletter "THE REAPER." His work comes highly praised and well endorsed "...can serve as a worthwhile reminder that no matter how complicated the 'experts' try to make economics sound, the subject can be effectively reduced to plain old cause-and- effect common sense." 14.00 WEALTH, VIRTUAL WEALTH AND DEBT by Frederick Soddy The cardinal importance of a sound sane monetary system to the maintenance and progress of civilized society. In this challenging, informative and superbly argued analysis of wealth, money, and debt, British Model laureate Soddy (Chemistry, 1921) banishes fallacies and offers solutions to a perennial problem. 5.00 HISTORY OF MONETARY CRIMES by Alexander Del Mar The right to coin money and regulate its value was exclusive prerogative of the State. The author cites early historical examples when this special privilege of government was usurped. 3.00 PLEA FOR THE CONSTITUTION by George Bancroft George Bancroft knew the intent of the framers, expounders, and executors of the U.S. Constitution. He was greatly alarmed by the action of the Supreme Court in issuing its opinion in JULLIARD v. GREENMAN (1884) Bancroft chose to dedicate his remaining years to advising the Court and the world of this monumental error. 6.00 BIGGEST CON by Irwin Schiff The first patriot book to reach mass media attention. Schiff rips apart the "paper" money issue. 8.00 BILLIONS FOR THE BANKERS by Pastor Sheldon Emry The late Pastor Emry explained why America has ever-mounting debts and periodic wars, instead of the peace and debt-free prosperity the Bible speaks of. .50 THE COMING CURRENCY COLLAPSE by Jerome F. Smith It is a hard hitting book. By the time you're through with it, you will understand not only the cause of our current inflation but the very nature of money. 8.00 THE CULT OF THE ALL-SEEING EYE by Robert K. Spenser Well documented and illustrated, Spenser gives explantion of the symbols used on our money and on the Great Seal of the United States. Plus gives a behind-the-scenes look at the U.N. The Cult projects a minimum belief in a god which totally excludes God. 3.00 ECONOMIC HARMONIES by Frederic Bastiat An inspiring exposition of the natural harmony among men who are free to pursue their individual interests. 10.00 ECONOMIC PINCH by Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr. This is a reprint from a very rare copy of his last published book in which he outlined the plan for saving America from the clutches of the money interests. 6.00 ECONOMIC SOPHISMS by Frederic Bastiat Exposes the fallacies and absurdities of protectionism, interventionism, and other harmful ideas. 10.00 THE FED AND THE FARMER by Edward E. Kennedy This book is shocking revelation to the farmer, economist, and anyone else interested in the general welfare of the world. 7.00 THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK by Congressman, Francis Shoemaker The greatest theft in America is here for the reader to see with his own eyes, the method by which the federal reserve bank "BORROWS" money on United States securities. 1.00 THE "FEDERAL" RESERVE CONSPIRACY AND THE ROCKFELLERS by Emanuel Josephson The author reveals the origins of the fantastic conspiracy to establish the money-creation monopoly known as the FED. He exposes the leading manipulators, hired minions and their backgrounds; and the machinery they used to achieve their draconian ends. 7.00 THE FEDERAL RESERVE HOAX by Wichliffe B. Vennard The Age of Deception EXPOSED. Vennard explains how the Congress, in one easy step, can regain control and issue our money, taxfree and interest-free. He exposes the deceitfulness and tricheries of different agencies - posing to be good. 6.00 FIAT MONEY - INFLATION IN FRANCE by Andrew D. White An 1876 history of inflation in revolutionary France that reveals astonishing similarities to the present day. 5.00 FIGURING OUT THE FED by Margaret Thoren Right from the horse's mouth - this booklet quotes the Federal Reserv's own publications to answer the most frequently asked questions about banking in America. 3.00 HENRY FORD,SR. ON U.S. FINANCE by Henry Ford, Sr. 3.00 HOW AN ECONOMY GROWS & WHY IT DOESN'T by Irwin Schiff Schiff provides a humorously illustrated book with a fundmental and thorough expose of the workings of the economy. 6.50 LAWFUL MONEY EXPLAINED by Gertrude M. Coogan What is lawful money, legal tender? These and other facts about money are explained in clear and concise terms. 4.00 LIGHTNING OVER THE TREASURY BUILDING by John R. Elsom An expose' of our banking and currency monstrosity - America's most reprehensible and un-American racket. Elsom gives a clear and concise Treatise of the banking and money system of the U.S. as manipulated by the International Bankers. 5.00 LINCOLN - MONEY MARTYRED by Dr. R.E. Search First published in 1935. In this, the newer version of the dastardly murder of America's best loved and greatest citizen, friend, and champion of the common people, may be the knowledge that it was the forging of the most important link in the chain wuich greed, and money manipulation have fastened around the throats of all Americans, and bound us in a limitless morass of bonded debt and mortgages. 5.00 MIRACLE ON MAIN STREET by F. Tupper Saussey Saving Yourself and America From Financial Ruin. Saussey was the first eldest son in 4 generations not to become a pro. lawyer. He reveals the beautifully but simple truth of how the individual in America today can restore freedom. 8.00 MONEY & CIVILIZATION by Alexander Del Mar A history of the monetary laws and systems of various states since the Dark Ages,and their influence upon civilization. 6.00 MONEY CREATORS by Gertrude M. Coogan Do you favor U.S. honest money or continued payment of billions yearly to be kept artificially poor? ". . .This writer is informed. The information is sound. . . . It is written in an atrractive way with an engaging style, and it conveys to the American people truths of the very first magnitude." - Robert L. Owen, (Former Chairman Banking & Currency Comm., U.S. Senate, Co- author Federal Reserve Act) 6.00 MONEY-QUESTIONS & ANSWERS by Rev. Charles E. Coughlin The author wrote for the common American citizen. He has kept in mind the vast resources and wealth of the U.S. of America where want needlessly reigns in the midst of plenty simply because there is a planned scarcity of money required for the transfer of wealth. 5.00 MYSTERIES OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM by Jerry Voorhis This penetrating article from an elder statesman on a topic of vital importance for all American marks an epoch in the campaign for long-overdue reform of a perniciously counterproductive banking system. 2.00 PIECES OF EIGHT by Edwin Vieira, Jr. A study in Constitutional Law. Vieira argues that the Constitution mandates the type of monetary system the Founders intended for this country, and that their intentions have been completely vitiated by our now system of centeralized banking and irredeemable paper money. 25.00 SELECTED ESSAYS ON POLITICAL ECONOMY by Frederic Bastiat Reveals economic truths with a simplicity few writers on the subject have achieved. Some of the best articles by this 19th Century social critic. 10.00 THE U.S. GOVERNMENT DEBT CAN BE PAID OFF by Edward E. Popp This information was presented by Popp to the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters. He stated a plan showing how the U.S. debt can be paid off and halt the deceit and fraud against the American people. 3.00 WAR CYCLES, PEACE CYCLES by Richard Hoskins A powerful overview of Banking History. Hoskins explains what the "money issue" and inflation really are. 9.00 WHEN YOUR MONEY FAILS by Mary S. Relfe, PhD. Relfe gives a detailed review of the number 666, as prophesied in Revelations, and shows how it has been put to use in the goods manufactured in the U.S. 5.50 BEST KEPT SECRET by Otto Skinner The best detailed and clearest explantion of the "Income Tax" is provided in this book. Supreme Court decisions as far back as 1776 are given to provide an easy way to follow that the "employee" is not subject ot income tax. 12.00 THE DEFENDENT by Otto Skinner Information you will need to know if you are called as a defendent. Many of the flawed and frivolous arguments which have failed for others are discussed and why these have failed. 20.00 THE GREAT INCOME TAX HOAX by Irwin Schiff This book reveals the shocking evidence that the federal government has been "illegally" collecting "income" taxes and the courts (and Congress) know it. 16.00 HOW ANYONE CAN STOP PAYING INCOME TAXES by Irwin Schiff The focus of this book is to help Americans pay "legal" taxes, not "illegal" ones. It has been on the New York Times Best Seller list. 10.00 THE SOCIAL SOCIETY SWINDLE by Irwin Schiff The author reveals all the underhanded practices employed by the Fed. government to foist this swindle on the American public. Readers of this book will have a better insight into the government's attempt to confuse the public with the word, "income". 12.00 TAXES: A MORAL ISSUE by Charles Weisman Do we have a moral obligation to pay taxes? Are we under a lawful system of taxation? What is the reason, need, or purpose of our taxes? This book will help you to understand your personal situation. 6.00 THE UNDERGROUND LAWYER by Michael L. Minns Minns has compiled an encyclopedia of American Jurisprudence while giving a glimpse into judges' chambers, jail cells, and corporate boardrooms. For a legal researcher, this book is a valuable reference. Hard back 28.00 Gen. Conspiracy A NATION BETRAYED by Col. James "Bo" Gritz One of the most politically explosive books ever published in America. This is the definitive account of a nation betrayed. A spider web of "patriots for profit," operating from the highest positions of special trust and confidence, have successfully circumvented our constitutional system in pursuit of a parallel government. They have infused America with drugs in order to fund illegal covert worldwide operations while sealing the fate of our servicemen left in Communist prisons after the Vietnam War. Col. Gritz, the most decorated Vietnam Veteran, is the man whom the movie "Rambo" was inspired after, and now he exposes the "real" drug dealers. (Also in Video) 20.00 AMERICA BETRAYED by Marlin Maddoux This hard hitting book exposes forces in our county which seek to destroy the family, the schools and our values. This book details exactly how the news media manipulates your mind. 6.00 AN ENEMY HATH DONE THIS by Ezra Taft Benson Former Secretary of Agriculture, Honorable Ezra Taft Benson forcefully and eloquently discusses the serious donagers which are threatening this nation. He warns against the grave perils that arise when governments condones the breakdown of law and order. 9.00 ADAM WEISHAUPT A HUMAN DEVIL by Gerald Winrod An in-depth look at the founder of the illuminati. 2.50 BETRAYAL BY RULERS by Micheal Sturdza Prince Sturdza traces the deterioration of the West and especially the United States since WWII, finding a pattern of action that cannot be explained by folly, stupidity, or accident. His accusations against our rulers and leaders is betrayal - not always willing but certainly knowing. 5.00 THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO by W.P. Fall This book lays out the plan for world control as Karl Marx introduced it. 3.50 DESCENT INTO SLAVERY? by Des Griffin In this sequel to FOURTH REICH OF THE RICH. Griffin zeroes in on the international Bankers and presents, in carefully documented detail, the story of their total involvement in the illuminati plot to create a totalitarian One World Government. 9.00 THE ENERGY "NON-CRISIS" by Lindsey Williams Williams, chaplain for the Alaska Pipeline Company, exposes the very horrifying story of how political corruption at high levels in our government, created the artificial "oil shortage" in the mid 1970's, and thus began the escalation of our cost of living. 6.00 FOURTH REICH OF THE RICH by Des Griffin A classic on the world government conspiracy. Shows communism is the creation of the Rothschild - Rockefeller plan to enslave the masses. 9.00 FREEDOM OR SLAVERY by Pat Brooks, Dale Crowley, Jr., Des Griffin & the late Haviv Schieber This book is a cooperative effort by several American Christian patriots. As the title of the book implies, the basic issue at stake is whether the United States will continue on its present moral, financial and spiritual toboggan slid into oblivion and slavery - or turn from its present insane course to emerge a free nation under God, with liberty and justice for all. 6.00 THE GERMAN-BOLSHEVIK CONSPIRACY by Creel (Public Document by Edgar Sisson, 1918) Sisson was Wilson's Special Representative in Russia during the Bolshevik take-over. This Report contains documents showing how the Germans and Bolsheviks conspired to bring about the fall of czarist Russia. 2.00 KISS THE BOYS GOODBYE: by Monika Jensen & William Stevenson How the Untied States betrayed its own POWs in Vietnam. 10.00 MARTIN LUTHER KING (Man Behind the Myth) by Des Griffin Fine Documentation and explanation of how the powerful system of Communism has built up a Black man, used him, then disposed of him - still using the "image" that he portrayed in life - all in the attempt to deceive the American Christian people. 4.00 THE NAKED CAPITALIST by W. Cleon Skousen An in-depth review and commentary on Dr. Carroll Quigley's book "Tragedy and Hope", enlarging theory that there is an international network trying to brainwash the public for its own devious purposes. Skousen uncovers the strategic links between education, technology foreign policies, the media, communism and a host of other aspects of modern politics. Skousen warns that a more critical approach to the election of leaders is necessary. 6.00 THE NEW WORLD ORDER by Ralph Epperson This book makes us understand the problems in America today lies in its exposure of the Masonic Lodges. Quoting the writing os at least eight of the key Masonic writers as his sources, proves that the Masons conceal a workshop of lucifer, also known as Satan, the devil inside their nationwide. 14.00 THE NEW WORLD ORDER: THE ANCIENT PLAN OF SOCIETIES by William Still Secret societies such a Freemasons have been alive since the advent of Christ, yet most of us don't realize what they are or the impact they've had on many historical events. Startling and daring, this is the first successful attempt by a author to unveil the designs of secret societies from the beginning, up to the present and into the future. 8.00 PAWNS IN THE GAME by William Guy Carr A true story of international intrigue, corruption, graft, and political assassinations - both sensational and shocking. 5.00 PHILIP DRU: ADMINISTRATOR by Col. E.M. House As personal advisor and confident of Woodrow Wilson and was privy to many state and international secrets. In detail is his daring plan to take over America. 5.00 PLANNED CHAOS by Ludwig von Mises An essay on the destruction of individual liberty by totalitarian ideologies. 5.00 PROOFS OF A CONSPIRACY by Robinson First published in 1798, Robinson describes how the "illuminati" was created by Adam Weishaupt and how the Illuminati's select members are part of a conspiracy against the dearest interest of every nation of Europe and America. 5.00 RED FOG OVER AMERICA by W.G. Carr Author lays out the evidence of how the Communists are gaining the upper hand over America, in order to implement world control. 5.00 REPORT FROM IRON MOUNTAIN on the possibility and desirability of peace "...The Special Study Group, as the commission was fondly called [by Washington] met and worked regularly for over two and a half years, after which it produced a report... they concluded [that] lasting peace... even if it could be achieved... would almost certainly not be in the best interest of a stable society." 6.00 SYNDROME OF CONTROL by Lindsey Williams Williams reveals the mental plot of the international financiers. Including material exposed by Congressman George Hansen on the Iranian hostage crisis, Nelson Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, President Carter, and the Iran banker's war. 5.50 TO SEDUCE A NATION by Lindsey Williams Williams writes a sequel to his best seller, THE ENERGY NON- CRISIS, and locates and explains the problems now wrecking the United States and points the way toward national control. 5.50 TRAGEDY AND HOPE by Professor Caroll Quigley A liberal "insider" comes clean about the "manipulation" of our society by internationalists , giving a panoramic view of history and of modern civilization. It could be said that it's a history of the world in our time. 24.00 THE UNITED NATIONS CONSPIRACY by Robert W. Lee The powers that launched the United Nations still control it to this day. In the three and a half decades of the UN's existence, we have seen increasingly bloody wars and "police actions", growing instability, a global epidemic of terrorism, widening hostility to American Christian Ideals and a corresponding decline in the United States influence as a Christian Nation. The UN is performing precisely as programmed, achieving the goals of those who conceived it. 10.00 THE UNSEEN HAND by Ralph Epperson The bottom line on the world take over, and some of it right in our own back yard. The one worlders intent on making slaves of all U.S. Citizens without our knowledge. 13.00 WALLS IN OUR MINDS by M.J. 'Red' Beckman This little book tells about the other two votes in our system of government. If you are unregistered, you will want to become registered as soon as possible. If you are called for grand jury or trial jury duty, you will know how to be a check against those promise=breaking politicians. 2.00 THE WORLD CONSPIRACY by Nicola M. Nicolov Nicolov explains how the world conspiracy was set up, what tools are used and who is involved. An excellent book to help anyone understand the conspiracy theory and learn who and what to study to get that better understanding. 12.00 ANIMAL FARM by George Orwell An inside look at the workings of politics and the failure to protest against the evils in the world in which we live. A renowned Classic. 4.50 GOVERNMENT AND LEGAL PLUNDER Bastiat Brought Up to Date by Dean Russell Frederic Bastiat, (1801-1850), a Self-educated, French political economist, adhered many illustrative stories. Some of which were reprinted in millions of copies in such periodicals as The Congressional Record and The Reader's Digest. Russell's doctoral thesis at the University of Geneva was based on Bastiat's life and works. Russell translated Bastiat's The Law. Because of his knowledge of Bastiat, and his philosophical works, Russell was asked by the publisher (Foundation for Economic Education) to Bring Bastiat's principles of political economy up to date. 5.00 IS PUBLIC SCHOOL NECESSARY? by Samuel L. Blumenfeld This book tells, for the first time, the story of how and why Americans gave up educational freedom so early in their history for the imagined"benefits" of state-controlled education. Blumenfeld breaks new ground in this important work, and tells the full fascinating story of how government-controlled education emerged in the face of generally accepted and adequate facilities for private schooling. Blumenfeld delves into a wealth of original sources to reveal how a comparative handful of secularists, who were more concerned with destroying religion than with freeing man, spearheaded the drive toward public education. 12.00 THE MAINSPRING OF HUMAN PROGRESS by Henry Grady Weaver "For Six Thousand years men died of hunger. Why don't we?" This is the basic question dealt with in MAINSPRING, but the attempt to find the answer leads into a wide range of subjects, such as: What is the greatest of all our modern inventions? Who invented ZERO (0) and why? Just what is the difference between a Republic and a Democracy? What is the one best way to pick a genius? What simple invention contributed most to our national wealth? What was the "best seller" in 1776? Is there one sure- fire formula for personal security? In MAINSPRING, Henry Grady Weaver (1889-1949) answers these questions with a bold, truly Libertarian narrative, while taking you on a fascinating journey through history to trace and thus identify - THE MAINSPRING OF HUMAN PROGRESS. 2.50 THE MOST SECRET SCIENCE by Archibald Roberts Lt. Col Ret The most secret science rips the veil of secrecy from the men and the system behind America's economic Crisis, and provides the secret knowledge; the science of control over people, governments and civilizations. It shows what can be done to escape impending economic political disaster. 11.00 NEA: TROJAN HORSE IN AMERICAN EDUCATION by Samuel L. Blumenfeld Published 1984. Blumenfeld gives the first full-length expose' of how the National Education Association has pushed America down the road to planned illiteracy and into a socialistic society. 13.50 THE NEW ILLITERATES by Samuel L. Blumenfeld Mr. Blumenfeld lays before the reader an easy to read book explaining many pitfalls which helped create the illiterates of today and how to keep your child from becoming one. The educational malpractice exposed in this book, as the Boston Globe states: "This book will raise the hackles of educators and parents alike, whatever their background, whatever their biases." If you have never considered placing your child in private school or better yet "Homeschooling" your child after reading this book you may have second thoughts. 11.00 NEW STATES OF AMERICA (PROPOSED CONSTITUTION) Certain powerful forces hope to replace the freedoms guaranteed in our Constitution by their own dictatorship - a cleverly disguised dictatorship. Planned to resemble superficially the government we now have, so that we will not recognize it for what it is until to late. In 1964 a tax-exempt foundation, the far left, internationalist "Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions," an offshoot of the multibillion dollar Ford Foundation, began writing a "New Constitution." The "NEWSTATES CONSTITUTION" is a blueprint for the slavery of the American people. 3.00 SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION by John Whitehead Whitehead attacks and exposes an issue that has been festering, hidden beneath the surface and ignored by too many Christians, for far too long. The issue is that of church and state: Christian and religious freedom versus a secularist, humanistic elite, which increasingly controls our society. The government, the courts, the media, the law are all dominated to one degree or another by this elite. They have largely secularized our society by force, particularly using the courts. 9.00 TRILATERALISM - The Trilateral Commission and Elite Planning for World Management by Holly Sklar Sklar gives a highly readable, wide-ranging study of the trilateral Commission and the worldwide strategies of trilateralism. It demystifies national and international events, power, propaganda, and policy making from World War II through the 1960's, 1970's and into the 1980's. A documented book covering the formation of the trilateral commission, the elite who control it and the planning for world takeover and management of the One World Order. Also included is a 40-page Who's Who. 18.00 THE MAN WHO INVENTED 'GENOCIDE' by James J. Martin Raphael Lemkin was a Polish-born lawyer whose work during the World War II included the creation and definition of the word "Genocide." By the end of the war his word was being used around the world and he was faced with the task of getting it officially recognized as crime. In this detailed investigation of the man and the word, Martin examines the political evolution of the genocide concept and the reasons why civil libertarians were so violently opposed to its adoption as a criminal offense. 9.00 NEW LIES FOR OLD by Golitayn Glasnose and perstroiks are new names for some old disinformation. Goplitsyn is a former KGB officer who defected to the West with his family while on a mission in Finland. 10.00 KISSINGER: THE SECRET SIDE OF THE SECRETARY OF STATE Allen takes a look at the man, his missions and his results. Eye opening account of one of the most powerful political "manipulators" in Washington, D.C. Proving to be, without doubt, the most controversial of all our Secretaries of State, and he continues to play a major role in world affairs. 6.00 NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY by Gary Allen Allen's big runaway best-seller, published in 1917. With fully documented work Allen exposes how conspiratorial forces behind the scenes actually "control" and "dictate" our government and its policies. 5.50 THE ROCKEFELLER FILE by Gary Allen Shocking, true story of the most powerful family in america. Revealed that if there is one dynasty that wants to rule the world, it is the dangerously ambitious family of the Rockefellers. 6.00 SAY "NO" TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER by Gary Allen Allen up dates and ties together all the conspiracies and "causes" that seek to divert attention from the main threat to our civilization. Exposes an "elitist" scheme to create the New World Order, and reveals how to stop their plans. 5.00 THE WORLD ORDER by Eustice Mullins Mullins exposes facts about powerful individuals, organizations and families including the Rothschilds. Betchel Corp. CIA, FDR, and some surprising others. 15.00 AMERICA'S SECRET ESTABLISHMENT by Antony C. Sutton For over 150 years the Skull & Bones society of Yale University has been selecting 15 new members annually. Upon leaving Yale, these men become known to each other as the Order. Recently Sutton came in possession of many of the Order's most secret and delicate documents. Who are they and what are their goals? They are big names, big money and big power. These Names swear allegiance to nothing but the Order and their plans are directed to a "New World Order" dedicated to world domination through control from cradle to grave. 16.00 THE BEST ENEMY MONEY CAN BUY by Antony C. Sutton With mountains of documentation, mostly from government and corporate sources, Sutton shows that Soviet military technology is heavily dependent upon U>S. and allied gifts, "peaceful trade" and exchange programs. We have built for, sold or traded for, or even out right given to, the Communists, everything from copper wiring and military trucks to tank technology, missile guidance technology, computers, even the Space Shuttle. "Peaceful trade" is a myth. To the Soviets all trade is strategic. The paradox is that we spend $300 billion a year on defense against an enemy we created and continue to keep in business. 12.00 BOCHE AND BOLSHEVIK by Nesta Webster & Herr Kurt Kerlen Published June, 1923 a series of articles from the Morning Post of London. Reprinted for distribution in the United States, and written by Mrs. Nesta Webster and Herr Kurt Kerlen together with an Addendum covering certain Bolshevik activities in America by Mr. Peter Beckwith. A wealth of accurate information of the background of World War I and its aftermath. 5.00 COMMUNISM AND SOCIALISM CHARTS by N. Webster and Cardosa Two charts (22" X 25") displaying the names of historical personages and groups and the movement with which they were associated. 2.50 THE FRENCH REVOLUTION by Nesta Webster First published 1919, Reprinted 1069 and 1983. Description of the outbreaks of one of the world's bloodiest revolutions recorded in history by this famous historian, Mrs. Arthur (Nesta H.) Webster. She writes unmistakably different from the versions by Burke, Carlyle, Dickens, and others. 7.00 THE SOCIALIST NETWORK by Nesta Webster Revealing the origins of modern Socialism, Marxian Socialism, Russian revolution, World Bolshevism, Socialism and Christianity, plus and index of persons. 6.00 SURRENDER OF AN EMPIRE by Nesta Webster Examination of the forces that were at work in Britain to weaken the Queen's imperialistic ties around the world. 5.00 WORLD REVOLUTION by Nesta Webster The world revolution through which we are now passing is not local, but universal. The causes of this revolution must be sought not in popular discontent, but in a deep-laid conspiracy that uses and leads the people to their own undoing. 6.00 EN ROUTE TO GLOBAL OCCUPATION by Gary Kah European and Middle East Trade Specialist, Gary Kah, was warned by a top level government agency to "keep quiet" or lose his job as Senior Trade Specialist with the state of Indiana. When he refused to do so, he was fired. The author makes public the documents and exposes the political forces around the world that are now cooperating to unite the people of this planet in a New World Order. He reveals the names of national leaders and media celebrities who are secretly collaborating in the betrayal of the United States. Some of the most recognizable names in America are on his list. 9.00 TOWARD A NEW WORLD ORDER by Donald S. McAlvany The editor of the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor makes a careful analysis of events facing America and the world in the 1990's - the Decade of Deception, Decision and Destiny. Challenging chapter titles include: the Decline of America; Toward a Socialist America - The U.S. Political Plunge to the left; Toward a Cashless Society. This book will undoubtedly help you gain a clearer understanding and overview of the topsy-turvy world in which we live. 10.00 THE TWO FACES OF GEORGE BUSH by Anthony Sutton This hard-hitting book brings to light the little known background of the man who is now president of the United States. The facts uncovered raise very serious doubts as to the future well-being of our nation with George Bush at the helm of our ship of state. Frankly, the future does not bode well for our country. Learn of Bush's involvement in a high level secret society - and his lavish praise for a Marxist dictator. 5.00 THE SECRET TEAM by Fletcher Prouty A career officer in Army intelligence who worked intimately with the CIA exposes the harmful effects of the Agency's "covert action" interventions around the globe - and at home. Prouty draws relentless conclusions from his study and first-hand observation of the CIA's thirst for power and control during the first decades of America's postwar imperium. 14.00 WHO KILLED MARTIN LUTHER KING? by James Earl Ray Confined to a maximum security prison in Tennessee, James Earl Ray has painstakingly researched every detail of the King assassination. Ray reveals for the first time his whereabouts on a day-by-day basis before and after the killing. 17.00 CONSPIRATOR'S HIERARCHY: The Story of the Committee of 300 by Dr. John Coleman How can a small group of people pull all the strings in World events and for what purpose? Coleman shows how it came about, who the ELITE group are, and they go about manipulating the affairs of governments around the World. 16.00 ESTABLISHMENT'S MAN by James J. Drummey We ask the question to former Pres. George Bush: What is "the new world order". The use of images are once again in play in what is now the boldest advance toward world government. 2.50 THE HIDDEN TYRANNY by Harold Rosenthal 4.00 I RODE WITH TUPPER by J. Patrick Shannon The plight and fight of Tupper Sausy, well known patriot, writer, and speaker is described in this book. He was attacked by the American Gestapo - IRS after publishing his book: "Miracle on Main Street". 9.50 SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS - Top Secret Tech. Manuel Documentation discovered in surplus copier equipment exposing a detailed plan for controlling the masses of people through their pastimes, manipulations of their education, politics, and total control of all through a number on a computer. 4.00 WAR IS A RACKET by Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler, USMC Butler has fought against the "Wall Street Banksters" unrelenting, and has carried on a campaign to keep the US out of foreign wars. He proves who makes the profits and who pays the bills for the wars the US has been in. 6.00 THE MYTH OF SEPARATION by David Barton The author proves how the Founding Fathers did want America to be a Christian nation. He shows how the separation of church and state is a myth and hides a hidden agenda for a certain group. 7.00 AMERICA: TO PRAY OR NOT TO PRAY by David Barton A statistical look at what happened when religious principles were seperated from public affairs. This book goes along with Barton's video "America's Godly Heritage". 6.25 GAYS & GUNS-the case against Homosexuals in the Military by John Eidsmoe Dr. Eidsmoe, who served in the Air Force and Reserves, reveals the tradegy if Homosexuals are increasely joining the U.S. Military, and why it shouldn't be allowed. 7.00 DON'T TOUCH THAT DIAL by B. Hattemer & R. Showers A compeling look in the role the media, movies, and TV shows have upon us and especiallly our children. It does have an effect on the general population's outlook on different issues. 9.00 WHEN THE WICKED SEIZE A CITY by C. & D. McIlhenny & F. York The authors reveal the agenda of the homosexual community is activing in each State of the Union to further their cause. The public schools, our children, and communities are the target. 9.00 THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW by Constance Cumbey Cumbey exposes the movement to wipe out Christianity and it's agenda to have a one world order. The author shows who are the leaders behind the scenes and the way they are working for their goal. 9.00 AMERICA: AWAITING THE VERDICT by Mike Fuselier? The author shows how this Nation has abandoned its roots, if we do not get back to our heritage - we are done for. He shows how this betrayal has been purpatraded. 5.00 AMERICA THE CONQUERED by Pastor Pete Peters Discover why it has happened and what we must do. Pastor Pete Peters leaves no stone unturned. 9.00 THE CASE AGAINST MILITARY DRAFTS & CONSCRIPTIONS by Charles A. Weisman This booklet shows how the draft is an unlawful measure and the powers that are preparing America for another war. 5.00 THE HIDDEN TYRANNY by Harold Rosenthal Rosenthal exposes the big lie that Jews are another religious sect and not a nation to itself. He shows how tactics are being used to destroy the Christian civilization. 4.00 Health THE BODY ELECTRIC by Robert O. Becker, M.D., & Gary Selden Tells the Fascinating story of our bioelectric selves. Dr. Becker, a pioneer in the field of regeneration and its relationship to electrical currents in living things, challenges the established mechanistic understanding of the body. 10.00 THE SECRET OF LIFE: Electricity, Radiation and Your Body by George Lakhovsky The early disease arresting experiments of this Tesla associate, inventor of the multiple wave oscillator and pioneer in the field of biological resonance and healing. 9.00 AIDS: THE UNNECESSARY EPIDEMIC by Stanley Monteith, M.D. Superb authoritative analysis of how the AIDS and Gay Lobbies have been able to prevent physicians from monitoring and controlling the frightneing epidemic. Also exposes the political machinations within organized medicine, the U.S. Public Health Service, Centers for Disease Control, and the White House that have conributed to the alarming spread of AIDS. 14.95 FLUORIDE: The Aging Facor by John Yiamouyiannis You could be one of the more than 100 million American being poisoned by, or one of the estimated 30,000 to 50,000 who die from, fluoride each year. This book shows how to recognize and avoid the devastating effects of this widely used toxic chemical. 8.95 FOODS THAT HEAL by Maureen Salaman The director of the National Health Federation offers ways to prevent or reverse more than 100 common ailments. From cholesterol and high blood pressure to addictions, arthritis and aging effects, this author of Nutrition, the Cancer Answer, shows you how simple, historically proven folk medicine plans can change your life for the better. 22.00 JUICING FOR LIFE by Calburn & Keane Your energy level can be boosted just by eating fresh vegetables and fruits. By juicing you can get the most from fresh foods. This book gives you the A to Z guide to juicing. 12.00 KINSEY, SEX, AND FRAUD by Dr. Judith Reisman The Doctor shows the unscientific and deliberate deceit of Alfred Kinsey's research. She exposes the fraud that the phsyclogy industry has been using all these years. 15.00 FROM THE SHEPARD'S PURSE by Max G. Barlow A beautiful illustrated book on idenifying several medicinal herbs for collecting and use. It contains details on the best time to gather and how to prepare the herbs for use. 25.00 Freedom COMMON SENSE -- THOMAS PAINE This collection of Thomas Paines' principles of fundamental human rights, was written at the inception of the War of Independence, when the colonists were uncertain about the reason for the war. From Paines' experience of revolutionary politics, he drew these principles which he felt must stand, no matter what excesses are committed to obtain them, and which he later formulated in his Rights of Man. His writings had the effect of giving direction to the colonists. 3.50 55 MEN THE STORY OF THE CONSTITUTION by Rodell & Madison In 1987 we commemorated the 200th anniversary of the Constitution of the United States of America. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights (the first ten Amendments) have proven so effective as a piece of legislation, that only 16 Amendments have been added since 1791, and it has been used as a model for a number of countries' constitutions. This document, upon which we base all our law, has a fierce and stormy history and 55 MEN bring that history alive. Based on the day-by-day notes of James Madison. 11.00 SECRET PROCEEDINGS & DEBATES OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION OF 1787 by Sir Robert Yates First published in 1838, this is a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse of the making of the Constitution. SECRET PROCEEDINGS AND DEBATES of the CONVENTION Assembled at Philadelphia, in the year 1787, for the purpose of forming the Constitution of the United States of America, from the notes taken by the late Robert Yates, Esquire, Chief Justice of New York, and copied by John Lansing, Jun. Esquire, Late Chancellor of the State, members of the Convention. 12.00 ANTI-FEDERALIST PAPERS edited by Ralph Ketcham The writings of the opponents of the Constitution of the United States. 5.50 FEDERALIST PAPERS by Madison, Hamilton, Jay The original argument for the Constitution, often quoted in legal papers. 5.00 CALLED TO SERVE by Col. James "Bo" Gritz The most highly decorated American soldier of the Vietnam War, and the role model for such movies as Rambo, Mission MIA, and Uncommon Valor, lifts the veil for National Security to reveal how U.S. Forces have been used as tools by international elitists. A spider web of "patriots for profit," operating from the highest positions of special trust and confidence, have successfully circumvented our constitutional system in pursuit of a New World Order. 25.00 CITIZENS RULE BOOK by Liberty Lobby This handy pocket book contains a discussion of the law of the land, a Constitutional guide for jurors, and the complete U. S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, along with the Declaration of Independence. 1.00 Education ALPHA-PHONICS: by Sam Blumenthal This book is an effective, step by step, intensive phonics program for teaching reading to beginners of all ages. Designed for easy use by teachers, tutors, and parents. It is excellent for retraining functional illiterates. 23.00 "SOFT PORN" PLAYS HARDBALL by Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D The former consultant for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services demonstrates why allegedly innocent "girlie" magazines have done more harm to children, women, men and the family than has " hardcore," illegal and the family than has "hardcore," illegal entertainment. Reisman identifies the ideas of "softporn" which have filtered into advertisements, TV, films, art, music, novels and sex education in schools. The war against pornography is a war for cultural survival. As good people in all walks of life wake up to the danger and unite, we will prevail. 8.00 CITIZEN'S RULE BOOK by Spotlight Good "basis" for the citizen on the Declaration of Independence, Explanation of Jury rights, and the United States Constitution. 1.00 JAMES MADISON ON RELIGIOUS LIBERTY by Robert S. Alley A collection of Madison's writings collected by Alley captures the character of Madison's philosophy and convicitons. It contains essays that define Madison's continuing influence. 23.00 PARENTS RIGHTS by John W. Whitehead The author is recognized as a specialist in constitutional law. He shows the breakdown in the parent-child relationship. It is an alarming trend - the erosion of parent's rights. 6.00 TRILATERALISM - The TRilateral Commission and Elite Planning for World Management by Holly Sklar It is a highly readable, wide-ranging study of the Trilateral Commission and the worldwide strategies of trilateralism. A book covering the forming of the commission, the planning for world dictatorship, and the elite who control and will manages the One World Order. 18.00 THE MINT AND COINAGE ACTS OF THE UNITED STATES by Charles Weisman Includes all the Acts as reproduced from the Public Statutes at Large of the USA. Also A Brief History of Money in America and Biblical Principles of Money. 2.00 Law THE LAW by Fredric Bastiat Read this book and you will never think the same way about taxes again. 3.00 PIED PIPERS OF BABYLON by Verl Speer A unique look at the inside workings of the American system and the forces that control it. The author has discovered that this "legal" system is not based on law but is, in fact, operating in direct violation to law. This book written to help the plight of the Natural Born individual and his recourse at LAW to regain & maintain the Birthright to be his own government. 15.00 BLACK'S LAW DICTIONARY (6 Edition) by West Publishing Nearly every area of law has undergone change and development since publication of the Fifth Edition in 1979. Congress and the states continue to legislate new rights and remedies; the courts continue to define and redefine legal terms. 28.00 BROWN'S LAWSUIT COOKBOOK How to Sue & Win by Michael Brown Want to beat the high cost of lawyers? Want to represent yourself in court? If you know how to play the game, you may not wind up in court at all ! Many suits are filled only to intimidate, and a good countersuit can make them back off. 15.00 MURDER BY INJECTION by Eustace Mullins The story of the medical conspiracy against America. Unveils the conspiracy to deny low cost health care and how federal agents commit crime to protect profits of the drug trust. Provides list of the world's largest drug firms. Reveals how mad scientists control medical school. How the Rockefeller syndicate perverted natural American medical cures to drugs and Frankenstein surgical techniques. Explains some of our drug contaminated foods sold commercially, foods lacking in nutrition, irradiation for storage & about fertilizers put on our soils. Why the government agencies are lying to you and much more. 15.00 THE RAPE OF JUSTICE by Eustice Mullins Almost everyone today thinks there is something wrong with the American judicial system. Mullins reports something is definitely wrong. The facts reported as never given before and with devastating results. Our American Judicial system, once honorable, is now operating in reverse. Complete examples of crucial legal strategies given ie.: Writ of Habeas Corpus, Motion for Summary Judgment; protection against Deposition, to dismiss, to censure counsel, and many more. Mullins provides in- depth background by tracing the history of the Constitution by unlawful passage of the so-called "Civil War" Amendments. He details the Big theft and continuing Big Fraud, naming the perpetrators and emphasizes in two chapters the BIG LIE technique of the IRS. "Most crimes" Mullins concludes, "are committed in our courts." 18.00 ORIGINS OF THE COMMON LAW by Arthur R. Hogue A study of the medieval English roots of the legal system which became the basis of today's law in America as well as in England and its colonies and Commonwealth. A far from dry account of how human, as well as the legal and political, conflict and cooperation in the England of Henry II, Thomas Becket, Richard the Lionhearted, John Lackland - and "Robin Hood" - Laid the ground for our own U.S. Constitution, Origins of the Common Law is an excellent introduction to the historical study of American as well as British political and legal institutions 13.00 LAWS AND PRINCIPLES OF MARRIAGE by Charles A. Weisman A study which shows how the laws have twisted marriage to suit the State. He also shows how they conflict with the common law used for centuries. 8.00 A HANDBOOK OF BIBLE LAW by Charles A. Weisman An excellent reference guide to the Mosaic Law as well as other guidelines found in the Bible. Some of the topics are Capital Laws, Monetary Laws, and Food and Health. 8.00 Kzars & Canaanites THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE by Arthur Koestler A fascinating investigation of the ancient Khazar Empire, a major but almost forgotten force in the Dark Ages. When Western Europe was seeking to expand its Christian influence and Easter Europe was preaching Islam, the Khazars bravely enforced their geographic middle ground position by embracing Judaism. Koestler reports the history of the Khazars and reveals some startling new information about their impact on the racial and social heritage of the modern Jews. 5.00 THE CURSE OF CANAAN by Eustace Mullins This book will answer many of your questions about: What is "The Curse of Canaan?" How has the Will of Canaan guided thousands of years of demonology in governments? Why do the ministerial propagandists conceal their knowledge of the Curse of Canaan from their millions of viewers? How is "The Curse of Canaan" reflected in todays headlines. For the first time, complete biographies of the secretive conspirators who forced us into the Civil War. Mullins proves that the Will of Canaan is the guiding influence behind the IRS operations today. 15.00 ANTI-SEMITISM: AND THE BABYLONIAN CONNECTION by Des Griffin The word strikes stark terror into the hearts and minds of many. Most will go to practically any lengths to avoid being smeared as "anti-Semitic." Who is a Semite? Are all Jews Semites? What is anti-Semitism? Is Judaism the God centered religion of the Old Testament? What is Pharisaism? How important is the Babylonian Talmud to modern Jews? How did the Talmud come into being? What does it teach regarding Jews and non-Jews? Are those people who ask any valid questions regarding the Jews and Judaism, wicked, nasty and evil and worthy of being ostracized, socially? Des Griffin believes that all these questions and more must be addressed honestly and freely in an open forum. 4.00 THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION The Protocols: Often denounced, seldom read. What do they say? Are they a forgery? Are they "hate literature," or merely and outdated curiosity? Or does this famous document afford a priceless insight into the secret councils of Zion? Offered caveat lecture by the Noontide Press, this deluxe edition contains extensive notes, a history of the Protocols (including the many attempts to ban the book), and other fascinating background material on this perennially controversial bestseller. 7.00 Masonry & Other Societies THE DEADLY DECEPTION by Tom McKenney Mr. McKenney, one of Freemasonry's top leaders exposes some of its secrets and presents a frank look at Freemasonry and its origin. Learn of the "secrets" and "deceptions" that are practiced daily around the world. Find out why masonry teaches that it is the true religion, that all other religions are but corrupted and perverted forms of masonry. For the first time the 33rd degree ritual is made public! 7.00 SECRET SOCIETIES AND SUBVERSIVE MOVEMENTS Nesta Webster Webster traces back through history from the beginning of the Christian era to locate the origins of many cults and secret orders. 6.00 HIDDEN GOVERNMENT by Lt. Col. J. Creagh The author gives a look at the Protocols of this "hidden" government and its effects on money, exports, the Press, Communism, and religions. 3.00 THE HOAX OF THE 20TH CENTURY by Dr. Arthur R. Butz Dr. Butz has put together a well documented and thoroughly researched report of the "holocaust". He is an author of numerous technical papers. This book carries many illustrations. 11.00 THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION by Victor E. Marsden Marsden has translated 24 documents known as the "Protocols" from a 1905 Russian publication. It has a complete case history for this group and why the publication is highly controversial. 6.00 THE ZIONISTS by George W. Armstrong The conviction of the traitors that have caused 4 depressions and 2 wars, and to repeal the unlawful 14th, 15th, & 16th Amendments of our U.S. Constitution are the issues that Armstrong wishes to convince other true Americans of the necessity for. 7.00 THE HIDDEN POWER BEHIND FREEMASONRY by Lt. Col. Jack Mohr The author has compiled many facts and documents dealing with Freemasonry, which are seeking to destroy the white Christian world. It is based on lies and deception for a foundation. 8.00 Liberalism HUMANIST MANIFESTO I & II In 1933, a group of 34 liberal humanists in the U.S. defined and enunciated the philosophical and religious principles that seemed to them fundamental. They drafted Humanist Manifesto I, which for its time was a radical document. Humanist Manifesto !!, drafted 40 years later, was in recognition of the pressing need for a new, more relevant statement. This more extensive and comprehensive document addresses itself not only to the problems of religion and ethics, but to the pressing issues of civil liberties, equality, democracy, the survival of humankind, would economic growth, population and ecological control, war and peace, and the building of a world community. 2.00 New Age & Satanism INSIDE THE NEW AGE NIGHTMARE by Randall N. Baer A world renowned New Age leader defects and tells it all - exposing the true nature of the organization he once led. He shows the true intent of the New Age and why people should be on the alert. 8.00 THE DEVIL'S WEB by Pat Pulling The author reveals how the occult stalk and recruit children, teenagers and young adults for their evil purposes. This book leaves nothing behind in her investigation and absolves no one of the responsibility of protecting our children. The author also shows how in some cases even the ones we feel should protect our children are actually involved with the occult. 8.00 GLOBALISM: AMERICA'S DEMISE by William Bowen, Jr. What does the "globalist" have in mind by the year 2000? Bowen reveals how Globalism believes they have the right to re- educated our children, and stop all other religious beliefs. 10.00 THE TWISTED CROSS by Joseph J. Carr The author shows how the New Age movement is one and the same as the occult and demonice influence on Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. They both have the same root or evil. 8.00 WHO WILL RULE THE FUTURE by Paul McGuire McGuire has stated, "In the next few years, we will pay a heavy price for our neglect." He shows the truth of our situation and a way to avoid the castrophe that confronts our society. 8.00 TEENS AND DEVIL-WORSHIP by Charles G.B. Evans A revealing sight into the occult from first experience of the author. He reveals how heavy metal rock music led him down the road to the occult. 7.50 HILTER & THE NEW AGE by Bob Rosio Americans are living the first stages of Nazism very simular to Germany in the 1920's and 1930's. Rosio shows this contection and exposes the truth behind the "New Age". 9.00 SUBTLE SERPENT-NEW AGE IN THE CLASSROOM by D. Whitemarsh & B. Reisman The authors reveal the true morality that is being taught to our children in public schools. They show how this "morality" conflicts with traditional values learned at home and in church. 9.00 Literature EZRA POUND - This Difficult Individual by Eustace Mullins A gripping biography of the literary genius who edited the works of Years and T.S. Elliot and got many of America's best known writers started on the road to success. This intensely personal portrait tackles the questions at the heart of Pound's lifetime of controversy and acrimony. It follows Pound from his introduction to London's literary world in he 1920's to his imprisonment for treason after World War II. The genius of Pound is duly recognized in this rich and informative text. 10.00 Science TESLA COIL by George Trinkaus The tesla coil can boost power from a wall socket or battery to millions of high frequency volts. Contains info on how you can build the tesla coil on any scale, using common everyday supplies. 5.00 TESLA: THE LOST INVENTIONS by George Trinkaus Contains several inventions including the dic-turbine rotary engine, the tesla coil electric energy magnifier, high frequency lighting system, the magnifying transmitter, wireless power, and the free-energy receiver. 6.00 Christian Books THE ESSENE CHRISTIAN FAITH by Dr. Martin A. Larson Dr. Larson's close study of the Dead Sea Scrolls, or at least those portions of the breathtakeing 1947 archeological find which have been translated and published, reveals a forerunner and influence on Christianity. World renowned Scrolls scholar Millar Burrows wrote of thesis book: "An enormous amount of hard work and original thinking has gone into it." 7.00 AMERICA: FREE, WHITE, & CHRISTIAN by Charles Weisman Exerpts from colonial laws, court cases, constitutions, commentaries, histories, government documents, etc., which prove America is a Free, White, & Christian nation. 8.00 THE ANGLO-AMERICAN ESTABLISHMENT by Carroll Quigley Quigley exposes the secret society's established in London in 1891, by Cecil Rhodes. He explains how these men worked in union to begin their society to control the world. He explains how all the wars from the time were created to control all nations economies. 12.00 BACK TO EDEN by Jethro Kloss This book has 300 additional pages to the original printing. It contains safe, tried, and inexpensive remedies for the prevention of disease and sickness. 8.00 THE BLESSINGS OF LIBERTY by Charles C. Heath Liberalism is destroying our nation. If we do not sound the alarm and take action, we will find ourselves helpless subjects of a collective tyranny. 8.00 BOOK OF JASHER In 1840 it was translated from Hebrew to English. It is referred to in the Book of Joshua and 2nd Samuel. 7.50 COMMITTEE OF THE STATES by Cheri Seymour When the Government found out a Committee of the States was being formed it came doun on them with all "four feet". Our government doesn't wants its "citizens" to watch them up close. The chapter containing the trial shows how far the present entrenched government will go to protect it's position. 20.00 DID OUR LORD VISIT BRITAIN by Pas. Dobson 2.00 FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA by Marshall & Manuel A sequel to The Light & The Glory. An account of God's plan for America from Washington's presidency to the Civil War. The evils of slavery weakened the nation. God raised up obedient ministers and lay people to do His will and to combat these ills. 10.00 THE GREAT PYRAMID DECODED by E.R. Capt In our day with the aids of modern archaeologyand scientific research, Pyramidology has unlacked the secret of the Pyramid of Giza. The evidence has been collected for us by Capt. He analyzes the evidences and gives a translation in English. 4.00 OUR NORDIC RACE by Richard Hoskins Today it seems the entire world is seething with unrest due to racism. How did our ancestors cope with the problem? What did Rome do? Who were the Romans? The answers to these questions are answered in one question : Who are we? Hoskins has complied historical research which has mysteriously disappeared from all libraries. 5.00 VIGILANTES OF CHRISTENDOM by Richard Hoskins Hoskins related the history and rebirth of militant Christendom. His research discloses the violent religious movements in other lands that has triggered the same phenomenon in the West. 17.00 OLD TESTEMENT PSEUDIPIGRAPHA by Charleworth Western culture has been shaped largely by the Bible. The last 3 hundred years, scholars have studied both these texts and other related ancient writings. This volume contains clarifications, enrichments, expansions, and retellings of biblical narratives. 40.00 STONEHENGE AND DRUIDISM by E. Raymond Capt Stonehenge - standing in lonely majesty on England's great Salisbury Plain - is wreathed in mystery. What was its purpose? Who were the builders and when did they built it? a monument so old that its true history was probably forgotten by classic times. It does give witness ot the vigor and vitality of a national rigion which embodied astronomical observations and a high code of ethics. 4.00 THE LAW ON ABORTION by Charles A. Weisman This booklet helps to understand the true law on abortion from the English & American courts, Commentaries on Criminal Law, and most imporantly the Bible. 4.00 CLICHES OF ZONING by Raymond Buker A series of essays rebutting the common excuses for tighter zoning regulations and land control laws are given in this book. The author wants all Christians to be self-governed and take care of their stewardship. 2.50 HISTORY THE FEARFUL MASTER, A SECOND LOOK AT THE UNITED NATIONS by G. Edward Griffin An extensive look at the double standard that guides the U.N. through its treacherous and devious path towards world domination. Includes official documents and quotes to reinforce its claims that a corrupt, power hungry organization is what the U.N. really is. 5.00 THE UNCONSTITUTIONALITY OF THE 14TH AMENDMENT by Judge L.H. Perez The author provides a documented overview of the 14th Amendment, showing it was not enacted into law, but is being forced upon citizens of this country as though being real Law. 3.00 WHO FINANCED HITLER? by James & Suzanne Pool The incredible story of the secret funding of Adolf Hitler's Reich is exposed in this book. It has been called "one of the most illuminnating studies of Nazism". 14.00 THE REAL BENJAMIN FRANKLIN by Allison, Maxfield, & Skousen Franklin has been malilined in some recent history. This book shows the truth about this great stateman and inventor. 12.00 THE REAL GEORGE WASHINGTON by Allison, Parry, & Skousen A book describing the life of one of America's greatest heroes without distorting history. A great study for both teenager and adult alike. 18.00 THE REAL THOMAS JEFFERSON by Allison, Maxfield, Cook, & Others A documented biography of the Third President and one of the Founders of our Nation is found in this book. It tells how Jefferson really was. 13.00 MAKING OF AMERICA by W. Cleon Skousen An indepth study of the pre-Constitution years in America, and how the Constitution came about. Can be used as a textbook for history. It shows how the Constitution is our hope for keeping freedom. 23.00 THE BULLET PROOF GEORGE WASHINGTON reprinted by David Burton This book gives the amazing stories of the protection given to George Washington during battles from a high source than Human ability. This stories were in American public school textbooks before 1934. 4.25 HOME-SCHOOLING ALPHA-PHONICS by Sam Blumenthal A step by step, intensive phonics program for teaching reading to beginners of all ages is in this book. It is designed for use by parents, tutors, and teachers. It is an excellent help for illiterates in retraining to read. 23.00 THE ELEMENTARY SPELLING BOOK by Noah Webster The standard speller for years intended for second and third grade age children. It is also good for older children because of the public school influence. It was organizally published in 1829. 8.00 HOW AND WHY OF HOME SCHOOLING by Over all, home-schooled children have a better understanding of their studies, greater social skills, and achieve faster than children of the same age in public schools. This book is a guide to set-up a home school, to teach your children at home, and to choose curriculum materials. 8.00 MCGUFFY'S READERS by McGuffy The excellent books which taught millions of Americans for years to read, are now available to truly enrich your child's ability. paperback 30.00 hardback 40.00 HOMESCHOOL GENSIS: A STORY-SOURCEBOOK by Cathy Gileadi A warm glimpse into the homeschool lifestyle including schedules, outings, travel, basic subjects, and using the TV and computer. 12.00 DUMBING US DOWN by John T. Gatto What is really going on in the public school education is the main topic in this book. Gatto suggests that children should be taught in other ways and let families control our culture, economy, and society. 9.00 Survival FIGHTING CHANGE-TEN FEET TO SURVIVAL by A. Robinson & G. North The authors reveal the shock truth about how Americans really have NO "civil defense" set up in the land. They explain why. 2.00 THE RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARM IN THE USA by Charles Weisman Regarding the Right to KEEP AND BEAR ARMS in the United States, Weisman gives a revealing explanation of the fact and principles covering the legal, and historical background to this issue. 6.50


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