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Buying solar panels from Bright Eye Solar was the single worst decision made by me and my SO. The experience has been horrendous. I had an amazing experience with solar panels in our last house in Texas. After we moved to Pennsylvania to our new house, I was totally excited to get solar panels installed here as well. They proved to be quite useful in our last house, savings us pots of money in electricity all the while helping the environment.

Well, only if this company would have been like our last solar installers, my experience at PA would have been splendid. We only hired this company after our son showed us the excellent reviews they had online. People were describing what an amazing experience they had with the company and thus we were eager to buy panels from them. I don’t know if we are the only unlucky ones who had such a horrible experience with this company or if those reviewers were lying, but those Bright Eye Solar reviews we read online were totally wrong.

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During the installation process, the workers made a lot of noise, talking loudly, using lewd words without any filter. That wasn’t the main problem though. They damaged our roof badly causing leaks to form. At my age it’s difficult enough to enjoy life and with multiple leaks on the roof, our life became a living nightmare. Whenever we contacted the company, they would always say that they are sending someone soon to check out the issue, however, no one ever came. Finally our son went to the office and they told him that it’s not their problem. I didn’t want to cause drama and just wanted to get the leaks fixed, however, to even get a 3rd party roof guy we would need to remove the panels which could not be done without permission from the installers. The solar company denied permission and didn’t send anyone to remove the panels until after a month. After the whole shenanigan was done, we had a bill of $9,XXX.00 on our hands and Bright Eye Solar denied to pay for it. It was their staff who did a pathetic job in installing the solar panels, but they refused to pay for their mistakes.

The behavior of their customer service was very hostile towards us too, when we asked if they can pay even 20% of the roof damage costs.

Bright Eye Solar damaged our roof, costing us more than $9,000 and they refused to pay for it! They didn’t even contribute 20%

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Should I get solar panels from Bright Eye Solar?

No. They damaged our roof and when we asked them to pay for the damages, they outright denied it. I would not advice anyone to buy solar from Bright Eye Solar.

Can I trust the Bright Eye Solar reviews online?

Frankly, not really. The websites online seem to have totally bogus positive reviews. I and possibly dozens of more people have been fooled by their fake PR attempts, but you don’t have to.

Why aren’t there many Bright Eye Solar Complaints online?

Most of the people who buy solar don’t even know they can post reviews online and they think it’s a bad practice. This, combined with the dangerous number of fake review websites online (where people pay to get 5 star reviews), makes it impossible for people to find any Bright Eye Solar Complaints.

Would you recommend Bright Eye Solar?

No. Definitely not!

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Avoid Bright Eye Solar. They are really unskilled at installing panels and their bad customer service just makes things even more painful.

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  • Would love to take your money


  • And in return they will give you pathetic customer service and roof leaks

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