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From: (chris walker) Subject: Initial Waco Chronology (Part 1/2) Date: Thu, 7 Oct 1993 23:07:20 GMT REVISED WACO CHRONOLOGY -- October 1993. By Eric Samuelson Attorney at Law Austin, TX Edited for posting. E-mail address: This is a general chronology of the events that led to the Waco tragedy. This material was compiled from several sources of varying reliability including Breault's book, Thompson's video and papers, government press releases and journal articles. Eric Samuelson is in the data gathering stage and would appreciate any information leading to the full truth about the Waco tragedy being exposed to the public. If you have material to supplement this, please email it to me at All responses will be forwarded to Eric Samuelson. This material originally had footnotes but I can't extract them to DOS. If anyone knows how to do this in Wordperfect 5.0, 5.1 or Word, please let me know. Warning: Some of this material contains claims that will prove to be rumor and conjecture. In addition, some will find this material offensive. This file may be distributed anywhere provided credit is given to Eric Samuelson. ------------- In Texas, where 98% of the land is still privately owned, 17 million Texans own 68 million guns. Yet, there are those who believe in the disarmament of both citizens and nations On Wednesday, April 19, 1775, British Major Pitcairn told about a hundred American colonists: "Disperse, you villains! Lay down your arms!" When the colonists refused, the first battle of the American War for Independence began. The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states: "A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and to bear arms shall not be infringed." President Thomas Jefferson said: "The strongest reason for the people to retain their right to bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." The 1876 Texas Constitution provides in Article I, Section 23: "Every citizen shall have the right to keep and bear arms in the lawful defense of himself or the State; but the Legislature shall have power, by law, to regulate the wearing of arms, with a view to prevent crime." In 1930, 15 years after Ellen G. White died, Victor T. Houteff claimed to have the prophetic office. His teachings later became known as the Davidian ("Shepherd's Rod") movement. He printed his own currency which was required to be used on the earlier Mount Carmel property. In 1955 Florence Houteff sold the Old Mount Carmel property and purchased around 400 acres that eventually became only 77 acres. In 1959 more than one thousand Branch Davidians gathered at Mount Carmel waiting for God's deliverance. Among the crowd was Ben L. Roden who said that God had told him to warn the Davidians that they were following a foolish course. He had made arrangements for land in northern Israel and said that deliverance would come in 1960. Ben Roden has two main preoccupations: the establishment of the Davidic kingdom in Israel and a virulent strain of anti-Catholicism. 1959 -- David Wayne Howell was born in Houston on August 17, 1959. He did not know who his real mother was until he was five years old. Bonnie Clark, his mother, became pregnant with Koresh at the age of 14 after sleeping with a 20-year-old carpenter named Bobby Howell. The pair remained unmarried. Two years later his father met another woman and left. In 1962 Ben L. Roden and his followers bought out the Davidians and moved into the Mount Carmel Center. In December 1970 a special school for the training of young Levites in the ancient rites of sacrifice was established by Israel. From 1962-1977 Ben Roden taught that he was the Antitypical David, the king of Israel. He taught that Christians were required to celebrate Hebrew feast days including Passover, Pentecost, Day of Atonement and Feast of Tabernacles. Under the influence of the Seventh-day Baptist Church, the Adventists began keeping a Saturday Sabbath. The "Shepherd's Rod" was taken from Mose's rod--the only rod that has ever spoken--and the rod that Moses used to deliver Israel out of Egypt. Houteff rested his case upon the Bible and the teachings of Ellen White. A new location was determined in 1935 by reliance upon Isa. 19:24 which discussed Israel as "a blessing in the midst of the land." At Mount Carmel Elijah challenged the 450 prophets of Baal. The battle was won when Elijah called down fire from heaven which consumed a bullock on the alter. Afterwards the onlookers took the 450 false prophets and killed them, The "Branch" was Christ and Christ was a Davidian. Ben Roden was considered the "Antitypical David" referred to in Ezekiel 34-37. In 1977 Ben Roden's wife Lois claimed to have a vision from God in which she saw the Holy Spirit as a feminine aspect of the Trinity. In 1977 Lois Roden was studying Revelations 18:1. She looked out her window and saw a vision of a shining, silver angel flying by. She concluded that the angel represented "the Holy Spirit Mother." Her work became to bring out the femininity of God in the Bible. In 1978 when Ben Roden died, Lois Roden assumed the presidency of the Branch Davidians at Mount Carmel. In 1979 Vernon Howell was baptised into the Tyler, Texas Seventh-day Adventist Church. In 1981 Vernon Howell was disfellowshiped from the Seventh-day Adventist church. He arrived at Waco and became the handyman at Mount Carmel. In his later years Koresh spoke of an attempted rape by three boys when he was seven years old. Bonnie Halderman said that by the time he was thirteen he had "memorized much of the New Testament..." When Vernon Howell came to Mt. Carmel, his carpentry skills were much needed "since most of the buildings hastily constructed in 1959 were already falling apart." In February 1982, the Senate Judicary Committee said in a report that the ATF had "disregarded rights guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States." It noted that expert evidence was submitted "establishing that approximately 75 percent of BATF gun prosecutions were aimed at ordinary citizens who had neither criminal intent nor knowledge, but were enticed by agents into unknowing technical violations." In the wake of the rreport, plans to abolish the agency were shelved after neither the U.S. Customs agency or the Secret Service would accept the transfer of the discredited BATF agents into their organizations. Koresh admitted that he had sleep with 67-year-old Lois Roden-- but only because of Isaiah. 8:3. In 1983 Vernon Howell first claimed divine inspiration. He convinced Lois Roden that because of Chapter 8 of Isaiah he must have sex relations with her. The leader and the handyman began to cohabitate. This generated friction with George Roden who also began to claim divine inspiration. In February 1983, in the confrontation at rural Medina, North Dakota, with Gordon Kahl, a follower (member) of Posse Comitatus, the federal marshall for North Dakota and one of his deputies were shot to death in a gunfight. Kahl was wanted for violating probation after a conviction for refusing to pay the income tax. The Posse Comitatus, like the Christian- Patriots Defense League, "espouses Identity fundamentalism " Kahl and his wife, son and a few colleagues were confronted after they had left a tax resistance meeting. On February 13, 1983, Gordon Kahl was ambushed by federal agents in Medina, North Dakota. The agents dressed in plain clothes fired at him without either identification or warning. His alleged crime was being an "illegal tax protester." He became a federal fugitive after shooting back and killing several agents. [Is this true?] On June 3, 1983, the FBI located Gordon Kahl at a friend's house in Smithville, Arkansas. After the FBI had arrested the homeowners, Kahl was alone in the house--nearly deaf due to WWII injuries. A federal swat team sneaked in behind him as he watched TV and shot him in the back of the head. Gene Matthews, the sheriff who had witnessed the killing, was shot a few seconds later by the Federal Swat Team. Kahl's body was then dismembered. In their hurry, agents kicked one of the severed feet under the nearby refrigerator. The federal agents than brought mattresses into the kitchen. The body of Gordon Kahl, and his severed parts, was placed on them. Gasoline and fuel oil was used to torch the house. The following day the site was burned once again. An autopsy on Kahl's remains by a forensic pathologist concluded that federal agents perjured their testimony as to the real events that occurred during the murder and incineration of Gordon Kahl. The cabin was burnt to the ground and all evidence at the FBI-controlled crime scene was burned up. Gordon Kahl, who termed his son Yorie as a first rate soldier of Jesus Christ, was assaulted and his body burned. News reports said that the Arkansas sheriff was killed by shots from the rear. Despite the claim of a shoot-out between Kahl and the local sheriff, both parties were shot from behind. In 1984 a Branch Davidian convention was held but accomplished little. Vernon Howell married Rachel Jones, daughter of a longtime Davidian minister Perry Jones, at the age of 14. On the night of January 13, 1984, a Vernon Howell death decree (based on Ezek. 9:1-5) was issued against George Roden, the Roden family and Lois Roden--according to George Roden. Vernon Howell married Perry Jone's fair-haired daughter Rachel Jones on January 18, 1984. She was just 14 years old. A few weeks before the marriage she had said she "couldn't stand" Howell. In 1985 Vernon Howell and his already pregnant child-bride Rachel went to Israel with the help of contributions of his social security-supported group. It was there that he had a vision that he was the modern day Cyrus. In April 1985, upon the couple's return to Texas, they had a son named Cyrus ben-Joseph Howell. A 40-acre property was purchased in a pine forest in Palestine, Texas. In the January/February 1985 issue of Police Marksman, Richard Garrison listed four types of survivalists: 1) The Hobby or Closet Survivalist, 2) the Retreater Suvivalist, 3) the Religious Survivalist and the Political Survivalist. He said law enforcment problems had arisen from a small percentage of survivalists whose storage plans included "controlled and prohibited weapons..." Both the 1983 ADL report and Garrison spoke of personal beliefs about the end of the world as identifying marks to alert police. In 1986, Howell's mother Bonnie joined his group. The Howell Australian contingent left Palestine, Texas in 1986 for Melbourne to recruit their friends and families. Howell "worked it so that everyone was forced to rely on him, and him alone. All previous bonds and attachments, family or otherwise, meant nothing. His rationale was if they had no one to depend on, they had to depend on him, and that made them vulnerable." In January 1986, Marc Breault joined the group. In February 1986, Howell made his first trip to Australia where he recruited some who were members of the Ben and Lois Roden group. In March 1986, Howell first slept with Karen Doyle, aged 14. He claimed her as his second wife and began to teach polygomy. In June 1986, a number of people from Honolulu, Hawaii joined the Branch Davidians. Howell taught that he was the second intercessor for mankind and that Christ only died for those before the cross. In July-August 1986, Howell began secretly sleeping with Michele Jones, his wife's youngest 12-year-old sister. In August 1986 a recruitment drive was made in Wisconsin but it failed. In September 1986 Marc Breault broke with Howell's teaching that Christ did not die for our sins. After Howell appeared to change his mind, he then began to preach that he was entitled to 140 wives, sixty women as queens and eighty as concubines. this was from the biblical Song of Solomon. Koresh compared himself to King David who had takeen up the practice in his old age of bedding down with younger women to keep warm (in Hebrew this practice as called abishag). In December 1986, people from Hawaii began settling in Palestine, Texas. Sherri Jewel, Kiri's mother, was introduced into the group. David Koresh, 33, called the Branch Davidians "God's Marines." In the Bible Elijah confronted the false prophets of Baal at Mount Carmel. While the other six raiders languished in McClennan County jail, David Koresh and Paul Fatta raised almost $100,000 for bail the day after their capture. In early 1987 Robyn Bunds joined Howell's Harem. In September 1987, Sherri Jewel joined Howell's harem. On November 3, 1987, a shoot-out occurred with George Roden on the Mount Carmel property. Eight Davidians were arrested--including Vernon Howell. Howell stood trial for conspiracy to murder after a shootout with George Roden--a former Branch Davidian cult leader. Jack Harwell, McLennan County Sheriff, called Koresh on the phone and informed him of the charges, asked him to turn himself in, along with six others, and to surrender his weapons. "When deputies arrived at the Church grounds, Koresh and the other Davidian members peacefully complied." The ATF said that Koresh had to be arrested at the complex because he had not left it for several months. Koresh was known to jog on the same route most mornings and frequented a local restaurant and hardware store on a regular basis. Later the ATF finally admitted that they knew nothing about Koresh's whereabouts because they never even put him under surveillance--let alone try to arrest him. By late 1987, George Roden "had almost no money, few followers, mounting debts and an angry Texas Supreme Court Justice on his trail." Carmela, Roden's first wife, went to Israel and never returned. Amo Bishop Roden was his second wife at the time of the shootout. On March 21, 1988, Roden was served with a citation for contempt of court. U.S. District Judge Walter S. Smith, Jr. sentenced him to six months in jail for continuing to file expletive-filled motions despite orders to cease and desist. In 1988, INTERPOL changed their constitution so they could investigate anyone classified as a "terrorist", such as David Koresh. Also in 1988, under the Omnibus Crime Control Act, the U.S. Marshal's service was transfered to the use of the UN Secretary General. In 1988 Bonnie's husband and her son Roger joined the group. On April 25, 1988, seven of the eight Davidians were acquitted. The jury hung by 9-3 in favor of Howell's acquittal. The state dropped the charges against him. In March-May 1988, George Roden went to jail and a couple paid the back taxes owing on the Mount Carmel property. This allowed Howell and the Davidians to move in. In 1987 Howell took over the Branch Davidians- -an offshoot of the Seventh Day Adventists. The sect was headquartered ten miles outside Waco in a 77-acre farm called "Mount Carmel." Howell paid up 16 years of delinquent taxes, obtained a lien and then asked the sheriff to enforce the lien. George Roden was sentenced to jail for six months for contempt after sending letters to the Texas Supreme Court threatening the justices with AIDS and herpes. Fifteen months after the trial, in the summer of 1988, Roden was approached by a man who claimed to be the Messiah after talking with Koresh. Roden split Dale Adair's head open with an ax and the man died. In July 1988, Nicole Gent was recruited and soon afterwards joined Howell's harem. On September 10, 1988, the first child was born to Howell from other than his legal wife. In November 1988, Robyn Bund's child Shaun (originally named Wisdom by Howell) was born. In early 1989 friction between Howell and Breault began. Nicole Gent left for Australia to have her baby. Beginning in early 1989, Howell had people beaten for disobedience to the group. His high command later became David Jones (the chief Mighty Man), Douglas Wayne Martin (his lawyer) and Steve Schneider (chief evangelist, spokesman and high priest). On April 28, 1989 Marc Breault and Elizabeth were photographed on their wedding day with Steve Schneider and Sherri Jewel. The photo shows Beault as cross-eyed. In May 1989, Elizabeth returned to Australia and Breault waited for a migrant's visa to join her. He tried to reconcile himself with Howell and it worked for a time. On August 5, 1989, Howell taught that all women belonged to him and that only he had the right to procreate. In September 1989, Marc Breault left Mount Carmel--never to return. On September 29, 1989, Breault arrived in Australia. From September 1989 to June 1990 there was a battle for the allegiance of the Davidians in Australia. Most left Howell. In October 1989, Howell claimed the male member's wives after two months of intensive teaching. He was quoted as telling the men: "All you men are just fuckers, that's all you are. You married without getting God's permission. Even worse, you married my wives. God gave them to me first. So now I'm taking them back. I'm the only one that can produce righteous children. The rest of you are just shit." He had decreed that the Billings method used for birth control was to be used in reverse. He directed women to inform him when they had arrived at the most fertile part of their cycle. In October 1989 he began to have sex with the other men's wives. The New Light thing, where Koresh claimed the exclusive taking of the wives was said to be the last straw--the one that would lead to muntiny and thus to the end. In October 1989, Howell made his most damaging tape which was sent to the Australian Davidians to try to keep them with him. On October 18, 1989, Odessa police charged George Roden with murder. Months later he was sentenced to an indeterminate stay in the Vernon State Hospital in Vernon, Texas. The Branch Davidians did not celebrate the Christmas holiday. 1990 David Koresh tried to establish a branch of his sect in Israel according to Rabbi Avraham Peled--who actively works to "win back" Israelis and other Jews who join missionary sects. Koresh recruited 12 Israelis by promising them plane fares and music-connected jobs in Waco. In the end he managed to obtain only one Israeli recruit, Pablo Cohen (a South American Jew) who died in the fire on April 19, 1993. Pablo Cohen, a "polyglotally monickered" Israeli citizen was living in Chile before he became a Branch Davidian. When Robyn Bunds led police up the stairs in the house in a Los Angeles suburb, Koresh was found surrounded by twenty women. Koresh lost his composure. His voice quivered: "It showed how completely dependent he was for his 'authority' upon their own unquestioning acceptance." Koresh surrounded himself with people who devoutly believed in scripture. This allowed him to excuse his otherwise intolerable behavior by quoting scripture. He was most likely to recruit those without a wide-ranging understanding of the Bible. Control was exercised by the fear against "going against a prophet." To make sure that unfavorable outside information did not reach the faithful, a sealed, fortified, utterly impregnable fortress was the solution.. Koresh stressed that the outside world was evil. In 1990 Vernon Howell changed his name to David (King David) Koresh (Hebrew for Cyrus). The name change came in the Spring of 1990. He once said that Koresh meant death--the rider on the fourth pale horse. He rebuilt the site with a siege in mind, according to the McClennan County sheriff. Former cult members claimed he had sex with all the women in the cult while male members were ordered to be celibate. One night Marc Breault said he stayed up and saw 13-year-old Alisha come out of Koresh's room at 5:00 a.m. with tousled hair with a change in clothes she did not have when she went in. The women and men became separated in the complex. Baby girls were treated like garbage. Boys were needed for the army. Children were forbidden from having any contact with their natural fathers. To compensate the men for the loss of their wives and children, Koresh gave them as much beer as they could drink. Howell's followers were required to observe Davidian rules regarding vegetarianism, Sabbath-keeping, and hour-after-hour Bible study led by their meat-eating leader. Some of the Davidians wanted to eat meat, like Koresh, but they would not go against him. A comment has been made that may apply both to the Davidians and U.S. taxpayers: "People throw good money after bad. Once they've made an investment, whether of emotion, time, money, or labor (and in the case of the Branch Davidians, all of the above), rather than face the fact that they've been made fools of, and cutting their losses and running, they will continue to invest ever greater amounts of time, money, emotions, and so on. (NP) If they just leave, what do they have to show for all those years, all that money, all that loyalty, all that willingness to believe?" Korsh first separated the fathers from the mothers. The children by age twelve were to move into domitories with others of the same sex. It has been said that before Koresh turned the children "into ashes, he dragged them through the mud." Koresh, it is claimed, had a "whipping room" and he told the children to refer to their parents as "dogs." To himself alone was reserved the title "Father." In February 1990 Marc Breault was in New Zealand. In May 1990, Breault made a second trip to New Zealand. Leslie and Poia Vaega defected from Howell. On May 15, 1990, Vernon Howell applied to a court in Pomona, California for a change of name. In June 1990 Breault flew back to Waco to be ignored by the Waco police department. Geoff Hossack, an Australian private investigator, became involved. In July-August 1990, Robyn Bunds broke away from Howell. A raid at La Verne yielded results. Three warrants, according to Hossack, for statutory rape, were issued against Howell. Jack Hackworth participated in a raid on the Branch Davidian's property in La Verne, California. Hackworth, who hated paedophiles with a passion, said Howell was all trembling and scared: "No son of God here." In August 1990 affidavits were signed against Koresh by eight Australians alleging: 1) Statutory rape, 2) Assault with a deadly weapon, 3) Tax fraud, 4) Massive immigration violations, 5) Failure to register the births of children, 6) Possession and carrying of concealed weapons, 7) Food and water deprivation, 8) Child abuse, 9) Failure to enroll children at school, 10) Plans to engage authorities in a gun battle, 11) Fears of child sacrifices and 12) Exposing children to explicit episodes of sex and violence. Evidence against Koresh included two video media stories and audio tapes in which Koresh described sexual activities with under-aged girls. On August 28, 1990 the Pomona court granted Vernon Howell's request to change his name to David Koresh. Koresh claimed to be the Man on the White Horse--the Lion of Judah mentioned in Revelation. "His reasoning was that he was a Leo!" In October 1990, Steve Schneider made a last futile appeal to the members in Australia. Janet Reno, who would later claimed full responsibility for the April 19th assault, told a Florida meeting of the B'nai Brith in 1991 that waiting periods were only a step, registration only a step, and the prohibition of private ownership of firearms was the only solution to controlling crime. Janet Reno and Lloyd Bentsen are permanent and alternative members, respectively, of INTERPOL. Article 30 of the INTERPOL constitution requires members to expatriate their citizenship to the U.S. In June 1991, Koresh had a 29-year-old women punished after she began to hear possibly competitive voices. She was imprisoned for four months in one of the cottages under guard. Koresh, it is claimed, told one of the guards: "If she gives you any trouble, fuck her." The woman was repeatedly raped and beaten during the four months. Later, while wandering the streets of San Francisco, she was committed to a mental asylum. In June 1991, was the first confirmation of Kiri Jewell's danger. the first rescue attempt failed. For more than a year Koresh had predicted an armed confrontation with federal agents. He nicknamed the compound "Ranch Apocalypse." Some $200,000 worth of weapons, thousands of rounds of ammunition and a granade launcher were obtained. The traced shopping list included a 50 calibre machine gun and an M-76 grenade launcher. On December 30, 1991, the Australian program "A Current Affair" (not related to U.S. version) interviewed the Austrailian Davidians. Martin King was assigned to the story. On January 5, 1992, an interview with Robyn Bunds was made in California and Koresh was interviewed at Mount Carmel. On January 7, 1992, the Vernonites received official notification of the temporary custody order. In January-February 1992, final preparations were made for Kiri Jewel's court hearing. Koresh forbade his wifes from talking to one another about him. According to Marc Breault, when Koresh took a little girl to bed, "he made sure the girl would leave his bedroom very early in the morning before anyone in the camp got up." He confided to Bresult: "I'll be put in jail for this one day." Once when someone talked about child sex behind his back, Koresh said that in the future such talk would result in the offender having their tongue torn out. On February 27, 1992, Joyce Sparks of the Texas Department of Human Services in Waco arrived unannounced at Mont Carmel to investigate a complaint from outside Texas that Koresh was running a commune and abusing young girls. Sparks spoke to Rachel Koresh's wife and a few children without notingg any armed watchstanders. A few weeks later she returned to the property and was escorted on a tour by David Koresh. She then filed a report saying that the charges were not verified. From March until June 1992, David Block was a member of the Branch Davidian cult. He pointed a finger at a potentially dangerous mechanical engineer, lathe operator, gunsmith and designer who was still inside the complex--Don Bunds. Block told Aguilia that he had seen Bunds sitting in front of the computer with an auto-cad program designing a "grease gun" or "Sten gun." This was a machine gun type weapon from World War II. On April 6, 1992, Ms. Sparks returned to Mount Carmel. She said that Koresh had told her he was a Messenger of God, that the world was coming to an end, and that when God reveals himself "the riots in Los Angeles would pale in comparison to what was going to happen in Waco, Texas." In a "military-type operation" "all non-believers" would have to suffer. However, the riots in Los Angeles did not break out until April 30, 1992. When Sparks returned for another visit, Koresh explained that the buried school bus was used for target practice so as not to disturb the neighbors. Around May 1992, NBC aired "In the Line of Duty...Manhunt in the Dakotas." This program sought to dispel rumors of government wrongdoing in the murder of Gordon Kahl. In May of 1992, Larry Gilbreath of the UPS discovered 50 empty hand grenades after a package accidently broke open while he was loading it. Gilbreath of UPS notified Lt. Barber of the delivery of "suspicious parcels" to David Koresh and Mike Schroeder. Schroeder had been chosen by Koresh to accompany him in a band. Gilbreath had attempted to make a delivery COD to the MagBag (a car restoration service of the Davidians) but he had been told to go on to Mount Carmel to make the deliveries. He saw several manned observation posts and believed the observers were armed. Gilbreath also told Lt. Barber that two cases of inert hand grenades and black gun powder were delivered by him to MagBag in May 1992 but the source was unknown to him. He also knew that "90 pounds of aluminum powder and 30-40 cardboard tubes" as well as other "ordnance" were shipped to Mount Carmel. On June 4, 1992, the ATF-dubbed "Operation Showtime" began when Special Agent David Aguilera of ATF met with Lt. Gene Barber of the McLennan County Sheriff's office. Aguilera was furnished with recently taken aerial photographs of the Mount Carmel Church which had been taken by CPT Dan Weyenberg of the McLennan County Sheriff's Department. In July 1992, when the AFT checked a local gun store and found records of Branch Davidians gun purchses, Koresh, contacted by the store owner (Henry McMahon), offered the agents to come out to the complex and check around for themselves. The offer was declined. A helicopter that was attempting to dump fuel on the Randy Weaver cabin was stopped only by an alert reporter waving a camera in the air. Around November 1992 was the last date that Rosenblatt heard from Koresh in a letter that said Koresh would certainly be in Israel for Pesach (Passover). In the late summer of 1992, the ATF rented a house about 300 yards down the road from Ranch Apocalypse for undercover agents. Two more explosions were observed at Mt. Carmel the first two weeks of November. One was observed by a passing sheriff's deputy. On November 13, 1992, Aguilera of the ATF was told by Lt. Coy Jones of the McLennan County Sheriff's office that another anonymous UPS employee had said he had a relative who was a machinist who worked with David Koresh. Aguilera speculated that the Davidians were making machine guns. In January 1993, CS Gas was banned at the Chemical Weapons Convention in Paris. A little more than a month before the ATF raid, the sheriff had determined there were no illegal weapons in the Branch Davidian church. The sheriff, pursuant to a search warrant, had taken in all the arms and then returned them after determining they were all legal weapons. The BATF had stated that the presence of illegal weapons was the reason for the massive assault on the church. On January 13, 1993, AFT agent Aguilera interviewed the UPS man who told him that in May 1992 a package "accidently broke open" and had about 50 pineapple hand grenades in it. On January 31, 1993, the Branch Davidians owed $3.275.88 in back taxes based upon Mt. Carmel. During the early days of February 1993, Koresh was seen in several places in Waco--including the Chelsea's pub where he watched bands and had a few beers. Three weeks before the assault, Koresh was seen eating bean and cheese nachos at the Richland Mall (and had been stopping by there about once a week from late January until the middle of February). Another store owner said he dropped by about three or four times a week. On February 22, 1993, McCormick and England of the Waco Tribune Herald called Koresh to answer some questions. They were told that Koresh was working on a car at the Mag Bag--well down the road and definitely away from the complex. A February 23, 1993 FBI memo, obtained by the Dallas Morning News, stated that no information had been developed to verify Michigan allegations of "child abuse and neglect, tax evasion, slavery and reports of possible mass destruction." Jack Killorin, Washington ATF spokesman, concluded that Koresh "would either launch an attack on Waco residents or instigate a mass suicide." A few days before the first raid, undercover ATF Special Agent Robert Rodriquez was contacted by Koresh and invited to a Bible study. Rodriquez was told that the Davidians didn't "pay federal or local taxes" and was shown a Gun Owners of America video which protrayed the ATF was an agency that violated the rights of gun owners by threats and lies. On February 25, 1993, U. S. Magistrate Greene issued a search warrant based on agent Aguilera's affidavit. By February 25, 1993, the ATF believed there was a leak in the McClennan County Sheriff's office so the decision was made to bypass local authorities. They intended to lure Koresh away from the complex to avoid involving the women and children. But when they learned that Koresh had been tipped off--they had to act immediately. The BATF dubbed its February raid "Operation Trojan Horse." On February 27, 1993, the media was told to get ready for a big blowout and to get their TV cameras in place. On Saturday, February 27, 1993, the Waco Tribune-Herald began a series of articles on the Branch Davidian "cult." Prior to the raid, reports said the Branch Davidians had kept to themselves and harmed no one outside their church. The ATF privately criticized the Waco paper for begining to publish its series on February 27, 1993, a day before the raid. Originally the ATF said they had an arrest warrant for Koresh and a search warrant for the complex. Later it was shown they had no arrest warrant. Before the raid, ATF agents told the Houston Post was told, the ATF had practiced to where it took seven seconds to get out of the tarp-covered cattle trailers and 12 seconds to get to the front door. On August 28, 1993, the front page story for the Dallas Morning News said that Waco KWTX cameraman Jim Peeler had told the AP that he had had a February 28, 1993 conversation with a man (David Jones) in a private car bearing U.S. Postal Service signs just before the raid and had asked for directions to the Davidian complex. Jones had apparently stopped at a convenience store where he met a journalist invited to cover the raid. According to Dick DeGuerin, Koresh told him the claim that the Davidians had gotten a phone tip was merely a ruse to separate Koresh from an ATF undercover agent. David Jones said that he was told to "get out of here" because "they're going to have a big shoot out with the religious nuts." Jones received distinctions for markmanship in the U.S. Air Force and was "the top gun." When Jones returned with news of the impending raid, Koresh was talking to Robert Gonzales, the informant. Koresh told Gonzales: "well, I guess its decision time for you, Robert." Gonzales immediately fled the church, got in his car and sounded an alarm which informed the ATF that he was clear of the church. The media had been waiting for three hours before the raid--from 7:00 a.m. that morning. On Sunday, February 28, 1993, at 8:30 a.m. over 100 agents of the ATF stormed Mount Carmel. The ATF arrived at 9:55 a.m. They arrived in cattle trucks dressed in Nazi-style kevlar helmets, black fatingues and jack boots. When they jumped off the trucks "screaming like Ramo" they started firing at the door. Koresh came to the door and started waving and shouting "stop it! stop it!, there are women and children in here." According to the ATF, Koresh greeted them at the door clad in black and bearing a rifle: "Neither ATF or the National Guard will ever get me. They got me once, and they will never get me again. They are coming; the time has come." On a CNN interview Koresh claimed the ATF shot first. Witnesses said the ATF stormed the building, throwing concussion grenades and shouted: "Come Out!" National Guard helicopters circled overhead. Two helicopters and a news van were hit. Two helicopters were hit by the Davidians during the initial assault. One bulletin pierced the cabin and whizzed by the head of Phllip J. Chojnacki who was the man responsible for the operation. Davdian David Thibodeau said that gunfire came through the roof and one Koreshian died in his bed while holding a piece of French toast. Ted Royster, head of the Dallas office of the ATF, said it appeared "as though they were waiting for us." In the continuing hail of bullets, Koresh was wounded in his left shoulder. Perry Jones, Koresh's 72-year- old father-in-law, was mortally wounded in the hall. Jones was once called "the kindest man and a perfect gentleman." What was planned to be a 2-minute operation instead lasted 45 minutes. Four ATF agents were killed and 16 wounded. All four of the ATF casulaties and at least nine of the reported injuries were the result of accidental discharges, detonations and incidental friendly crossfire that principally came from three armed Texas National Guard helicopters. Six men participated in the assault on the Davidian armory. Three lived to tell about it. Bill Buford, a special ATF agent from Little Rock, Arkansas, had been a Green Beret in Vietnam during the 1960s. He participated in the 1985 standoof with the heavily armed group called The Covenant. His Little Rock colleague, Robert J. "Robb" Williams, 26, was on the armory assault team along with New Orleans office agents Conway LeBieu, 30, and Todd McKeehan, 28. A dozen other members of the New Orleans office supported them on the race for the side of the building. The smallest team involved in the raid took the most casualties. The ATF agents scaled a ladder to the roof, broke through a window and entered the church building. The original tape, confiscated by the government (the media was given an edited version), showed the ATF agents hurling concussion hand grenades through the window. Since the women and children had been sent to the bedrooms, the hand grenades went off upstairs where the women and children were staying. The Davidians took up arms, captured four agents and killed 2 (the other agents were killed outside. One Davidian entered the room where the ATF agents had entered and a point-blank firefight ensued. One ATF agent was killed and another mortally wounded. Fire from the wounded agent's 9 mm automatic missed the confronting Davidian and after exiting an exterior wall hit an ATF agent on the roof. Some Davidians vaulted into the living room and began firing into the roof. Ted Koppel, on ABC Nightline, played exerpts from a tape made on February 28, 1993 of a conversation between Koresh lawyer Wayne Martin and McLennan County Deputy Sheriff Robert Lynch. Lynch told Martin to stop the Davidians from firing on the AFT agents. "Oh God! The helicopter's coming in for another pass!" said martin.The sound of automatic gunfire could then be heard. "Stop shooting! Stop shooting! Stop Shooting! Lynch screamed into the 911 line. "it's not us; it's them! screamed Martin back. "I can't believe this is happening!" Lynch said. Martin, a Harvard-educated Black attorney, was put in touch with Earl Dunagan, the regional director of the ATF. A ceasefire was arrange. The Davidians released the four captured agents and allowed them to remove the Davidian dead and wounded. Gent died of bleeding after the ATF refused to allow the Davidians to retrieve him from the water tank. Peter Gent was shot by a marksman after Koresh sent him up to the tower as a pay- back to Bruce and Lisa for defying him. Peter Gent was probably killed, according to the official version, by one of the agents in the house across the road--perhaps by Rodriquez. He was shot in a good, clean kill and knocked off the tower. He fell three stories but was dead before he came to rest with his body tangled in a tree. The gunfire continued uninterrupted for 45 minutes. For another 80 minutes there was sporadic gunfire. Several Branch Davidians were killed--including a two year old child. The Davidians killed included Peter Ghet (24), Peter Jones, Mike Schroeder, Winston Blake and two others. Four elderly Davidians were killed in their beds by indiscriminate helicopter fire. During the afternoon of February 28th, Peter Ghent from Australia was killed by ATF snipers as he attempted to exit the Davidian water tower which he had been cleaning. "He climbed to the top of the tank and peered over when he was struck in the head and neck by government gunfire. Falling inside, he lay there terribly wounded." The ATF claimed "we were outgunned." This claim was made despite helicopter gunships, armored vehicles and fully automatic weapons. According to SFT Intelligence Chief DavidTroy, the entire raid was videotaped but the tapes were being withheld due to "the continuing homicide ingestigation." U.S.District Judge Walter S. Smith Jr. ordered the FBI to preserve all of the government's audio and video tapes of the February 28th raid. Koresh told radio stations that he had been hit in "the gut" and that his two year old daughter was killed. In his live interview with KLRD-Radio, Koresh claimed that his two-year-old daughter had been killed: "The dead baby story was never confirmed." The seige began with the Davidians surrounded by four Abrams M-1 main battle tanks. It was only after Koresh bragged about having anti-tank guns that the authorities brought in the virtually indestructible M-1 Abrams. Around 6:00 p.m. February 28, 1993, additional gunfire occurred when ATF snipers fired at three Davidians attempted to cross a field from a site they had been working at on the morning of the raid. Norman Allyson and Bob Kendricks fell to the ground and were picked up by armoured vehicles. Michael Schroeder, who was unarmed, the third man, was hit in the back and died on the fence. His body was removed on March 3 with the assistance of a Bradley-type APC. In the second skirmish, Michael Schroeder, 29, was killed. Del Roy Nash was slightly injured and then arrested. Woodrow Kendrick denied that he ever saw any ATF officers and said he certainly never fired upon them. Linda Thompson, attorney for Ken Schroeder, said the results of the autopsy showed seven bullet wounds in the back and a leg chewed on by an animal. Michael had been trying to return to be with his wife and family. The Waco Tribune decided to fill the entire Monday issue after the bloody Sunday with the remaining installments of its seven-part series. Shortly after the original raid, two ATF agents came forward on TV in New York (their faces were not shown) and said they were afraid of a coverup. Once the seige began there was an international angle. A bunch of hillbillys from around the world, in Texas, were shooting at the U.S. government. The government press conferences in Waco were rigged events with three agendas: 1) to control the media, 2) to control public perceptions of David Koresh and 3) to further inflame the already beleaguered cult leader. The rules of the press briefings were rigged so that the FBI always won: "No shouting. Raise your hand. And more important, each newsman getting the FBI nod was strictly limited to one question and a follow-up--but only if he announced his intention of asking the second one at the start of the first. (NP) And he never got another question, not the next day or the day after, if he asked one question the FBI or the ATF didn't much like." "The format and punitive attitude prevented any deep probing." The FBI consulted with its cadre of "priests/psychologists from the Freudian Cult" while the FBI's "High Priesthood's altar boys" spoke of Koresh in harsh and even libelous terms. Despite all the disputes regarding Koresh's promises, the FBI took him "completely at his word and absolutely on his honor on one subject: Suicide." After the February 28th raid, CAN officials were omnipresent at establishment daily press briefings in Waco. On March 2, 1993, Rick Ross, told reporters that when the FBI approached Koresh he was going to go outside with grenades and commit suicide--taking as many ATF agents with him as he could. Rick Ross is based in Phionex. Ross around February 16, 1993 urged Sue Johnson to hire him to deprogram Steve Schneider and said that something was about to happen real soon. C.A.N. Director Cynthia Kisser has called for a much larger role for C.A.N. in dealing with cults in the future. In March 1993, Kiri revealed on the Donahue show that Koresh had instructed the children on the best ways to commit suicide. On March 4, 1993 the press was told that there had been an attempted three-man "attack" on February 28th on the 300 heavily armed ATF and DPS forces that surrounded the Branch Davidian Complex. ATF agent Conroy claimed the three had tried to make war on the 300 or so ATF agents around the complex. During the first week of the seige, 21 children were released. The agreement between the Davidian parents and the FBI Hostage Rescue Team was that a written list of friends and family members as well as bank account numbers was to be used to place and provide care an temporary homes for the children in the Waco area. The children were also to be allowed a phone call home to let their parents know they were OK. "None of these promises..were kept. All of the children were handed over to Child Protective Services incom-municado, and the list of careproviders was used by the FBI to find 'material witnesses.'" Eight days after he was killed, a funeral was permitted for Peter Ghent. On March 6, 1993, the FBI denied that there were any plans to use psychological warefare against the Davidians. On March 6, 1993, Kirk D. Lyon, Executive Director of CAUSE Foundation, and D.M.A. (Dave) Hollaway flew to Waco and set up a command post to set up a legal defense network for the Davidians. Bonnie Haldeman, Koresh's mother, called CAUSE and asked for help for her son. Kirk Lyons called Dick DeGuerin, a high-profile criminal attorney from Houston and asked that he represent Koresh pro bono. Lyons and Holloway had just finished helping DeGuerin with a case involving a man accused of shooting a homosexual who was attempting to bribe him. Despite the police having a body, a murder weapon and a confession, Dick DeGuerin was able to win an acquittal. Attorney Dick DeGguerin was a long-time friend and former classmate of FBI director William Sessions. Until he went directly to Sessions, his access to the complex had been denied on numerous occasions by government agents at the Waco seige site. An application for a Temporary Restraining Order was filed by CAUSE Foundation with the U.S. District Court in Waco. It asked the government to show cause why it had beseiged the Davidians and averred that the feds had the intention to prevent outside independent observation of its actions and sought to assault or otherwise attack or kill the Davidians. Eight attorneys joined the CAUSE TRO application--Gary J. Coker, Dick DeGuerin, Vic Feazell, Gary Richardson, Kelly Richardson of the Rutherford Institute and Mark Lane. DeGurin filed an application for a writ of habeas corpus on behalf of Koresh. On Msrch 10, 1993. Woodrow Kendrick was arrested. On March 11, 1993, Dick DeGuerin showed up at the ATF checkpoint with Bonnie Haldeman--Koresh's mother who had asked DeGuerin to represent her son. On March 12. 1993, the ATF account of the February 28th evening incident was amended to include a hand-grenade allegedly thrown at the ATF forces. The press amd media, a half-mile away, had reported no explosions. As early as March 14, 1993, the government began to shine high wattage lights at the complex to protect their officers from possible snipers. On March 16, 1993, Jesse Amen managed to sneak into the Davidian complex. When he emerged on April 4, 1993, FBI officials said he made no sense. At the Waco daily newspaper, Mark England was the anti-Davidian's contact. On Masrch 24, 1993. Louis Alaniz got past agents to knock on the door of the Davidian building. He was allowed in. After being in jail, he said he wanted to return to Houston where people knew he was insane. The March 26, 1993 issue of the London Jewish Chronicle quoted Rabbi Shaul Rosenblatt as saying that Koresh spent three weeks in Jerusalem. The Forward of New York City said: "He was very interested in Judaism and talked a lot about conversion and his desire to join the Israeli army." The Waco-Tribune Herald reported on March 28, 1993, that although the ATF had told the Texas National Guard (to obtain use of their helicopters) that there was an illegal drug lab at the complex, there was no evidence of this before, during or after the raid. On Mach 29, 1993, a long-distance lense spotted Dick DeGuerin sitting in a chair of the Davidian complex. In late March the FBI began considering a tear gas plan. It was brought to the attention of Janet Reno in the first week of April. Initially she rejected the idea but later approved it because the FBI was telling her things were increasingly "unstable." When Koresh got his message from God to write on the Seven Seals, his work was specifically addressed to Dr. J. Phillip Arnold of Reunion Institute and Dr. James Tabor of the University of North Carolina. In the April 1993 issue of the Populist Observer it was claimed that David Koresh was Jewish. The flag flown over the Davidian church was the hexagram--an Israeli emblem. Interlaced triangles is the symbol of the Divine Divinity (Jehovah White and Jehovah Black). It is called Macrocosmos, Star of David and Solomon's Seal. It also represents the sex force (male and female union). It is asserted that Koresh was a "Renegade Jew" who had embraced the "Identity doctrine" and was attempting to convert other Jews. An unidentified Branch Davidian claims Koresh thought he was the Lamb protrayed in the Book of Revelations and that he would return. The actual and long-standing name for the Waco Davidian area "Holy Hill" was Lamb's Hill. On April 2, 1993, ATF Director Steven Higgins told a Senate subcommittee that the ATF mission failed only "because the Branch Davidians ambushed the ATF." The truth was that the ATF attacked the Davidians. Also, Higgins admitted that they knew they had lost the element of surprise and attacked anyway. On April 18, 1993, President Clinton celebrated the opening of the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. "Later that day he ordereed the incineration of the American and British citizens within the Branch Davidian Church. No children survived." During the seige, recordings played to the Davidians included the sounds of dental drills and rabbits being killed. A negotiator told the Davidians that all they wanted them to do was to come out. Then the negotiator accidently left the microphone on and said: "I've been in the FBI for 27 years and I've never seen anything like these people. They think they can get away with murder; well they'll have another thing coming as soon as they come out of there." After a 51-day seige, Federal troops moved on the Davidians. A Special Operations Team was brought in from Quantico, Virginia. David Koresh, a day or two before the fire, was said to be crazy by an FBI spokesman who said Koresh thought the government was going to burn him. Koresh celebrated Passover and planned to observe Pesach in Jerusalem. Before the final scene, the McLennan County Sheriff went into the Davidian compound. He came out and then sent Koresh a latter promising him some stuff. Koresh didn't like the stuff so he sent the letter out. The cover of the New York Times of April 19, 1993, center page, carried the story "Memories Live of Warsaw Ghetto Battle." On the morning of the chemical weapon attack, the press and media reporters were placed under a three-mile limit for the first time in U.S. history. One reporter who violated the ban was arrested and place in jail. April 19, 1993 was the 50th annivesay of the NAZI's raid on the Jewish Ghetto in Warsaw and the 218th anniversary of when Paul Revere made his famous ride to warn that the British were coming. On April 19, 1993, an IHOP waitress told Gary Hunt that ATF customers had been in much earlier than usual for coffee saying they were working a second shift. One ATF agent told an employee that "This thing is going to be over with today." The FBI called the Waco hospitals and told them to get ready for a large number of burn victims. The FBI sent the fire trucks away after they had been stationed at the complex for seven weeks. On April 19, 1993, beginning at 6:04 a.m., heavily-armed tanks were sent against the Davidians to break through the walls and inject tear gas. In the early morning hours, the FBI reported that they had taken about 75 rounds fired by the Davidians while punching holes into the complex to induce the CS gas. By the end of the day that figure was up to 200 rounds. Yet two eye-witness survivors of the fire said no shots were fired from the compound. At 12:05, after tanks had rammed the building five different times, flames erupted from the opposite ends of the compound and were whipped by 20- 30 mph winds. Fire trucks were not called until 30 minutes after the fire had broken out. Firemen were prevented from fighting the fire for another hour. The fire chief said he was standing by but the FBI did not call him. By 12:18 the watchtower collapsed. Shortly afterward the ammun-itions room exploded in a ball of fire. By 12:28 p.m. the second floor was engulfed in flames and the roof collapsed. Only nine people escaped or survived the fire. The fire reached nearly 2,000 degrees. The bodies were cremated into ashes. 86 men, women and children died. 24 children were killed. Koresh was found with a bullet hole in his forehead; Steve Schneider was found with a bullet hole in the back of his head. An FBI sniper reported that he viewed a figure dressed in black inside the compound lighting the fire. It is suggested that a team had been placed inside the complex to light the fire. Several hours after this report, an affidavit was released stressing that Koresh and his second in command dressed in black immediately upon learning that a raid was imminent. Yet, all the information used to gain authorization for the raid was given to the courts and sealed 24-hours before the raid occurred. Koresh never wore black but the ATF, FBI and "special ops" all do. On April 19, 1993, FBI spokesman Bob Ricks quoted Branch Davidians survivor Renos Avraam was saying: "The fire's been lit. The fire's been lit." When questioned on camera, Avraam said: "One of the tanks knocked over a gas lantern, and it started a fire under some bales of hay that were laying around...The fire wasn't started by us." Janet Reno said after the assault: "I made the decisions, I'm accountable." She said she relied upon "experts." One of those in the small group that met with Reno before the raid was Mark Richard, the founder of the Office of Special Operation and who "has a long history as a top agent within the U.S. government of the A.D.L. and the Israeli Mossad." Janet Reno and Sessions told the Congressional Commitee that they went in with the gas on April 19th for the same reason that the ATF stormed the place on February 28th--because they feared that the cultists would commit suicide at any time. But Jeff Jamar, the man in charge in Waco, said: "Our best estimate was that he was not going to commit suicide, and mass suicide was a possibility but not a probability." A voice inside the bugged complex, believed to be Koresh, was taped saying: "Stay low, stay ready and loaded." Koresh met a quick end-- dispatched by a rifle bullet between the eyes. No gun was found near him. Twelve of the 25 children who died "remained wrapped in the charred bones of their mother's arms..." The Davidians were "burned beyond recognition." After Operation Waco, no pictures of those killed were ever shown. During the Waco seige, a local citizen saw one of the helicopters land rather hard in an open field. The man ran over to the ATF agents who had scrambled out of the aircraft intending to help. The good samaritan was thrown to the ground--face down in wet mud--and forced into the ground by boots in his back forcing him to suck in some muddy water and dirt into his lungs. On April 20, 1993, Clinton said that CS was a "tear gas which had been tested not to cause permanent damage to adults or children." Yet CS gas is now banned from military use by the Geneva Protocals. CS gas is a battlefield gas 80 times more powerful than tear gas. Bo Gritz said the use of "CS Gas" was insufferable and inhumane. He also said the gas was a highly flamable dust initiator. Thomas Charles Searengen wrote in Tear Gas Munitions that CS even used outdoors is dangerous since "CS may hamper the movement because of the rapid and severe unslaught of symptoms." When heated, according to Properties of Industrial Materials, CS emits toxic fumes of Chlorine, Nitrates and Cyanide. On the evening of the fire, President Clinton said Janet Reno had acted "because of the children" who were "being abused." Later officials admitted there was no evidence of child abuse. No news reporter or independent outside investigators were allowed near the "crime scene" while the little remaining evidence was destroyed. Vic Feazell blamed the ATF for the confrontation and accused them of "a vulgar display of power." In 1987 he said "we treated them like human beings, rather than storm-trooping the place." He also stated: "(I)f they'd called and talked to them, the Davidians would've given them what they wanted." The government did as Vic Feazell, the former McLennan County District Attorney, had predicted. A massive media effort was first used to discredit the Davidians. Then the public was slowly convinced that the people inside were under the control of a pyschopath and that a mass suicide was possible. Third, the efforts were cloaked by saying non-lethal CS-gas was used "for the sake of the children." Rick Ross, a top deprogrammer of CAN (Cult Awareness Network), a national kidnap-for-hire ring, who was convicted of a felony in 1975 for a jewelry heist, once deprogrammed a member of the Branch Davidians. Before the raid he had been hired to handle another. According to NPR he had been working as an ATF consultant for more than a month. Many of the CAN deprogrammers got their start as experts with the CIA's "Operation MK-Ultra" mind control experiments in the 1950s and 1960s. On April 20, 1993, an ABC news reporter stated that they had heard at least two explosions since dark. On April 20, 1993, FBI Director Sessions said on the MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour that all the FBI analyses of Koresh indicated he would never commit suicide, At a Rose Garden press conference on April 20, 1993, President Clinton claimed that the Davidians "had illegally stockpiled weapons and ammunition." He said that Koresh has "placed innocent children at risk." Also, Clinton suggested that Koresh was "dangerous, irrational, and probably insane." He claimed the April 19th attack was "an effort to protect the young hostages." The President also said that: "Mr. Koresh's response to the demand for his surrender by federal agents was to destroy himself and murder the children who were his captives...He killed those he controlled."BC also stated: "I am frankly surprised to say that anyone would suggest that the Attorney General should resign because some religious fanatics murdered themselves." A special prayer meeting was attended in Waco by Governor Ann Richards who said that it was time to begin the healing. Some newspapers reported a "sharp exchange" took place between Richards and Reno on the handling of the investigation into the carnage and death of 86 home residents. On April 21, 1993, George Stephanopolis said: "(T)here is absolutely no question that there's overwhelming evidence of child abuse in the Waco compound." This claim was later admitted to be without foundation by the FBI. Dr. Bruce Perry, the head of the team treating the 21 children who were allowed to leave, said: "(N)one of the 21 children had been sexually abused or molested." The April 22, 1993 edition of the Washington Times (owned by Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his various organizations) stated that the FBI used a chemical "banned for war..." On April 22, 1993, CNN's David Goodenhauer stated: "One of the cults that is shortly going to have to be dealt with is the Identity group which is 40,000 nationwide." On April 22, 1993, attorneys representing Koresh said that interviews with members who had escaped revealed that those who died on Monday were trapped inside by the debris barring stairways and other outlets from destruction of the interior of the complex by government vehicles. Also members of the church were anxious for the seige to end so they could come out. One member who slipped into the complex and then came out a few days later said there were no signs of child abuse, that members were looking forward to coming out and that there was no suicide pact. No agreement or suicide pact had been made by anyone, including David Koresh. On April 22, 1993, three days after the Davidian Massacre, the Holocaust Museum opened in Washington, D.C. with dignitaries present from all around the world. On April 23, 1993, President Clinton, speaking from the Rose Garden, placed all blame on Koresh who he said was insane, a child abuser who had had sex with many children in the complex. Clinton said: "I hope...that others who will be tempted to join cults and become involved with people like Koresh will be deterred by the horrible scenses they have seen." "There is, unfortunately, a rise in this sort of fanaticism all over the world. And we may have to confront it again." On April 28, 1993, Treasury Secretary Lloyd Bensten issued a statement saying he was deeply troubled by conflicting statements about the raid. On April 28, 1993, FBI Deputy Director Floyd Clarke told the House Judiciary Committee that the "Davidians had used their own children as human shields by holding them up in front of windows." Later FBI spokesman Richard Swensen admitted that the Davidian parents were holding the children up to see the M1-A1 Abrahams battle tanks sitting in their front yard. On April 28, 1993, Congressman Jack Brooks, Chairman of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee, presiding over an investigation of the raid, during a brief recess, without realizing the cameras were rolling, strolled over to ATF Director Steven Higgins and said: "Mr. Higgins, you know what I'da done; the first night I'da run everybody off, quietly put a bomb in that damn water tank, put tear gas in there; if they wouldn't shoot, kill 'em when they came out...if they didn't wanna shoot, put 'em on a paddy wagon, it would've been over by twelve thirty. Now that's the way Brook's would've done it!" On April 28, 1993 Nightline correspondent Chris Bury stated that the independence of the "outside arson" investigation had been questioned. Attorney Jack Zimmerman said that the chief of the arson investigation team was "a fellow who had been on an ATF Joint Task Force for eight to ten years out of the Houston office of the ATF...the (same) office that planned and executed the raid?" The head of the "independent" invetigation was a long time contractor for the FBI. His wife was personal secretary to the head of the Houston ATF office--where the whole raid was planned. Zimmerman said that since it could be proved that the ATF shot first it would be highly unlikely that any of the Davidians could be convicted for murdering the ATF agents. On April 28, 1993, William Cooper, on radio station WRNO (7395 Khz), unidentified individuals who were downwind from the complex on April 19th confirmed that there was no smell of tear gas but there was a scent of petroleum in the air. On May 2, 1993, David Koresh' body was found in the kitchen area near a large number of other bodies. On May 4, 1993 a CBS docudrama was aired entitled "Prophet of Evil." It was about how the FBI protects Americans against religious freaks. On May 5, 1993, an interview was reported in the Cincinnati Post with Dr. Bruce Perry under the headline "Psychiatrist: Cult Kids Were Not Molested." According to Time Magazine's May 3, 1993, issue, before the last bodies were removed from the rubble in Waco, an NBC film crew was already filming re-enactment scenes for a movie. On May 8, 1993, Prime Time Live, A Current Affair, the Dallas Observer and Cox News Service were briefed at 3:00 CST. An independent investigation determined that the February 28th raid was an orchestrated event oriented toward destroying and or confiscating certain sensitive videotape and computer evidence posseed and gathered by Koresh's "inner circle" deemed damaging to ATF and considered "sensitive" by the Justice Department. On May 9, 1993, the Los Angeles Times noted that in a taped conversation with a lawyer, Koresh had blasted the notion that his church members planned a mass suicide. It is claimed that the Spotlight issue of May 10, 1993 said nothing about Waco. On May 12, 1993, FBI officials, citing the fear that someone might fall into the fenced and guarded bunker, rolled bulldozers across the burned out Davidian complex--completely obliterating any remaining evidence. For three weeks following the holocaust, the FBI controlled the crime scene "letting no Texas Rangers, local police or truly independent arson investigators in..." Defense Attorney Jeff Kearney of Fort Worth told reporters: "Government agents can say what they want now and there's little physical evidence to dispute it." On May 15, 1993, an AP story by Sharon Cohen drew a parallel between Operation Rescue and lethal riots between Moslem and Hindus: "Two news evente, on common bond: both are tied to fundamentalism, one of the world's fatest growing religious movments. For all their differences, they share two goals: They want to change society. And they believe that they- -and they alone--have the answer." On May 15, 1993, the Justice Department announced that it would not investigate the decision-making process associated with the final assault. On May 23, 1993, NBC aired "In the Line of Duty: Ambush in Waco." It starred Tim Daly, co-star of TV's "Wings" as Koresh. On May 23, 1993, Mike Wallace ended a segment entitled "ATF & Harrassment" by saying: "Waco was a publicity stunt, which was intended to improve the AFT's tarnished image." On July 9, 1993, members of the Adair County Sheriff's Office in Muldrow, OK, visited the 70 resients of Bethel Christian Ministries (Elohim City)-- an identity religious community led by Rev. Robert G. Millar. Area law enforcement authorities had been alerted by the Fort Smith, AZ ATF office to be on the lookout for a suspect wanted for possession of an unregistered machine gun and that the two-wived suspect was known to be around Elohim City. The sheriff's officials said they didn't want "a Waco situation developing in their county." On September 3, 1993, John Sharp, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, wrote: "Of the many lessons learned during the crisis at the Branch Davidian compound and its aftermath, perhaps the most evident is that the situation might have been handled in a better fashion." The Treasury Department has proposed regulations that would exempt Waco information from the Freedom of Information Act. Sessions told Congress: "We do not normally in our criminal justice system allow a criminal to set their own timetable on when they will submit to authority." Initial reactions from law-and-order types was to scream for Koresh's head, his blood and the blood of his followers: "These religious crazies had broken the laws of this nation and should be shot down like dogs, pure and simple." Bob Matthews, Gordon Kahl, Randy Weaver and David Koresh have all been termed to be "identity" believers. Only Randy Weaver escaped being cremated by fire. This suggests a possible "burnt offering" natgure to the non-judicial executions or accidents--depending upon the viewpoint considered. ADL expertise was used in Waco and in the Randy Weaver case. The San Francisco raid on an ADL office showed that dossiers were kept on thousands of individuals and groups. A Davidian who was not at the church during the 51-day ordeal, claimed that the Davidians believe that the Anglo-Saxons are the true Israelites but do not use the term "Identity" as others do to describe themselves as the true seed. He believes that the ten lost tribes migrated over the Caucasus Mountains and into Europe and that the present day Jews are not true Israelites. The Davidians, according to this undisclosed source, believe the Jerusalem of the Book of Revelations will be destroyed. The ADL was incensed over Koresh's claims and the NWO plans to aniliate those who maintain such claims. According to Livingston Fagan, 33, who walked out of the complex to carry forward the Davidian message, Jesus was actually Zeus Christos (in the Greek). The true name, according to Fagan, was Yahshua or "Yah Saves." The Jesus which the Catholic Church gave to Protestantism was in fact Zeus--the war god. From: (Chris Walker) Subject: Re: Initial Waco Chronology (Part 2/2) Date: Fri, 8 Oct 1993 22:43:31 GMT >I'd be interested in some supporting documentation for this claim. Press Release for "We the People Committee" released May 9, 1993 regarding Affidavid W93-54M filed at US District Court April 13, 1993. We are working on getting the footnotes posted. -- Chris Walker From: (Foxvog Douglas) Date: Tue, 5 Oct 1993 09:25:33 GMT In article (David Feustel) writes: >Lloyd Bentsen made the following assertions regarding Koresh on the >MacNeil/Lehrer News Hour on Thursday, Sept. 30, 1993. First i have to say that i did not see this show, but i did hear the press conference. The following are close to things which he stated there, so i will respond as if these refer to the press conference. >1) There was an arrest warrant for Koresh at the time of the initial >raid on the BD compound. (Implied by Bentsen's statement) that Koresh >could have been arrested outside of the compound instead of raiding the >compound to arrest Koresh). This was left as an implication. Bentson stated (in the PC) that the agents were going to the religious compound to serve a SEARCH warrant. He complained that Koresh could have been arrested in town, so that the assault on the compound was not necessary. He did NOT state (that i heard) that an arrest warrant did exist. >2) The BD's fired on the BATF before the BATF fired on the BD's. His claim to the press used quite convoluted language which could have been interpreted in this manner, BUT did not actually mean that the BD's fired first. I don't remember the exact quote, but i was quite intrigued by the way he said it. It was something like: "...Koresh shut the door then people in the compound started firing at the agents and the agents fired at the compound." I.e. after the door closed two things happened with the order unspecified. I noted that Benson did not claim that the BATF "responded" or "returned fire" or in any way put in a modifier indicating that the BATF action came later. Are you sure that he specifically claimed this in the interview? Or did he just "leave an impression" as in the first case? >3) Koresh was a "violent man". >4) Koresh and the other BD's had illegal guns and illegal explosives >at the compound. This is what the search warrant alleged. Did he state this as fact, or as the reason that the assault was made (which is not a claim that it is a fact)? This guy uses weasel words a lot. Listen VERY closely to what he claims: the distinctions between the claim and the implication can be quite revealing. Actually i find this refreshing, it is nice to know that our leaders have SOME compunctions against telling lies to the public. (Now, misleading them is another matter....) >Can anyone supply verifiable references to conclusive evidence proving or >disproving these assertions? Thanks. >Dave Feustel N9MYI >The Federal Government is running Amuck and We Citizens are in the Way! -- doug foxvog From: (Ben Cox) Subject: Re: Bentsen's Assertions Re Koresh Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1993 16:49:40 GMT (David Feustel) writes: >Lloyd Bentsen made the following assertions regarding Koresh on the >MacNeil/Lehrer News Hour on Thursday, Sept. 30, 1993. (Foxvog Douglas) writes: >First i have to say that i did not see this show, but i did hear >the press conference. The following are close to things which he >stated there, so i will respond as if these refer to the press >conference. Feustel: >2) The BD's fired on the BATF before the BATF fired on the BD's. Those were very nearly the exact words that Bentsen used on MacNeil/Lehrer. Foxvog: >His claim to the press used quite convoluted language which could have >been interpreted in this manner, BUT did not actually mean that the >BD's fired first. I don't remember the exact quote, but i was quite >intrigued by the way he said it. It was something like: announced intent with Koresh standing in the door> "...Koresh shut >the door then people in the compound started firing at the agents and >the agents fired at the compound." >I.e. after the door closed two things happened with the order >unspecified. I noted that Benson did not claim that the BATF >"responded" or "returned fire" or in any way put in a modifier >indicating that the BATF action came later. Are you sure that he >specifically claimed this in the interview? Or did he just "leave an >impression" as in the first case? He specifically claimed that. He also used the words "returned fire". -- Ben Cox From: pat@rwing.UUCP (Pat Myrto) Subject: Re: Initial Waco Chronology (Part 2/2) Date: 12 Oct 93 11:42:40 GMT In article <294l9u$> (C. D. Tavares) writes: >> What was planned to be a 2-minute operation instead lasted 45 minutes. >> Four ATF agents were killed and 16 wounded. All four of the ATF >> casulaties and at least nine of the reported injuries were the result of >> accidental discharges, detonations and incidental friendly crossfire that >> principally came from three armed Texas National Guard helicopters. > >I'd be interested in some supporting documentation for this claim. >The autopsies of the dead agents are still sealed, as far as I know, >and I know of no statements from the government saying that they died >from friendly fire. The government has not even admitted that Cyclone >bullets were pulled out of the wounds of their agents who were only >wounded. This was mentioned in the SOF articles (normally a VERY pro-police periodical). For them to come out against the BATF is not too out of character, but for them to attack the FBI is extremely out of character. And, their articles on such subjects tend to have a good credibility level - the cites and references are always there, and the stuff I have independent knowlege of always checks out. A lot different than other periodicals. And they even had a special with photos, and technical data and explanations on the Cyclone load. Its not something one would confuse with anything else. If they got sources that say that Cyclone slugs were pulled out of dead BATmen, you can bet Cyclone slugs were pulled out of dead BATmen. No way in hell the BDs would have had that load, even with handloading - the load is too new, and while they could be approximated, they would not be exactly duplicated. Combine that with the footage of BATmen firing over barricades, while they kept their heads down, blindly in all directions, some using full auto, its a wonder there weren't MORE 'friendly fire' casualties. Fire discipline stunk. THe whole thing is a mix of allegations from various sides, apparantly to show the contrast. It makes it quite hard to follow. But a good list of cites would still be invaluable. The more, the better, especially if unrelated sources. I know many of the allegations are accurate, from seeing them myself on live TV, but I don't recall dates and times, or network. That info is badly needed to be added. Perhaps people can add what they remember, I have saved the post and will update it for my use (or for whoever wants a copy) if I get any additional cites.. Lets try to at least get a level of credibility to the various assertions made, ideally one which cannot be denied. I have no doubt the fire was not started by the BDs, not when I hear of things like acetone as a CS dispersant, not to mention CS not being especially benign, and other things... I tend to believe that an attitude existed among the FBI agents of settling some scores. They were tired. They were pissed. They felt they knew that BD bullets killed other officers (after all, brother officers told them so). SCORES TO SETTLE. Tired folk are easy to control, tend to not question things, and get to believe what is told them. Especially by trusted superiors. I also believe the BATF planned a nice romp for the cameras, and went in at LEAST not giving a damn how many people survived. They had a show ready... Any "tip-off" was a result of the BATF's eagerness to get all the cameras there for a GOOD show of their raw power, how nobody messes with or talks back to the big, bad, BATF. But the BD's didn't sit and play target, they didn't roll over as I think the BATF expected, knowing their past record of non-resistance. Of course, the previous people arresting them weren't trying to kill everyone like it appears the BATF was. But Howell/Koresh/whatever and/or his followers didn't wanna to play target. That is when it all turned to shit for the BATF (just like some KKK fun-n-games turned to shit when their targets shot back). Now, suddenly they didn't want the media getting all this. Time to move them so far away a tactical nuke wouldn't be a danger to them, for their safety, of course... problem was 'their' meant the BATF's backside... Would the BD's, Howell/Koresh in particular been ok now had they not resisted? I don't think so. With 20/20 hindsight, the children MIGHT have remained relatively intact, but the adults I think were pretty much planned to be dead meat. Prior BATF raids tend to suggest this, and the allegations are so prevalant. Not just for one or two, but nearly all raids on a controversial or unpopular target. Remarks like were caught on the open mike suggest that there was no intention to let them live on the part of the FBI, either, but to take them out as they tried to surrender, citing 'resisting arrest' as the reason. The snipers had taken out several unarmed people so far, and if a sniper can see well enough to place a bullet properly using his EXCELLENT quality scoped rifle, that sniper can see if the person is armed, and more important, is about to use a weapon (the only time a sniper is SUPPOSED to take out a subject, or so we are told). I have no idea what Reno truly believes and knew regarding Waco then, and now. But I do believe that she feels ANY method is OK to disarm a bunch of "religious nuts", as does Clinton and his crew. She hates guns, wishes they didn't exist, and wants to get them 'off the street'. She actually stated "I don't like 'em, wish they weren't around, and we got to get rid of them" (paraphrased) on a recent interview. SHe dodged questions about Waco, only referring to the usual demonizing references to these armed people. I find it especially callous to dedicate a Holocaust museum in the morning, and then have your troops cremate politically incorrect, (and yes, probably with a disgusting lifestyle) people alive. That makes it all OK, I guess. Yes, I am pretty much convinced the fire was started intentionally by our government, or they at least expected it with a very high probability. It got rid of some problems, and has the virtue of deniability. Note that had Randy Weaver been successfully killed, the case regarding the government actions would have been considerably different. There would not have even been any wrist-slapping, and the FBI/BATF would have come out as heros as they did in other cases of 'totalizing' a suspect. I haven't any idea as to HOW (government is obviously not gonna listen, its a done deal - no biggie as far as they are concerned, "religeous nuts owning guns" are regarded as having fewer rights than pre-civil war slaves), but this must not be allowed to be whitewashed and swept under the rug. Not Waco, not the other allegations against the BATF and FBI actions against those who DARE to question the supreme authority of the government. It *DOES* make one think a LOT of Germany prior to WWII. The lies, the propeganda, the demonizing, the tactics. The whole nine yards. The Administration is betting that nobody cares enough about a bunch of disgusting religeous kooks to go to the massive effort to get any justice with an un-cooperative and lying government stonewalling. Don't wanna pay income tax? DEATH by machinegun or fire. Don't wannna play target? DEATH " " " ". Non-payment of title II tax? DEATH " " " ". Expression of such views? DEATH " " " ". Sell a shotgun 1/8" too short? DEATH " " " ". Have a wierd religious belief? DEATH " " " ". Just want to be left alone? DEATH " " " ". Kill people of above category? HERO MEDAL and PROMOTION if coverup is good, if not so good, 'dismissal' with FAT lifelong pension. Or so it seems these days... I wonder how long the list of 'crimes' that involve disagreement with governmet meddling in ones life can result in excution 'inadvertantly' when trying to capture such a 'dangerous' person... This is a forboding suggestion of more (and worse) injustice to come. Remember, Clinton has ordered BATF to *INTENSIFY* their 'enforcement' efforts... Apparantly their action at Waco wasn't intense enough (the targets DID live longer than planned). Is this a diatribe? Probably. Its about all a commoner can do when one sees such abuse of power, and people refusing to believe such can happen here, AS IT IS HAPPENING BEFORE THEIR EYES. So much more comfortable to go into denial, and grasp at the straws that it is all a mistake, all false, that the conflicting stores told by government parrots are all the truth(tm). Better to evaluate what is going on harshly, than to deny it. And to hope and pray there is something the people can do about it. It may be too late allready... I am unable to express my feelings well about this since Waco (or even Weaver, for that matter). Just feeling frustration as I see people accepting this whitewash. Note that when a couple of cops abuse the rights of a person whose considered politically fashionable, they will be tried as many times as it takes to nail them. But the BDs aren't politically fashionable. Yet in both cases, the person has a less than great record, one a very violent record with convictions, the other one of being wierd, and allegations of behavior many find disgusting, but not PROVEN. But not especially violent. One is probably getting rich, the other can't even draw flies. Groups that monitor human rights abuses remain silent. OK to raise hell about So Africa, non-left leaning So American countries, Iraq, and occasionally a few unflattering words about China, but never, never, never say anything against Clinton's abuses, since they are against non-people. Wasn't there a status in the 1984 novel where a person could become a non-person and not even allowed a pretense of any rights? The ACLU? . Other civil rights groups? . Pretty disgusting, when I really think on it. And yes, I am upset over it, and will continue to be upset over this, if for no other reason because of the blatant hypocracy and violations of oaths of office it represents. -- pat@rwing.uucp [Without prejudice UCC 1-207] (Pat Myrto) Seattle, WA If all else fails, try: ...!uunet!pilchuck!rwing!pat WISDOM: "Travelling unarmed is like boating without a lifejacket". [Stop the Clipper/Capstone assault on privacy] From: (David J Harr) Subject: Questions for the BATF Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1993 22:33:25 GMT I picked this up off the ca-firearms group, where someone posted it from libernet. I think it is of interest in this group. David. ------------- Here's something I pulled off of Libernet. I've cleaned it up a bit and added a few questions of my own at the end. -george ------------- Date: Sun, 26 Sep 1993 22:15:49 -0400 (EDT) From: Carol Moore Subject: Questions On Treasury Waco Report To: Libernet This week the Treasury Department will be issuing its report on the BATF raid on the Branch Davidians' Mt. Carmel Center. According to advance reports, the only "issue" they are investigating is why the BATF went ahead with the raid when they knew that the Branch Davidians had already been alerted. However, we all know that there are more critical questions than that. (An ex-CIA man in a recent Los Angeles Times op-ed quoted a teacher of undercover tactics at the Treasury Law Enforcement School on how to deal with an inquisitive press and public: "When they're hot on your tail, you gotta give 'em a bone to throw 'em off.") Below is a draft of such questions that a group of us want to circulate to the press, Congress, etc. after the report comes out. Please feel free to comment, add, correct, etc. or to answer any questions we still have, noted in caps. DRAFT RESPONSE TO TREASURY REPORT ON WACO Unanswered Questions on the February 28 Raid 1. Did the "Affidavit to Obtain Search Warrant" contain probable cause for issuing a search warrant? (The affidavit was signed by BATF agent Davy Aquilera on February 25, 1993.) * Why did the affidavit not note that David Koresh had never been convicted of a crime and had cooperated with authorities four times before when requested to do so? * Why didn't the affidavit mention that Davy Aquilera inspected the records of gun dealer Henry McMahon in (approximately June of) 1992? Why didn't it mention that when he did so, McMahon called Koresh and Koresh invited BATF to "come on out and see the guns" (according to Koresh lawyer Dick DeGuerin). * Davy Aquilera did a record search to see if any of the "principals" at Mt. Carmel were registered gun dealers. Why didn't he discover that Branch Davidian Paul Fatta (whom he mentions in the affidavit) was a registered arms dealer? Why didn't he discover that legal gun dealing was a major source of funds for the Branch Davidians? Why didn't BATF undercover agent Robert Rodriguez, who was informing from inside, know all this? * Why did Aquilera supply stale information in the affidavit? * All information about deliveries to the "MagBag" metal shop was at least 8 months old; * Deborah Sue Bunds' allegations about seeing and hearing discussions about machine guns in 1989; * Marc Breault said he participated in firearms shooting exercises, but he left Mt. Carmel Center in 1989. Further, why didn't Aquilar mention that Breault is blind?; * David Block's allegations that 1992 Branch Davidians had the ability to manufacture machine guns and he had heard discussions of doing so by Koresh and of making grenades, were from the March-June 1992 period. * Did Aquilera understand differences between the types of weapons named? * He mischaracterized the legal definition of a machine gun; * He confused the legal definition of "destructive devices" and "firearms"; * He called E-2 Kits "E-Z Kits" and did not mention that not all of them are for machine gun parts. * Did Aquilera consider whether the weapons he listed were an unusual amount for a "household" of 100 people, given that in Texas the average number of guns is 4 per resident? (Note: after the fire, the actual number of guns found at site was 200). * Aquilera reported a neighbor had complained about a November 8, 1992 burst of "machine gun" fire from the compound. [QUESTION FOR READERS: Koresh allegedly checked with County sheriff's office to make sure his "Hell Fire" device which sounded like a machine gun was legal. Does anyone know *when* he did so?] * Why did Aquilera report that a deputy sheriff had heard a large explosion and seen smoke at Mt. Carmel on November 6, 1992, when the sheriff didn't consider it important enough to go investigate for illegal activity or injuries? * Social worker Joyce Spark alleged that Koresh mentioned that when he, Koresh, the "Messenger from God," reveals himself and the world comes to an end, the riots in Los Angeles would pale in comparison to what would happen in Waco. In the affidavit Sparks claims Koresh made the statement on April 6, the last time she was at the compound and three weeks before the LA riots began. * How could the following allegations possibly be construed to imply that the Branch Davidians were anything other than registered gun dealers? * David Block said he saw Donald Bunds designing a machine gun on an Auto Cad computer. * Spark's allegations that a young boy wanted to grow up so he could handle a gun and practice like the men always did. * Undercover agent Rodriguez alleges Koresh said God gives humans a right to bear arms; that he subscribed to a publication called "Shot Gun News"; then showed him a movie by the "Gun Owners Association" that "portrayed BATF as an agency who violated the rights of gun owners by threats and lies." * Two allegations that he had shown an interest in a book called the "Anarchist Cookbook." * A former member's allegations that Koresh subjected the members to violent "training films" of Vietnam war (actually Hollywood movies), "forced" members to stand guard over the center 24 hours a day, and to always possess a weapon. * Matters not under AFT purview: * Child abuse: The affidavit mentions allegations of child abuse and Spark's investigation but does not mention that the case was closed on 4/30/92 with no evidence of child abuse. [QUESTION: Would this failure to provide information have been enough to nullify the warrant?] * Illegal Immigration: allegations about illegal immigrants. * Drugs: mentioned that a machinist, Marshal Keith Butler, was associated with Vernon Howell and that on the property had been arrested [sic] * Tax resistance: Koresh allegedly told undercover agent Rodriguez he didn't pay local taxes. * Director of BATF Stephen Higgins told Congress that there was no probable cause as of December, 1992. What changed to prompt the February 28, 1993 raid? * Aquilar's bottom line complaint was that Koresh's pattern of buying weapons was similar to that of others who were manufacturing machine guns. Should this be enough to support either a search warrant or a raid by 100 armed men? 2. Given that there was not probable legal cause for a raid, what were the real motivating reasons for the raid? * Punishing Koresh? The affidavit mentioned that he watched movies from anti-BATF "Gun Owners Association" (Gun Owners of America) * Was the real purpose of the raid to get publicity to help BATF in its appropriation hearing of 3/10/93? Was it to counter sexual harassment charges (_60 Minutes_ expose)? 3. This was a multi-task force raid. Which agencies were involved? Whose helicopters are being used? [QUESTION TO READERS: At what point was Governor Richards told that drugs were involved in order to obtain what National Guard help? Before or after raid?] 4. Did agents violate their orders to call off raid if their element of surprise was compromised? Robert Rodriguez allegedly stated that Koresh knew they were coming. Why did they continue the raid when they knew their security was compromised? Why did they lie and say they did not know their security was compromised? 5. Why was such overwhelming force used in the raid? * If officials feared firepower, why not arrest Koresh off the property or raid before dawn when everyone asleep? Why did they attack the compound on a Sunday? Why not attack on a Monday when more people are away? * Was there no consideration that most of the people in the house were women and children? 6. Who fired first? (If the agents did, under Texas law one can defend oneself). * Agent Rodriguez claims Koresh said he'd never let BATF get him "again" -- but they'd never gotten him before. If this is true, why did they let Rodriguez go when they knew he was a BATF agent? * Dick DeGuerin says that Koresh and survivors said that BATF attacked with screams, no announcement that they had a warrant, and started shooting at Koresh when he answered the door. That's when they all ran and got their guns to defend themselves. Martin, on audio tape after the attack, claims that "I have a right to defend myself. They started firing first." * Is there existing news or BATF footage of who shot first? Was that reviewed for the report? 7. Was there any shooting from the helicopters into the roof of the house, as Branch Davidians allege? If so, under whose orders? 8. What happened when agents went on the roof and into the second floor room? * Why is there news footage of an agent throwing a device into the room after other agents enter? Who is shooting back out at that agent? * Has the full un-edited news footage been looked at? Is there BATF monitor footage of this scene? 9. Are full autopsies of the four dead agents available? If so, is there any evidence that they were shot by friendly fire? 10. Were there any incidents of self-inflicted wounds or of friendly fire? If so, how many and what were the extent of the injuries? Why weren't these reported immediately after the raid? 11. Why was there no communications with local authorities or 911 operators, as is shown plainly in 911 tapes of the incident? 12. According to Dick DeGuerin, right after the April 28 raid BATF agents convinced Henry McMahon and his girlfriend that Koresh was going to try to kill them and talked them into accepting protective custody. BATF then took them to Oregon for the remainder of the siege. * Did BATF offer McMahon protective custody and take him to Oregon? * Did Koresh threaten McMahon? If not, why was this story fabricated? * Did BATF tell the Justice Department or the FBI about the existence of McMahon? 13. Why is the Treasury Department attempting to deny access to its findings in this matter? ------------- Some more that I want answered: o On the morning of the massacre, Bob Dicks (FBI) was holding a press conference where he was explaining the deployment of the tanks and tear gas. He was explicitly asked whether or not he was concerned about the possibility of a mass suicide. He answered that the FBI was confident that Koresh and his followers were not the suicidal types. Dicks said that this assessment had come from their expert crisis managers, who based their opinion from a variety of sources: talks with Koresh and other Davidians, listening devices, visitors to the compound, friends, and more. Dicks appeared quite certain of this. Moments later, of course, the first thing the FBI claimed was mass suicide. Was it a suicide? If so, how come the FBI was so wrong in their assessment? o Why did the FBI wait for a high-wind day to use tear gas? With 35 - 40 MPH winds and the holes that were being poked into the walls of the compound, tear gas would be blown right out of the buildings. High winds only help the spread of fire. o Was a telephone call placed to a nearby hospital at 6 AM on the morning of the massacre asking about burn treatment capacity? If so, were there also any questions asked about treating tear gas victims? o Are the reports of agent fatigue true? If so, what effect did this have on the decision to go forward with the tanks? Was there a time limit placed on the negotiations? If so, by whom? How was this limit determined? o Why were the vehicles surrounding the compound destroyed by tanks? Why weren't they examined and hauled off? Exactly what evidence was not destroyed by the FBI? How much evidence was destroyed? Under whose orders? For what purpose? o Were any rounds fired from the helicopter? Who saw bullet holes in the roof indicating that rounds were fired from the helicopter? Is there any evidence of "spray and pray" tactics being employed by the BATF during the attack? o Who invited the reporters? Why were they invited? o Where is the complete video footage of raid? o Were any BATF agents drinking in a local bar the night before? Were they bragging about how they were going to "kick some butt on Mount Carmel" the next day? o What exactly is the purpose of blaring loud music and other noises at night? How does it enhance the ability to monitor a group of suspects? How does it help to convey a sense of negotiating in good faith? ---------------------------- David J Harr DoD# 2147483647 cyberpunk & biker SCUM


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