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GENUINE VAMPIRE FEASTS ON BLOOD OF FELLOW INMATES IN PRISON HOSPITAL ------------------------- OMEGA NEW AGE DIRECTORY/JULY -- A real life vampire imprisoned for murder is feasting on the blood of other inmates and claims he will get even more victims if he is released, reports Dr. Stephen Kaplan, leading world authority and researcher on vampires. Dr. Kaplan is the founder of Vampire Research Center of Elmhurst, New York. He was conducting a vamipire population count when he was contacted by the blood - lusting inmate imprisoned for murdering a woman and drinking her blood. Dr. Kaplan says the imate, who is in a prison mental hospital in New England, is secretly securing blood by intimidating fellow patients. If they do not give him their blood, he threatens to kill them. Says Dr. Kaplan, "He sizes them up and says, 'I need your blood. If you don't give it to me, you'll get hurt.'" He slashes their hands with a razor blade. The method, called "cut and drink" among vampires, is increasing and may replace the familar "bite and drink" method, Dr. Kaplan contends. And the threats and blood feasts continue because prison psychiatrists are completely fooled by the inmate, who is earning a college degree in his spare time, Dr. Kaplan goes on to say. The vampire expert said, "He may fool the shrinks, but he's super-dangerous. He told me, 'If you ever cross me, I'll kill you.' I don't want him on the streets again because he's going to kill!" Dr. Kaplan says the inmate told him he may go to California to stalk new victims because what many call "blood cults" are increasingly popular there. Also, the inmate says he is seeking a female vampire and is corresponding with several potential partners. [Sorry, ladies, ParaNet cannot forward letters --JS] When Dr. Kaplan speaks of vampires, he is not just referring to individuals who have a mania for drinking blood, but of individuals with a special genetic make-up that enables them to live extremely long lives by drinking blood. He has met with many of these individuals and has investigated their lives. He estimates that there are 80 to 100 vampires living in the U.S. today.


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