First Watch BBS Net Work Information Packet Copyright 1991 by Jeffrey P. Harrington

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Someone claiming to be the author of this web page from the old GODNet CD archives wrote to what appears to be a random number of irrelevant people in what looks like a complaint about the web page that follows. It wasn't exactly clear what the alleged author's problem was but it seemed to me to be a sexual one.

Always willing and ready to assist where ever possible, I checked into the web pages referenced and did some further digging when it turned out one of the URLs in the complaint was rather bizarre.

To: Jeffrey Harrington <>
From: "Fredric L. Rice" <>
Subject: Insane Christian Kook-Please Remove items!

At 13:31 1/31/05 -0600, Jeffrey Harrington wrote:
> Copyright Violation
> REF:
> Jan. 31, 2005

Humm... Let me see now... I'm not certain but the first URL appears to be a file from the old GODNet CD by what appears to be some Christian extremists or something -- it's kind of difficult to tell what the authors' problems are though it looks like he's got sexual problems.

The second URL doesn't exist and isn't on any web domain that I have any control of... Let's see. The WashburnReview.ORG web site, huh? It appears to be some freakishly bizarre religious cult or something. Could be. It's apparently for a "Washburn University" which could be either or or both.

Ah, interesting. The "Washburn University" appears to be associated with the web site as well so maybe I was right in my first opinion. What's interesting is that this "Washburn University" appears to be on the side of the good guys... I wonder what this Jeffrey kook's complaint with the University is. Bizarre.

> It has come to my attention that you are republishing
> original content copyrighted by me, Jeffrey P. Harrington,
> on, March 1st, 1991, on your Website, located at

Um, it's unlikely that I have control over those web pages -- either SkepticFiles.ORG or WashburnReview.ORG -- however I'll see what I can do. It would be my pleasure to replace the fwbnw page, though you'll probably not like the updated web page I'll put up in its place. <smile>

Are you a Christian sodomite, Jeff? I'm just curious.

We'll see if we get any kind of clairification from the complainer and if we can still get access to this web page, we'll add the response for posterity.

What's also interesting is the reference to Robert A. Heinlein, a fairly good author who is known for writing science fiction stories that contained a lot of free and open sex. Very interesting and rather telling, I'd say. I've read nearly everything RAH wrote so I can imagine how easy it could be for some people with sexual hangups to mythicate Heinlein's works.

In the mean time, here's some Fair Use extracts of what ever it was this Jeff guy didn't want you to see for some reason. I've left in under the Fair Use doctrine what appears to be the relevant text.

FIRST WATCH BBS NET WORK BOX 2171 TOPEKA KS 66601 2171 FIDONET (1:281/782) What is First Watch BBS Net Work? ...This includes anything from newspapers in which a person is arrested, hassled or attacked for their Opinions, Religious Practices, Sexual Preference... ...cuts... The text file should look like this: Topic Sexual Practices or Preference Abstract Minister forced from pulpit, rumors that he was gay lead to this. ...cuts... James Mosher Dr. Garhart Nancy Garhart Joe Basso P. Jones R. A. Heinlein ...cuts...


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