Dan Henry

Dan Henry

In this article, I’ll be discussing GetClients.com, its owner Dan Henry, and some of its programs. There are a lot of affiliate reviews on this site and its courses, which give biased information to ensure they get their commissions.

I wanted to give a clear picture to the readers out there. This review will help you make a better-informed decision about GetClients.com and its products. Let’s get started.

Dan Henry’s Facebook Ads Course Review: Reasons to Avoid it

Dan Henry is a self-proclaimed guru who claims to earn millions through his online courses. In his Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs course, he claims to teach you how to use Facebook Ads in the best way possible. 

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According to the bio on his website, which I’ve discussed in a later section, he has gained all of his success through social media marketing.

In this section of my article, I’ll discuss if his Facebook Ads Course is worth a try or not. 

Facebook Ads Have Become Obsolete

There was a time when Facebook was the preferred social media platform for businesses. But that era is gone. It has become overcrowded, and so over-expensive. For small businesses (or even mid-sized ones), Facebook ads have become much unaffordable and inefficient. 

Instagram ads or YouTube ads offer better bang for your buck. 

So, when the product in-question has become obsolete, taking a course on how to use it seems counterproductive as well. 

Exorbitant Pricing

Dan keeps fluctuating the price of his course but in most cases it stays between 500 to 1000 dollars. That’s a lot of money for a course on using something that isn’t even effective in the modern conditions.

Moreover, in current times, people are already struggling with their finances so paying such a huge amount can be too difficult for them. It’s possible that people will take out loans just to get this course, which is not a good financial decision, especially when the course focuses on an obsolete marketing strategy. 

Too Many Affiliate Reviews (Reputation Scam)

Another prominent issue with this GetClients.com course is its affiliate reviews. Most of the reviews I found on the Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs course had affiliate links. This means, if you click on the link present on those reviews, the reviewer earns commission. 

Affiliate reviews aren’t trustworthy because they can’t be unbiased. They get paid when you purchase the thing they reviewed. So why would they point out its flaws? In a way, affiliate reviews are a scam as they seem like they are giving genuine suggestions while they are completely biased. 

Dan has made many affiliates to ensure his courses have positive reviews everywhere. Also, if someone has to pay this many affiliates to have positive reviews, it’s highly probable the product isn’t worth it. 

Marketed as a One-Solution-For-All Product

Another issue I have with this course is the way Dan is marketing it. Its ads and positive reviews have made it seem like the “one solution for all business problems”, which seems very dubious and shady.

I’ve already explained how the basic premise of the course is useless, so marketing it as an excellent solution for all business marketing struggles seems far-fetched.

Facebook ads alone can’t solve a business’s problems unless that business is minuscule in size and has only gained a following on Facebook. Even in that case, the business would be flawed because the excessive pricing of Facebook ads would ruin its marketing budget. 

In other words, the Facebook ads course by Dan Henry isn’t as great as Dan claims it to be. 

Professionally Produced Content

One thing I would like to appreciate about this course is that the content here is professionally created. The video and audio quality is high. So you know that Dan has spent a substantial amount to make his course seem professional. 

An Active Facebook Group

A plus for this course was its Facebook group. When you buy the Facebook ads for entrepreneurs course, you get to join an exclusive Facebook group too. 

Unlike many course-exclusive groups, this one was quite active and was home to many fruitful discussions. 

If you want to spend several hundred bucks on joining a Facebook group, only then I recommend taking this course. In any other case, I wouldn’t recommend buying the Facebook ads for Entrepreneurs course to anyone.

When I had first written this article, there wasn’t any mention of Digital Millionaire Coaching. However, by the time I finished editing, Dan had started promoting his new coaching program madly. 

Dan Henry’s GetClients.com is popular because of its numerous courses. For the time being, he has removed all the courses from GetClients.com. I believe he wants everyone to sign up on his new Digital Millionaire Coaching program. That’s why I must discuss this program here: 

What is Digital Millionaire Coaching from GetClients.com? 

Instead of releasing courses, Dan has taken the more expensive path of dedicated coaching. When you enroll in the Digital Millionaire Coaching program, you get to meet with Dan exclusively for 2-4 times a year. He trains you with his team to launch a business like his. 

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He has been making people ‘marketing gurus’ for years and this method of coaching helps him earn more for less effort. 

Dan has kept its course hidden but we can safely assume that it would cost more than $10,000. 

image 6

After seeing the quality of his Facebook ads course, I don’t think his Digital Millionaire Coaching program is any better. In my opinion, it’s a huge scam as he gets to charge tens of thousands of dollars for teaching basics in the name of exclusive training. 

Digital Millionaire Coaching Alternative:

If you really want to become a digital entrepreneur, the best way to do so is by gaining a specific expertise. Dan claims that you can become an industry guru with mere entry-level expertise, which is completely wrong. 

Would you pay an intern to teach you management? Probably not, right? 

Work in the industry, gain some experience, and use the knowledge you gained to launch an information product  business. You don’t need to pay tens of thousands of dollars to someone to tell you this exact same thing. 

Who is Dan Henry, the Owner of GetClients.com?

GetClients.com is a product of Dan Henry (like Tim has the Tim Sykes blog). They sell various digital marketing courses, one of which is the Facebook Ads Course that I’ve reviewed in this article. 

Dan Henry is one of those ‘classic’ marketing gurus. By classic, I mean the kind of gurus who have a miraculous rags to riches story. 

There are many versions of these rags to riches stories. In most cases, these people belong to a middle-class or a low-income household then tell you how they made millions within a few months. Such stories are tailored to seem believable so they can sell these fantasies to others.

Before I share more of my opinion, let me tell you what Dan’s story is (or what he claims it to be).

Dan Henry: His Bio

According to the ‘Story’ page of his website, Dan was a normal college kid who started his career as a pizza delivery boy. After doing that job for some time, he got a sales job under someone named Jeff. 

While working as a salesman, he claims that he learned a few online marketing skills and started his own agency. So far the story is very convincing but what’s a rags to riches story without a dramatic twist, right?

According to Dan, his first client was the billionaire owner of the company he used to work for as a sales person. This billionaire invited him to his house and showed him his lavish lifestyle. After that, Dan released several other businesses and finally started releasing courses. 

Currently, Dan runs GetClients.com, which has become a prominent business in the industry. Dan has around 98,000 followers on Instagram at the moment. So you can guess how prominent he has become in the last few years. 

My Thoughts on Dan Henry’s Story:

It’s possible for Dan’s story to be true. Miracles still happen, right? But here are some things that didn’t make much sense to me:

  • According to Dan, his first client was a billionaire who invited him to his home to ‘get to know him’. Why would a billionaire invite a random person with no authority or industry expert to his house? 
  • Dan claims that within the first 30 days of his agency’s launch, it landed six clients and earned him more than $10k. However, he doesn’t mention his agency’s name or shares any information about it. Whenever he talks about his work, he mentions GetClients.com, which is an information product company, not an agency.

Another point I would like to bring up is that all of these facts are unverifiable. That means, you can’t verify his claims by any method. He never mentions which agency he operated, and only claims that as soon as he taught his methods to people, they started making great money immediately. 

All of these signs point towards the ‘Classic marketing guru’ sign. Did I point out that he teaches others to become gurus like him? I’m not the one saying it, he said it himself.

Total Score

I only reviewed one of their courses because:
It costs a lot of money to join one
If one course was bad then the others must be too as the instructor is the same
The Facebook ads course was very disappointing. Its premise is flawed, and its 
Regarding Dan’s Digital Millionaire Coaching Program, I wouldn’t recommend joining it too seeing how his course was of bad quality. GetClient.com is not as great as its owner claims it to be. You should avoid it and its sleazy marketing to ensure that you don’t fall prey to this scam. 

2.5Expert Score





Customer Service


2.9User’s score








  • Nasty Scam!
  • Deceptive
  • Major Red Flags

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