This is an expose' that Don Ecker wrote on Bill Cooper and John Lear. Many of the newer us

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From: Don Allen This is an expose' that Don Ecker wrote on Bill Cooper and John Lear. Many of the newer users to the echo are constantly asking as to whether or not Lear's or Cooper's claims can be taken seriously. This text hopefully answers some of those questions. See also Whistleblowers. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Message #7181 - ASK_UFO Date : 30-Aug-91 0:32 From : Don Ecker To : ALL Subject : EXPOSE The following message may seem a bit obtuse at first, but please read on for a moment and you will catch what is going on. In my job as Director of Research for UFO Magazine, I get to meet sometimes strange but also very interesting people. Also as Director, I oft times get documents, books, and papers for the mag that I can peruse before most of the public. Also, having been involved with ParaNet since the end of 1987 the beginning of 1988, I have seen a lot happen in the field and with ParaNet both good and bad. Late in 1987 Jim Speiser, the founder of ParaNet was at the helm as Director. I was Co-Sysop with the old ParaNet RHO, now no longer in service. In late December 1987, Jim Speiser received the now famous, or perhaps more to the point, infamous *LEAR.DOC* that set parts of the UFO field on fire. For any of you that were not around then, for months and finally years, and now even, people have read Lears paper, and the turmoil continued. Months later, after Lear "surfaced", another character hit the field. This guys name is now also famous, or more to the point, infamous ** Milton William Cooper. Cooper, now known for his attacks on most researchers, accusing them of being govt. agents, etc. was much more restrained in those days. After Lear had his paper posted, many of the then ParaNet users, had many questions for "Lear and Co." As time went on, Lear grew tired of people asking him about sources, etc. and more often than not would fire back. Cooper then began to ally himself with Lear. Cooper came on the seen with a report about having sighted a UFO while a crew member on a U. S. Sub, the TIRU. A short while later, after covertly sending a file to Speiser to be forwarded to Stanton Friedman, and then also sending a file to me to send to Friedman, ( without Speiser or me knowing about the other ) Cooper began to upload all kinds of wondrous files with some outrageous claims and documents. Of course he also came under some fire here because he could not prove one damn thing that he claimed either. AND, OF COURSE ONE HELL OF A LOT MORE HAPPENED. But we will leave that for another day. What is all of this, and why is it here? Well, one of Coopers big drawing cards at his $25.00 and $35.00 per head lectures has been the Kennedy Murder. Cooper has been showing a VERY POOR COPY of the famous Zapruder film that "looks as if" the driver of Kennedy's car turns around and shoots him with a pistol. The film was originally worked on by a Kennedy researcher by the name of Lars Hansson. For any of you that read my two parter on Cooper in UFO Magazine, in part two Hansson discussed this entire sorry episode. But you are still asking what is this about? Ok....... During all this business with Lear, Cooper, etc. Hansson was off and on in Las Vegas, and spent a great deal of time with Lear. Hansson lived for a while in Lears guest house, did odd jobs for Lear while working on his research, and Lears UFO stuff. Hansson was right in the middle of Lear, Cooper, Lazar, and many other things, and for a number of reasons, Hansson and Lear "fell out". Hansson also has been a very active researcher in illegal government covert operations, arms trade, Iran-Contra, etc., and has just finished an explosive expose entitled "UFOs, ALIENS, and `Ex'-intelligence Agents: Who's Fooling Whom?" The Inside Story of John Lear, Bill Cooper, and The Greatest Coverup in Human History. This is a 300 page AFFIDAVIT by Lars Hansson, and is available for $25.00 plus 3.00 postage and handling. If you are interested you can send for it at; Paragon Research & Publications P.O. Bx 981 Orlando, FL. 32802 I have gone through my files, and the next several messages go back to those days in 1988 and 1989. After I get those messages up, read them and then in a couple days I will upload sections from Hansson's book. If you are interested in the real story ( other than UFO Magazine of course ) of what went on with Lear, Cooper, the U.S. Govt. and what may have been behind Lear, et. al, this is one that you will not want to miss. Documents, phone calls, arms shipments, alleged involvement in the Marcos Gold shipments, Iran-Contra, CIA airlines, CIA pilots, folks like G. Gordon Liddy, Gordon Novel, they are all here and a part of the story. UFOs? Yep, they are here to. The inside story on what may have been going on at S-4, Lazar, etc. How Cooper took all these stories and wove his tale from whole cloth. Prostitutes, bad cops, the A.I.D.s virus, and a possible cure that had been discovered, the whole damn thing is incredible. At any rate, the book will give pause for thought. Ok, lets go on a short time trip back to 1988. Don Ecker PS It is late, so if parts of the above do not make much sense, remember, I knew what it was that I wanted to say........ :-( Message #7182 - ASK_UFO Date : 30-Aug-91 0:34 From : Don Ecker To : All Subject : Expose II This is from October 1988 ******************************************************* The question is often asked, why don't more military UFO witnesses come forward publicly, and provide names, dates and places? Surely they aren't REALLY intimidated by such empty threats as JANAP 146-E, which provides for hefty fines and jail sentences for breaking silence on a military UFO sighting. Surely they realize the scientific import of their sighting transcends any nationalist or military considerations. If more military witnesses don't come forth publicly, isn't it possible that there aren't really as many as hardcore ufologists would have us believe? Its a question I've often asked myself. ParaNet is deeply indebted to, and a little honored by, user Bill Cooper of Fullerton, California, for this, the first known report of a multiple military witness sighting that occurred onboard the submarine USS Tiru in 1966. --Jim Speiser ------------------------------------------------------------- In 1966 during the month of the Rose Festival in the Pacific Northwest United States, the USS Tiru SS-416 left Pearl Harbor bound for Seattle Washington. The sub moored to a civilian pier near the downtown Seattle area and thousands of people toured the sub during its stay in Seattle. After its duty as "showboat" it proceeded to a back bay area where it underwent torpedo trials. I believe the area was called dabob bay [pronounced day-bob] but I am not sure of the spelling. I include the above information because it should be easy to research. During the cruise from Pearl to Seattle five of the crew had a very unusual experience. During one late afternoon the sub was cruising on the surface at approx. 10 knots when the port lookout reported a strange contact at a range of 2 miles bearing 315 degrees relative. The lookout refused to tell the OOD what it was that he had seen and instead insisted that the starboard lookout and the OOD both look at that area. The three men looked through their binoculars toward the area reported and were astounded to see a metal craft larger than a football field tumble from the clouds into the ocean. It actually tumbled end over end and when it hit the water and sank beneath the ocean huge geysers of water rose into the air. When the port lookout was sure that the others had seen it he then told the OOD that he had seen it tumble from the ocean up into the clouds. The OOD and the starboard lookout were speechless. Within a few minutes, however, they all became excited when it again rose from the water and tumbled up into the cloud layer. At about the same time a crew member below queried the bridge about a radar contact at the same range and bearing. Sonar also reported strange echos. The OOD called for the Captain to come to the bridge at that time. He also called for the camera to be sent to the bridge. The Captain arrived on the bridge within 2 minutes and the Chief Quartermaster was right behind him with the camera. At about the same time the object emerged from the clouds and fell down into the ocean. All five men witnessed this. The QMC took pictures as it rose up into the clouds and then back down into the ocean once again. The five men watched for quite a while longer but nothing else happened. Soon the sub had moved out of visual range and the Captain told all witnesses that they were never to discuss what they had seen with anyone under any circumstances. He stated that the incident was classified information. The Captain then went below and sent a radio msg. There was no doubt as to what we had seen. It was a metal craft with machinery on and around the outside of it. It appeared to have windows or lenses placed around its perimeter. It made no noise that we could hear. It did not disturb the subs electrical systems nor did it affect the gyro compass. It looked very much like a round flying "ship" as in sea going ship. It had the shape and form of a saucer with a bowl inverted in the saucer and it was huge. I will never forget it as long as I live. When I first saw this craft I believe that my heart literally stopped beating and I was terrified. The name of the OOD was Ensign Ball. The starboard lookout was an American Indian seaman that the crew called Geronimo. The port lookout was a new man who left the sub soon after the return to Pearl Harbor and his name was Cooper. I do not remember the Captain's name nor the Chief Quartermaster's name. This is the first time I have ever mentioned it since the moment that the Captain told me that it was classified. As far as I know it has never been reported to the public before this instant. It should be easy to verify the facts if you can get a copy of the log and/or contact the other witnesses. The names should not be too hard to find in the ships records/logs. I was the port lookout. I must say that I feel a great uneasyness in posting this, much like the way I felt in Vietnam when my life was in great danger. Message #7183 - ASK_UFO Date : 30-Aug-91 0:35 From : Don Ecker To : All Subject : Expose III ALSO FROM OCT. 1988 ******************************************************************** -In light of some of the controversy surrounding Lear.txt, perhaps it would be helpful to refer to some statements attributed to John Lear's father, the late William P. Lear, pertaining to possible UFO technology. They are excerpted from the 1978 book entitled "The Cosmic Conspiracy". They are presented here merely as interesting anecdotes, which may also be helpful to an understanding of what has influenced John Lear. -Tom Mickus Excerpt #1 =========== "William P. Lear, inventor and chairman of the board of Lear, Inc., one of the nation's largest electronics firms specializing in aviation, for months has been going over new developments and theories relating to gravity with his chief scientists and engineers". "...He is convinced that it will be possible to create artificial electro- gravitational fields 'whose polarity can be controlled to cancel out gravity". "...'All the (mass) materials and human beings within these fields will be part of them. They will be adjustable so as to increase or decrease the weight of any object in its surroundings. They won't be affected by the earth's gravity or that of any celestial body". 'This means that if any person was in an anti-gravitational airplane or space ship that carried along its own gravitational field - no matter how fast you accelerated or changed course - your body wouldn't any more feel it than it now feels the speed of the earth' ". "...Eugene M. Gluhareff, president of Gluhareff Helicopter and Airplane Corp. of Manhattan Beach, Calif., has made several theoretical design studies of round or saucer-shaped 'vehicles' for travel into outer space..." It might also be of some interest to the reader that this author witnessed the late William P. Lear making another nationwide statement on a daytime, American television program in about 1969-70. This later statement was made in response to a question from the emcee who wanted to know what Mr. Lear envisioned the next twenty years producing in new technology. Mr. Lear told him that a person would be able to, say, walk into a New York "travel" booth - somewhat similar to a telephone box in shape; - deposit his fare; push a button; and walk out the other side of the booth in San Francisco - having been "teleported" across America in seconds! The studio audience automatically laughed at Mr. Lear - much to their uninformed discredit. Mr. Lear just gaped at their performance in utter amazement. How painfully sad and lonely he must have felt at that moment when he realized the great gulf that separated the viewing audience from the realities he had already witnessed in the laboratory... He was a kind and sincere man; and this author, for one, feels a great loss at Mr. Lear's recent death... Excerpt #2 =========== In his book of 1957, entitled, "The Flying Saucer Conspiracy", Donald Keyhoe also mentioned some rather indicting news on pages 200-201: "On 2nd February, while visiting Bogota, Columbia, William P. Lear manufacturer of aircraft and electronic equipment, told a news conference that the flying saucers are real". "When Lear's story was flashed to the United States by the AP, it was a hard blow for the UFO censors. But this was only the beginning. Within twenty-four hours Lear amplified his first statement: 'I feel the flying saucers are real', he said, 'because of four points'. First, he said, there have been numerous manifestations over long periods of time. Second, many observations have been made simultaneously by reliable observers. Third, there are great possibilities linked with the theory of gravitational fields. Fourth, there are now serious efforts in progress to prove the existence of anti-gravitational forces and to convert atomic energy directly to electricity". "This new AP story dismayed the Pentagon, for it could easily disclose our top-secret research to duplicate the UFO's propulsion. There had already been one hint despite Pentagon precautions. During a meeting of aviation leaders in New York, on the 25th of January, G.S. Trimble, vice- president of advance design for the Glenn L. Martin Aircraft Company, had made an amazing disclosure... "Unlimited power, freedom form gravitational attraction, and infinitely short travel time are now becoming feasible', he told the press. Then he added that eventually all commercial air transpor- tation would be in vehicles operating on these fantastic principles". Message #7184 - ASK_UFO Date : 30-Aug-91 0:37 From : Don Ecker To : All Subject : EXPOSE IV From 1988 ******************************************************************** #: 154899 S10/Paranormal Issues 25-Oct-88 02:25:12 Sb: LEAR.TXT Fm: Sysop Jim Speiser 72135,424 To: All I'd like to clear up one issue that seems to be bubbling under the surface of some of these discussions. A lot of people have taken an interest in LEAR.TXT, because of its obvious spectacular nature, because of its somewhat famous author, and more recently, because to the inexperienced follower, some of what John has said would seem to have been born out by the recent TV special. I think a short chronology of events will put things in perspective. The two gentlemen you saw on UFO COVER-UP LIVE, Bill Moore and Jamie Shandera, have been working on the MJ-12 angle since the early part of this decade. Condor and Falcon are their alleged contacts. The MJ-12 documents were first hinted at in the fall of 1986, when they were shown to Lee Graham, who leaked them to CAUS, which published a two-part article on the documents in their Fall 1986 issue. The documents were first released in April of 1987, at which time Moore's Fair Witness Project sent them to several Ufologists, myself among them. As far as I know, ParaNet was the first place that the documents became publicly viewable. It was around this time that John Lear was beginning to make a name for himself in Ufology. He showed up at the MUFON symposium in Washington that June, where Moore, Friedman and Shandera made a splash with the Documents. They had already made a splash the previous month at the National UFO Conference in Burbank, where they had made the first of their oft-repeated promises of releasing more information in the future. From the start, "more information" included videotapes of government agents spilling their guts about the cover-up and telling of underground bases and secret deals. Press for next or type CHOICES !10 #: 154900 S10/Paranormal Issues 25-Oct-88 02:25:35 Sb: LEAR.TXT continued Fm: Sysop Jim Speiser 72135,424 To: All In late November or early December of 1987, John Lear went to Los Angeles to visit with Moore. He told me personally that Moore had shown him much of his information (whether that included the actual videotapes or not, I don't know). In late December of 1987, I received LEAR.TXT from John, and was asked to have it typed up and released through ParaNet. It was early January by the time I was able to comply. It wasn't clear from the actual LEAR.TXT document, but in a cover letter (which was not at first supplied to ParaNet), John had said that the contents constituted his "hypothesis," a sort of distillation of things he had come across from various sources, including Moore, Steinman's book "UFO Crash at Aztec," Len Stringfield's work, and information he had culled from several intelligence contacts. My point is this: I have no way of telling at this time whether the information presented by Moore, Shandera, Falcon or Condor is true, but there is no reason for people to point to the testimonials of Falcon and Condor and say that they tend to corroborate Lear's hypothesis, because there is no reason to believe they are not the SOURCE of Lear's hypothess, at least in large part. In other words, Lear happened to have an inside track before most of you had even heard of this stuff. I'm only posting this so that people's attention doesn't get misdirected from the true issues. Whether or not Moore-Shandera-Friedman have the real goods, the ball is in THEIR court and not Lear's. There will be a further statement on this forthcoming from MSF themselves. Watch for it here. Jim Message #7185 - ASK_UFO Date : 30-Aug-91 0:38 From : Don Ecker To : All Subject : EXPOSE V From 1988, but since this was uploaded, the author, Milton Cooper has changed it six or seven times. ******************************************************************** DISCLOSURE OF THIS INFORMATION IS AN ATTEMPT TO PROTECT AND PRESERVE THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. THE GROUP KNOWN AS MAJESTIC TWELVE HAS ENGAGED IN A VILE CONSPIRACY THAT HAS IGNORED THE LAW OF THE LAND AND THE PRINCIPLES OF FREEDOM THAT THE UNITED STATES WAS FOUNDED UPON. THEY HAVE TAKEN IT UPON THEMSELVES TO INSTITUTE UNLAWFUL AND DANGEROUS PROJECTS WHICH HAS ENDANGERED THE NATION AND THE HUMAN RACE. THE DISCLOSURE GROUP CONSISTS OF INDIVIDUALS WHO HAVE SWORN TO UPHOLD AND PROTECT T E CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES. WE HOPE AND PRAY THAT THIS DISCLOSURE WILL ENCOURAGE OTHERS CONNECTED WITH THIS CONSPIRACY TO MAKE SIMILAR DISCLOSURES. WE ASK THAT THIS STATEMENT REMAIN ATTACHED TO THIS INFORMATION. WE SEEK NO REWARD OR PUBLIC ACCLAIM. WE ONLY SEEK TO EXPOSE THIS ACT AS A CRIMINAL ASSUALT UPON THE UNITED STATES AND THE HUMAN RACE. MAJESTIC TWELVE (PROWORD) MAJIC MAJESTIC TWELVE, MAJESTIC 12, MAJESTIC-12, MJ-12, MAJIC, are all forms of the code name for the control group authorized by President Truman on 09/24/47. The Director of the Central Intelligenge Agency (CIA) is the Director of Majestic Twelve, MJ-1. The control group was formed to oversee a TOP SECRET Research and Development & Intelligence Operation and was responsible only to the President. The need for this group was dictated by the finding of a downed FLYING SAUCER scattered over 2 sites near the town of Roswell New Mexico in July 1947. The dead bodys of 4 very small human like ALIENS were also found. MAJESTIC TWELVE is the most highly classified secret in the United States and its existance has never been divulged to Congress. The funds for MJ-12 and Aquarius are CIA confidential (non-appropriated). DOCUMENTS MAJESTIC TWELVE documents can be identified by the following; TOP SECRET/MAJIC/RESTRICTED DATA EYES ONLY COPY___OF___ TOP SECRET/MAJIC/RESTRICTED EYES ONLY COPY___OF___ TOP SECRET/MAJIC EYES ONLY COPY___OF___ One of the above will appear both at the top and bottom of each page. You will never see one version in a document along with any other version. Also on each page will appear; T52-EXEMPT (E) or just EXEMPT. T52 is the publication outlining procedures for automatic downgrade of all security classifications and the time period for declassification of each security level. This information is never to be declassified. Each page of each document will be numbered consecutively and the number of pages will appear upon the cover sheet. Copys of MAJESTIC TWELVE beyond the original number are forbidden. PROJECTS under MAJESTIC TWELVE The operations listed here were current as late as 1976 with absolute certainty and are still operational to the best of our knowledge. The names of the original operations were changed several times over the years and eventually evolved into those listed. PROJECT SIGN (PROWORD) MAJIC The first project under MAJESTIC TWELVE. The mission of project sign was essentially the same as that which PROJECT AQUARIUS evolved into. PROJECT SIGN referred to aliens as Extraterrestrial Biological Entities. The reasons for the absorbtion of PROJECT SIGN by PROJECT AQUARIUS were mainly of a political and security nature. PROJECT AQUARIUS stripped the Air Force and Army Generals of their historic control of the UFO/IAC projects and placed most of it under the Intelligence umbrella. PROJECT AQUARIUS (PROWORD) MAJIC Established in 1953 by President Eisenhower under control of MJ-12 and PROJECT SIGN. The Project contains all information collected by the United States since it began investigating UFO's (Unidentified Flying Objects) and IAC's (Identified Alien Craft). At the time we saw this information it existed in approximately 15 or 16 volumes. This project became an independent project when PROJECT SIGN was eliminated in 1960. PROJECT AQUARIUS referred to aliens as Alien Life Forms. The mission of PROJECT AQUARIUS was to gather all scientific, technological, medical, and intelligence information from UFO & IAC sightings and contacts with Alien Life Forms. The information was to be used in the space program. PROJECT SIGMA (PROWORD) AQUARIUS Established in 1954 as part of PROJECT SIGN. The mission of PROJECT SIGMA was to establish communication with the aliens. First communication was established in 1959 through binary computer language. On April 25, 1964 a USAF (OSI) officer met with aliens at a prearranged desert location in New Mexico. Information was exchanged and a basic understanding was reached after several hours. It was learned through this effort that several species of alien life existed. Communication was eventually established with all of them. Through communications it was determined that 3 catagorys existed. The three catagorys are MALEVOLENT (DANGEROUS), BENEVOLENT (GOOD-HELPFUL), and NEUTRAL (OBSERVERS ONLY) The project has been extremely successful. PROJECT PLATO (PROWORD) AQUARIUS Established in 1960 after the United States established communications with the aliens. The mission of PROJECT PLATO was to establ ish diplomatic re lations with the aliens. Project Plato made agreements in order to prevent hostilitys between the United States and the aliens. An agreement was made with the MALEVOLENT aliens whereby they could abduct humans. The purpose of these abductions were to provide blood and other biological fluids as food for the aliens. The aliens agreed to furnish a list periodically to MJ-12 of the names of those abducted. PROJECT PLATO took whatever steps neccessary to prevent public disclosure. * PROJECT PLUTO (PROWORD) AQUARIUS Established in 1947 after the Roswell incident. The mission of PROJECT PLUTO was to recover all crashed or downed alien craft, to recover all evidence of alien presence or technology, and to recover all alien bodies (alive or dead). PROJECT PLUTO developed cover stories to satisfy press and civilian curiosity. PROJECT PLUTO was authorized use of deadly force and/or relocation to insure secrecy. PROJECT PLUTO was responsible for and biological intelligence of the Alien Life Forms. PROJECT POUNCE (PROWORD) AQUARIUS Established in 1968. The mission of PROJECT POUNCE was to evaluate all UFO/IAC information pertaining to space technology. The goal was to duplicate the technology and/or improve upon it. Ultimate use of the technology would establish the United States as the dominate world power and close the gap in any confrontation with the aliens. PROJECT REDLIGHT (PROWORD) AQUARIUS Established in 1954. The mission REDLIGHT was to test a recovered alien craft. The mission was accomplished in part only. PROJECT REDLIGHT was terminated in 1963 after every (flyable) recovered craft exploded during test flights. There were no survivors among the human test pilots. PROJECT SNOWBIRD (PROWORD) AQUARIUS Established in 1972. The mission of PROJECT SNOWBIRD was to test fly a recovered alien craft. The project was on going the last time I saw this information. PROJECT ???????? (PROWORD) AQUARIUS (NOTE...We are recall the name of this project nor have we been able to get response from anyone on it. At the time we saw the information the project was ongoing. It cannot be determined if this project is still in existence.) The mission of this project was to develop a low frequency pulsed sound generator. The energy produced from this generator was to be concentrated so that it could be aimed and used as a weapon in order to destroy the alien craft and beam weapons. The alien beam weapons were described as ange but able to incapacitate or destroy any weapons system known to date (1972). The aliens also possess a beam weapon which is described as being able to paralyse any human within range. Tests were described as having shown that the alien craft and weapons were extremely sensitive to low frequency pulsed sound waves. This weapon was to be used to incapacitate the alien defenses in order to allow PROJECT EXCALIBUR to succeed in its mission. The initial technology used in this project was capture the Germans during WW- II. The German sound generators were described as being able to knock down reinforced concrete buildings and shatter 4" thick armour from a great range. This technology is believed to further substantiate that Germany had recovered alien craft and had possibly had some dealings with the aliens prior to or during WW-II. Documents captured during and after WW-II indicated that an alien craft had been recovered by Germany in 1939. A German built flying saucer was captured dur last few months of WW-II. PROJECT EXCALIBUR (PROWORD) AQUARIUS Established in 1972. The mission of PROJECT EXCALIBUR is to develop a weapons system capable of destroying the alien underground base after the alien beam weapons have been incapacitated or destroyed. The alien underground base is located beneath an indian reservation near the small town of Dulce, New Mexico. The device must be capable of penetrating 1,000 meters of tufa / hard pack soil and sustain no operational damage. This typ is commonly found in New Mexico where the alien base is located. Missile apogee must not exceed 30,000 feet AGL. Impact deviation will now exceed 50 meters. The device will carry a 1 megaton warhead. PROJECT BLUE BOOK A U.S. Air Force project establiahed to determine whether UFO's pose a threat to the security of the United States and to determine whether UFO's exhibit any unique scientific information or advanced technology which could contribute to scientific or technical research. PROJECT was successful in its primary mission outlined above. PROJECT BLUE BOOK was not quite so successful in its secondary mission which was to publicly explain away the UFO phenomenon as natural or known phenomenon in order to eleminate public interest. To completely fulfill the secondary mission it was decided that an outside commission of distinguished scientists would be convened in order to permanantly lay the issue to rest. After this 'study' was completed (Condon Commission) the Air Force state the continuation of Project Blue Book cannot be justified, either on the ground of national security or in the interest of science. PROJECT BLUE BOOK was abandoned and its mission and information was consolidated under PROJECT AQUARIUS in 1969. SCIENTIFIC STUDY OF UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS Contracted to the University of Colorado in 1966 and Chaired by Dr. Edward U. Condon. The results of the panel were dictated before the first meeting. Despite objections of the other panel members, Dr. Cond le to fulfill the mission. The general conclusion was that "nothing has come from the study of UFOs in the past 21 years that has added to scientific knowledge." A panel from the National Academy of Sciences agreed. The press and the public were satisfied. Except for a hard core element of UFO believers the issue died in the public forum. OPERATION UFO (NSA OPERATION IN SUPPORT OF PROJECT PLUTO) The mission of Operation UFO was to form intelligence teams versed in all of the knowledge learned which would be the first on scene of any UFO crash site in order to secure the technology and prevent it from falling into foreign hands. Several teams existed over the world. The United States was specifically concerned that it did not fall into Soviet hands. This mission was to be accomplished no matter the country of occurrance. Many subsequent ALIEN CRAFT recoverys would occur in foreign countrys as well as the United States. UFO was also used to recover downed space hardware (especially So d to recover nuclear weapons which became lost (usually by accident). OPERATION MOONDUST (SUPPORTED SPACE PROGRAM & UFO) The mission of Operation Moondust was to provide a cover which would neutralize public curiosity while recovery of an ALIEN CRAFT was being conducted. The teams that made up the compliment of Moondust were the same teams that made up UFO. Moondust was made public and its mission (to the public) was to identify and recover United States space hardware which might fall to earth. s a bonified mission when circumstances dictated. OPERATION BLUEFLY (SUPPORTED UFO & MOONDUST) The mission of operation Bluefly was to provide QUICK REACTION COMBAT TEAMS known as ALPHA teams (fight for technology if neccessary), mechanical and technological support in recovery, rapid and secure transport to secure storage and examination areas. There are several of these storage and examination areas in order to limit distance traveled and thus limit the possible chance of an accident that cou e cargo to public knowledge. Several teams existed over the world. Recovery and transport of both EBEs (dead or alive) and Alien craft were accomplished. Bluefly was also utilized in event of recovery of space objects (of terrestrial origin), and event of recovery of lost nuclear weapons (usually due to accident). NOTE....This account of the history and current status of MAJESTIC TWELVE and the Alien Life Forms has been kept brief. We believe that the intent, however, has been served with th on provided. The whole story would fill several hundred volumes. We realize that even with the combined effort of several memorys we have probably made some mistakes. We have tried to minimize the mistakes and feel that what is represented is true and correct to the best of our combined knowledge. Message #7186 - ASK_UFO Date : 30-Aug-91 0:40 From : Don Ecker To : All Subject : EXPOSE VI From 1988 ******************************************************************* LEAR AND COOPER: AN EXPLANATION (But Not an Apology) Jim Speiser 10/26/88 Ordinarily, I don't feel I have to explain my actions regarding this board or this network. I think I've developed a pretty good reputa- tion for reliability and fairness. I certainly owe nothing in the way of an explanation to Messrs. Cooper and Lear. However, I can see where some confusion may have arisen regarding my actions, especial- ly on the part of Don Ecker, whom I have a great deal of respect for, and on the part of other users who have discreetly inquired as to my reasons. These things always seem to come best in the form of chronologies, and so, a brief chronology follows. Bill Cooper first contacted this board with a story of a sighting he had on board a submarine in 1966. The story (TIRU-1.UFO) was forward- ed to Vickie Cooper for inclusion in a possible story in UFO Maga- zine. It was also sent to Stan Friedman for verification. This was back in August. I learned from Vickie Cooper that Bill (no relation) had had a con- versation with her in which the Majestic-12 documents had come up. When she mentioned the "proword" "MAJIC", he claimed to have seen that word on several documents back in his days with CINCPACFLT (Commander in Chief, Pacific Fleet). About a week later, I received the first of many files from Cooper, in which he implied that he had firsthand contact with or knowledge of individuals connected with MJ-12. (see GUIDANCE.DOC). He further implied that anyone possessing this knowledge was in great danger. I forwarded this file to both Stanton Friedman and Jamie Shandera, to see whether any of the information in it checked out. I later found out that it did not. In the meantime, Cooper took a more active role in the public mes- sage base. He claimed publicly that he had lost his $75,000/year job as a marketing director, two days after having spoken with Stan Friedman. He stated that he would not be providing any more info for this reason. In the meantime, several more documents written by Cooper filtered through the ParaNet system, by way of our Ft. Smith board. They were uploaded anonymously, but were written by Cooper. They each contained the same preamble, which claimed that the info was for myself and for Stanton Friedman only, and that we were in great danger for possessing the info contained therein. (DANGER.DOC, MUGGER.DOC, PICNIC2.DOC). At around this time, a user named Jeff Felix began using the board, and asked via chat for a private meeting between him and myself. We set up a meet at the Jerry's on Scottsdale Road in Tempe (the same one at which the Phoenix Skeptics hold their monthly meetings.) At this meeting, Felix, who is all of about 24, told a bizarre tale of having been an NSA cryptology technician, of having been "fooling around" on the NSA computer, trying to come up with an encryption program, and had "stumbled across" the Majestic file, the Aquarius file, the whole ball of wax. "Its all true," he told us, "the underground bases, the aliens, the crashed saucers, etc." He claimed that with a modified modem, he could get back in to the files. Naturally, I was extremely skeptical, and a few days later when I asked Felix a few questions on the phone, testing his knowledge of the most basic intelligence terminology, I became flat-out incredulous when he failed the test. What was even more revealing was that Bill Cooper had provided me with some of the questions I asked Felix, and I have a captured chat session with Cooper in which he expressed his doubts of Felix's veracity. In my last online chat with Felix, he mentioned something called Project X-calibur (his spelling). He said he had discussed it with Cooper on the phone before he had called me. Cooper later told me that no, Felix had not mentioned it. He told me he had heard of it, but that it was VERY Top Secret, above his level. He said he didn't know anything more about it. Much to my surprise, Cooper later called to tell me that Project Excalibur is real, that his sources told him it was a project by MJ- 12 to extract technology from the aliens. He told me that it was important I get in touch with Felix, that if "the kid knows about [Excalibur], he's for real." Felix, in the meantime, would give me no information about Excalibur, except that a friend of his who had done the same thing he had (broken into the NSA's Cray-3 computer, the most advanced and secure supercomputer in the world), had "stum- bled across" the Excalibur file. My thinking on Cooper and Felix at this time began to center on the thought that the two of them were scamming me behind my back, and I had visions of having ParaNet become a home for unwed paranoids. When John Lear returned from his long absence, and began to join with Cooper in a series of mutual admiration sessions, I saw things getting out of control. I knew by now that Cooper was either engaging in fantasy role-play- ing, or something more sinister. The word "disinformation" has been bandied about quite freely during this entire MJ-12 mess. Now, please consider: Cooper's credentials as a Naval NCO with a back- ground in intelligence seem to check out. His information is self- contradicting and paranoid, and does NOT check out, at least with the several intelligence sources I have contacted. After the UFO COVER-UP broadcast, Cooper sent ANOTHER file by way of ParaNet RHO in BOISE, called his 10-15-88 Position Paper. In it he completely contradicts his entire previous thesis, and claims that the MJ-12 scenario as painted by Moore's group (and implicitly, by himself) is a hoax. Further, he claims to be in full agreement with John Lear (which agreement seems to be mutual, based on Lear's support of Cooper). Now I ask you, if agents of disinformation are at work to discredit the field of Ufology, who is the more likely suspect? Moore/Shandera/Friedman, who claimed from the beginning to have videotapes of bona fide government agents, and produced them for live TV, or Cooper/Lear, who seemingly plagiarized the Moore documents, gave them a slightly different spin, then turned around and contradicted themselves the moment it became public knowledge, and can't even seem to agree with each other, yet support each other publicly? My locking out of Cooper was actually on the advice of Cooper himself, who accused William Pitts and the New Project Blue Book of being a military intelligence cover operation, and ParaNet of being an unwitting disinformation pipeline. To avoid becoming such a pipeline, which I'm sure no one here wants, I simply got rid of the most likely suspect. As to Lear, I don't think any self-respecting Sysop would stand for being accused of borderline treason on his public board, especially from a man who proudly displays in his office enlarged telephoto-graphs of the installation at Groom Lake, the country's most secret tactical aircraft development area, obtained by himself after attempting to enter the area illegally. His unqualified support for Cooper, which seems to be based solely on Cooper's unqualified support for him, I found distasteful and somehow disturbing, in light of the fact that Cooper has contradicted Lear's information. And consider: John Lear entered Ufology in early 1987, when it became known to a few that Moore was going to release MJ-12. Lear is known to have been a CIA operative in the past. He wears his patriotism on his office walls, in the form of autographed pictures of him- self standing with G. Gordon Liddy. Again, if disinformation is taking place, I ask you, who is the more likely source? And is it working? Well, consider. What if Moore/Shandera/Friedman DO have the real goods? If so, isn't it a shame that so many intelligent people, people such as Don Ecker, watched UFO COVER-UP LIVE, and instead of asking if MSF were for real, began asking if Lear and Cooper were for real? This, despite the obvious contra- dictions and obfuscations listed below: "The documents you are looking for are for the most part labeled TOP SECRET MAJIC-RESTRICTED DATA" -- Bill Cooper, 22 August "EVERY DOCUMENT YOU SEE WHICH USES...`MAJIC' IS A FRAUD!" -- Bill Cooper, 15 October "The documents produced by Mr. Moore et al are photographic copies of genuine documents which were procured at great risk." -- Bill Cooper, 22 August "I CAN PROVE BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT TO ANYONE THAT MOST OF THE INFORMATION RELEASED BY WILLIAM MOORE, ET AL...ARE OBVIOUS AND DELIBERATE FORGERIES." -- Bill Cooper, 15 October "Hmmm...let me think on that one for a while." -- Bill Cooper, when I told him that the Aquarius Telex contained a compartmentalized routing code at the top that indicated to anyone trained in military communications/intelligence that the document was either fraudulent or to be ignored for some reason. Phone conversation, 11 October "The code is ZNY." -- Bill Cooper, phone conversation, 12 October. "I got it, Jim, I just remembered after I hung up with you, its NOT ZNY, that means something else, but its _________" (my deletion). -- Bill Cooper, phone conversation, 12 October "There is a code at the head of the AQUARIUS TELEX that tells me that the information contained within it is not to be acted upon nor in any way believed...________ on the telex net informs all stations that the message CANNOT BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY...The code is really a type of slang/graffiti that was used by a lot of enlisted men, and sometimes by officers. I had a lot of fun with a couple of Ufologists on that one. THEY STILL BELIEVE THAT THEY WERE TESTING ME." -- Bill Cooper, 15 October ----- Emphasis and deletions above are in the originals except where indicated. ** EOF **


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