Dr. Simon Ourian

Who is Dr Simon Ourian?

Who is Dr Simon Ourian?

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Dr Simon Ourian is a famous cosmetic dermatologist who owns his own clinic, Epione, in Beverly Hills. For more than 20 years, Dr Ourian and his clinic has been known for its celebrity clients including the likes of Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Chrissy Teigen, Eva Mendes, and many more. 

Dr Ourian’s career first blew up after somehow getting endorsed by the Kardashian family. According to reports, that is how he managed to build a connection with celebrities of such calibres. As his career blows up and Dr Ourian himself is starting to get regarded as a celebrity dermatologist, it is only natural for his business ventures to start surging in popularity as well. 

One of his main business ventures is Epione, a clinic located in Beverly Hills. According to their website, Epione was first established in 1998. Initially located in California, the website claimed that Epione is a clinic dedicated to aesthetic laser surgery. Up to this day, Dr Ourian’s tries to distinguish themself for their “state of the art” laser surgery technology which we will discuss more in the following paragraphs. 

Another one of Dr Ourian’s business ventures is Epione Skin Care, in which he sells a wide variety of high end skin care, including different types of serum and concealer. While there is no hard evidence on the following story, Dr Ourian stated that Epione Skin Care is a result of his frustration towards the lack of effective skincare that he could recommend to his patients. Thus, he partnered up with a laboratory to come up with his own formulas, which are eventually sold in the form of Epione Skin Care. 

More about cosmetic dermatology

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Since Dr Simon Ourian is a cosmetic dermatologist, let us tell you more about what cosmetic dermatology is, what they offer, and the education, training required to be a good cosmetic dermatologist, and the risk involved in cosmetic dermatology procedures.

In general, dermatology is a medical study that deals with hairs, nails, and skins in particular. With dermatology, it is mostly about addressing issues and medical problems found in the patient’s body. On the other hand, cosmetic dermatology is a branch of dermatology that emphasises more on fulfilling a patient’s desire to make changes to their body, including changing their skin tones, reducing surface fat, treating acne, smoothing wrinkles, and many more. 

As it applies with any other medical practices, a cosmetic dermatologist has to be board certified in order to work in their field. To qualify for board certifications, an individual has to at least completed a bachelor degree from an accredited medical school and complete a residency program in dermatology, which includes 3 years of residency and a year of working as an intern. 

Cosmetic dermatology is an extension of dermatology, made to help patients achieve their desires. With that in mind, cosmetic dermatology procedures do come with a risk. While none of the risks are deadly, the scale of fatality depends on which procedures you are going through. For instance, a misconduct in dermal fillers may lead to several adverse problems such as muscle contractures and vision loss. Thus, it is crucial for patients to look for credible professionals when it comes to cosmetic dermatology. 

Background Checking Ourian MD

Background Checking Ourian MD

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Now that you are well informed about cosmetic dermatology, let us run a quick background check on Dr Simon Ourian. Looking from a consumer point of view, Dr Ourian definitely looks credible, especially when you look at his media appearances and pictures of him with some of Hollywood’s elite celebrities. Moreover, each website that he runs including his personal and business website looks quite professional and convincing. 

However, if you do a side by side comparison on each and every one of his websites, you will notice that there are a few odd similarities that simply look questionable. It is never wrong to use celebrity’s publicity to improve your own business. In fact, it is quite admirable that Dr Ourian manages to connect with such top celebrities. Additionally, Dr Simon Ourian did a really good job appearing in media and TV shows to further promote his clinic and services. Regardless, the odd similarities that we mentioned above is how Dr Ourian only emphasizes on his publicity and celebrity connections in most of his websites.

As a person working in the medical field, it is only common for one to at least include his/her academic background along with other certifications that he/she gained along her studies and career. If you look at Epione, Epione Skin Care, and Dr Ourian’s personal website, there are hardly any details about his academic background and medical certifications despite always having a section about his personal details. 

Instead, you will find the same old story about how he worked with famous patients such as Kim Kardashia, Lady Gaga, Kendal Jenner, etc. Again, it is not a wrong move to use this strategy to promote your personal branding and business, but the rest of the information usually covers how Dr Ourian is a master at what he do, how passionate he is to help his patients, how he is very detailed when working with patients, and how his professional team will welcome you to fulfill your desires.

Anyhow, our point is that it is extremely hard to run a background check on Dr Ourian as he does not really post much details about his background, at least on his personal and business websites. Fortunately, medical professionals have a background that can always be checked from a public record, including Dr Simon Ourian. 

Remember how we mentioned the residency program that a cosmetic dermatologist has to go through as one of the requirements to get board certified? Shockingly, Dr Ourian has never been trained in a dermatology residency program. This is highly questionable considering that Dr Ourian is licensed under the state of California. 

According to reports by the Medical Board of California, Dr Ourian did complete a training in anesthesia and internal medicine, but those are completely unrelated to the field where he works in, cosmetic dermatology. Although not mentioned as frequently, Dr Ourian did mention on his website that he developed his interest towards dermatology and aesthetics during his residence program in UCLA, but “interest” alone is not enough to earn yourself the skills required to be a good cosmetic dermatologist. 

Scandals and reports of malpractices

Scandals and reports of malpractices

To put you into perspective, Dr Simon Ourian is not only a cosmetic dermatologist, he is a businessman who owns a clinic and skincare products in both Epione and Epione Skin Care. Granted that you do not have to be skilled in dermatology to own a business operating in that field, it is a crucial requirement for someone who works as a professional in cosmetic dermatology to at least fulfill the required qualifications, let alone having a good medical track record. 

Not only that our previous assessment shows that Dr Ourian’s qualifications are questionable, there have been scandals regarding his past. Not just any scandal, but one that concerns his license as a medical worker. 

Back in 2005 which was long before Dr Simon Ourian gained his surge in popularity, he was charged by the state of California for approximately 29 different acts of wrongdoings. These wrongdoings includes multiple aspect of his business, including some malpractices that is not directly involves with his medical practices, such as gross negligence, repeated negligent acts, incompetence, and inadequate record keeping. 

Amongst all of his charges, what we find most concerning is aiding and abetting unlicensed practice of medicine. What this means is to allow an unlicensed party such as a nurse to carry out medical practices that should only be done by licensed professionals. In fact, it was alleged that a nurse in Dr Ourian’s clinic was allowed to perform a facelift on a patient, which is always dangerous regardless of that nurse’s skill level. 

These charges were amended in 2007 and resulted in the revocation of his medical license in 2009, which again was way before Dr Ourian became famous. Eventually, Dr Simon Ourian was to serve a five year probation, in which he had to complete at least 45 hours of medical education. The courses involved during the medical education were specifically aimed towards the areas where problems were found in him, including communication skills, record keeping, ethics, and an assessment of his physical and mental health.

Another result of the charges is that Dr Ourian was not allowed to carry out his own medical practices. During that 5 years period, Dr Ourian can only proceed to carry out medical practices when he is supervised by a board certified doctor. Additionally, Dr Ourian was not allowed to supervise and watch over a physician assistant, a power that he misused before being charged for misconduct. 

What Fellow Doctors Think About Dr. Simon Ourian

What Fellow Doctors Think About Dr. Simon Ourian

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Although the 5 years following 2009 was definitely a low in Dr Ourian’s career, his probation was lifted after serving for 5 years. A couple years after getting his probation lifted, Dr Ourian managed to turn his career around, mostly because of his ability to make connections with high profile patients.

No one knows what Dr Ourian went through during the 5 years of probation. More importantly, no one really knows if he is truly a changed man who will serve his patients with integrity. At least not until a board certified doctor in Dr Adam Rubenstein reviews and exposes Dr Ourian’s line of work. 

It all began when Dr Adam Rubenstein received reports from Dr Ourian’s patients about the unsatisfactory and somewhat harmful result that they experienced after attending Dr Ourian’s clinic. One example was Dick Van Dyke, whose wife received a treatment Dr Ourian referred to as “Lipo Freeze ”, a term that is not commonly used in the world of cosmetic dermatology. Shortly explained, Dick Van Dyke’s wife experienced excessive bleeding followed by an awful scar after going through the Lipo Freeze in Dr Ourian’s clinic. 

According to Dr Rubenstein, Lipo Freeze is most likely a form of ciro lipolysis or more commonly known as CoolSculpting, a very common and low-risk procedure that should not result in such consequences. In fact, Dr Rubenstein was not even aware that bleeding was possible after CoolSculpting (Lipo Freeze in Dr Ourian’s term). 

Looking deeper at the treatments offered by Dr Ourian’s clinic, it shows that Dr Ourian is a fan of using unfamiliar terms for the practices that he offered in his clinic. Moreover, he trademarked several of these terms and practices, not allowing other clinics and professionals to use the same terms that he used. 

One of the examples is Cool Laser, a term that Dr Ourian has trademarked for a technology that he used in his clinic. Supposedly, it is another one of his laser technology which he used for his patients, but Dr Adam Rubenstein stated that the Cool Laser is something that he alongside other cosmetic dermatologists to be unfamiliar with.

On top of that, a very well known cosmetic dermatologist in Dr Jason Emmer stated that he found no positive effects for the usage of Cool Laser. In fact, Dr Emmer received many patients asking for alternative treatments after receiving the Cool Laser treatment from Dr Ourian. 

How did Dr Ourian manage to stay on top?

With his awful history and exposed wrongdoings, how did Dr Ourian manage to stay on top while still operating a clinic in the heart of Beverly Hills? Well, this is a combination of different reasons that make Dr Ourian the person that he is now. First of all, it is obvious that Dr Ourion has done such a great job in gaining public’s attention by appearing on TV shows and the media. On top of it, being able to work with some of Hollywood’s top individuals plays a huge part in his and his clinic’s success.

Secondly, we figured that Dr Ourian is an expert in removing and hiding bad reviews from real customers that have been to his clinics. Moreover, whenever someone like Dr Adam Rubenstein tries to expose his practices, Dr Ourian will take extreme measures to fight back and defeat his critics. In the case of Dr Adam Rubenstein, he received tons of bad reviews after exposing Dr Ourian. Weirdly, these reviews came from random accounts in Russia and it was the same account that gave good reviews for Dr Ourian’s services, indicating that Dr Ourian is no stranger to using fake reviews to boost his business and eliminate competitors. 

Dr. Ourian is a quack

Dr. Ourian is a quack

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Conclusively, we are not here to slander Dr Ourian and his business ventures, we are simply stating facts and reports taken from accredited resources. Whether you trust Dr Ourian, Epione, and Epione Skin Care is totally up to your own judgement. To close it off, we kindly remind you that instead of looking at celebrities’ endorsement and public stunts, always be sure to do a thorough background check before using any kind of products and services. 

A Patient’s Personal Experience:

Oh yeah! This doctor (Simon Ourian) just hit a home run by fixing the Kardashians’ teeth and he’s been fleecing the rest of us like since forever! You know, I went for Botox treatment at Epione. I admit I was influenced by the fact that Dr. Simon Ourian was a celebrity plastic surgeon and had so many cool clients. I thought he would be good. I was sold into a facelift for one hour that cost $14, 000 with the radiance filler. Yet, this DID NOT work at all! The cool blue laser is used without any protection whatsoever and goes right over the eyelids.

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I felt like a fool signing the contract since nothing really worked. The radiance is now lumpy and is sliding down or so it seems. Now these guys tell me it will go on for 3-7 years until it turns into a tissue! The cool blue laser treatment made my eyes droopy for several weeks not to mention the fear I had to go through. It is really painful as well. I would like people to really avoid this celebrity dentist’s practice. He does not care for commoners like us and yes, most of the treatments don’t work!

I also went on dirtyscam.com/reviews/simon-ourian-md/ where another patient clearly stated that the doctor was never around and even 20% improvement was guaranteed with Coolaser at a fee of $7, 000. However, no results were there and this is the same thing that happened to me. This patient did not even get a full refund as promised earlier by the doctor. Even graziadaily.co.uk/beauty-hair/skin/dr-simon-ourian-kardashian-doctor/ states how Dr. Ourian was under supervision in 2009 for a period of 5 years after admitting to repeated negligence and the keeping of inadequate patient records. Sadly, most people keep falling prey to these fraudulent doctors who are inefficient and only know how to wrangle money out of their clients.

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Dr. Simon Ourian

Dr. Simon Ourian



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