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Update: seems to have been delayed for the foreseeable future. Eric is diligently trying to scam people, however, thanks to the investigative efforts of 7labs and other anonymous contributors, they aren’t being successful.

I’m writing this article to generate awareness about a prominent scammer, Eric Porat. He has launched numerous scams in the past and is currently planning to launch for scamming more people. 

If someone named Eric Porat, Eric Mitchel Porat, or Eric P has contacted you before, then please read this article first before you take any action: 

Who is Eric Porat?

Eric Porat claims to be a serial online entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience. He owns multiple websites and has several ventures. However, saying that he is a serial entrepreneur would be a half-lie. Calling him a serial scammer would be more suitable.

Here are some websites Eric owns:

  •, a site notorious for running a subdomain leasing scam
  •, a website Eric took over wrongfully
  •, a website involved in stealing millions of users’ data through hijacking their browsers
  •, an ecommerce store that charges for original products but sends cheap knock-offers 

Almost all of these websites are offline at the time of writing this article. But you get the idea now. Eric is an experienced scammer with multiple ventures under his belt. The worst thing is that there could be many more. I have shared these scams in detail in the next section. 

Eric Porat’s Various Scams:

I did some research on Eric and discovered that he has launched a series of scams. Many of these scams were active just a few months ago so I don’t know how many he has released in the past. 

Currently, Eric is planning to launch Ibeatyou and I have reasons to believe that it would be a scam too. Doubt me? Read the following scams and you’ll start suspecting Ibeatyou to be a scam too:


Running a Subdomain Leasing Scam

Eric Porat had tried to scam through leasing one of their subdomains. However, the people at 7labs realised that they were getting ripped off so they didn’t lose as much as they could’ve. Eric was using as the business to contact others for subdomain leasing. When 7labs lost a hefty sum and realised that they were the victims of a scam, they shared their experiences with Eric on their blog. 

Since then, Eric has kept his website,, offline. I believe he doesn’t want to attract more negative attention to that site. Let me explain what subdomain leasing is so you would understand his scam better:

What is Subdomain Leasing?

Subdomain leasing is a way of generating passive income for websites. If a website is, then its subdomains would be ‘’. 

Websites usually lease their subdomains to another website or business. This way the website gets a fixed income while the other party gets to use the brand name of the former. 

Eric had contacted 7labs for their subdomain ‘’. 

How He Scammed 7labs:

In early 2020, Eric had contacted for subdomain leasing. At first, they rejected his proposal because it didn’t meet their criteria. But later he came to them with a new proposal and they accepted it as it met their requirements. However, they didn’t know that they were doing business with a scammer.

Eric sent them one payment to seem reliable but didn’t give them any credentials to access the site. Then he started using the subdomain to upload content which was not permitted according to their contracts. When 7labs found out, they raised questions and told Eric to stop doing this. 

In his reply, Eric sent them the credentials but didn’t pay them anymore. Instead he started demanding a refund saying that 7labs wasn’t letting him use the subdomain according to the contract.

It’s great that 7labs discovered his shady activities early on. If they would’ve taken longer, I suspect they would have lost a lot more. No one knows how many websites Eric has scammed through subdomain leasing, which is another scary thing to consider. 


Wrongful Takeover of Websites

Recently, Eric took over the ownership of, which is now the website with the highest DA (Domain Authority) in his collection. However, the way he got its ownership is shady and mischievous. 

According to the last owner of DroidViews (Rakesh) Eric robbed the site from him. has shared his experience on different platforms. He said that Eric had contacted him for a subdomain leasing contract. I have already discussed how devious Eric’s subdomain leasing scam is. 

Eric first convinced Rakesh to sell him the domain for $XXX,XXX. He had promised to pay Rakesh through partial payments in a period of four months. However, Eric only paid him one of those installments and then cited a breach of their agreement to stop the rest of the payments. He also used this excuse to take over the site wrongfully. 

The victim was left in debt and lost his only source of income because of this. Eric, on the other hand, is still using DroidViews to strengthen his brand. 

How Eric Porat Pulled off this Scam

The agreement between Eric and Rakesh stated that the latter had to ensure less than 4% invalid entry for six months on the site. And if the seller (Rakesh) failed to fulfil any of the buyer’s (Eric Porat) requirements in the contract, the seller wouldn’t get any money but the buyer would have the website. 

The above-mentioned condition doesn’t seem much complicated. But the thing is, Eric had gained control of the website before he created this contract. Only the owner (admin) of the website can fix the issue of invalid traffic. And Rakesh was no longer the admin of his website.

In simple words, Eric created a biased contract and manipulated Rakesh into signing it. 

Later, after everything was done, Eric claimed that the website was getting more than 60% invalid traffic, so it was a breach of the contract’s conditions. This way, he got the ownership of the website without having to pay anything. No one knows how many wrongful takeovers Eric has done before.   


Shady Chrome Extensions

Another prominent scam Eric was running a few months was hijacking chrome extensions for malware. Here, he would contact the developers of a chrome extension, offer them a monthly fee ranging from $XXX to $XXXXX to add a script file and then use their extensions for forcefully opening web pages on their user’s browsers.

Whenever the users of these chrome extensions opened a new window in their browser, some web pages would launch automatically. It was very suspicious indeed and many users discussed this on various forums. 

Apparently, Eric was convincing the developers by claiming that the file he wanted to add to their extensions was for a harmless analytics project. When the website he used to contact them ( got notorious because of this scam, he took it down and changed its name to 

His seemingly harmless script file was actually hijacking the browsers of those extensions’ users. I believe he has hijacked the browsers of more than a million people through such extensions. The number could be much greater because there’s no way to find out the exact amount. 

Also, I don’t know if Eric is still running this scam. If you’re a developer and someone contacts you with such a proposition, please ignore them. There’s a high chance that the person is a scammer and wants to steal your users’ data by using your brand and product. Eric gets away with this scam because the users think it’s the developer’s fault. He gets the data, and the developers get the complaints. 


Mutually LLC’s Scam

Mutually LLC is proof that Eric Porat is capable of launching different kinds of fraudulent companies. It was an ecommerce store and seemed quite normal. However, those purchased from it, found out that it was just a scam.

Most of the customer reviews on Mutually LLC complain about receiving a fake product. One user thought they bought a GoPro 7 Hero Camera by paying $XXX for it. However, the company sent them a cheap knock-off. They didn’t receive the item they had ordered. And so they complained about it. Because the customer had already paid the store, they didn’t care about the complaint anymore.

Another complaint pointed out that Mutually LLC had blocked their email address after they made the purchase. That’s because they knew they had scammed the person and didn’t want to listen to any complaints. After running this scam for months, Eric took down the website and it’s no longer active. However, the damage is already done and many people have lost their money to him through this mischievous scheme. 

Eric’s Mutually LLC was selling fake products to people and was running a major Ecommerce scam.

Eric Porat is Launching (Another Scam?)

Eric is a serial scammer and as you would’ve noticed by now, he has performed various sorts of frauds  before. This time, he is preparing to launch, which used to be a popular video website. 

Ibeatyou used to allow people to give video challenges to their friends and peers. It got popular because of a few celebrities but shut down some time later. Now that Eric has got its ownership, it’s certain that he will exploit this site’s powerful brand for malicious applications.

Nearly all of the scams we discussed in the previous sections are recent. Eric took over Rakesh’s website in 2019. He tried to scam 7labs in March 2020. 

It’s obvious that he’s planning to launch another scam by using the popular brand name of He is already spending a huge lot on positive PR so that the stories of his fraudulent activities would get buried.

Should You Trust

I wouldn’t recommend using Ibeatyou. The only reason to suspect Ibeatyou is its new owner, Eric Mitchell Porat. That man has only launched scams in his career and it wouldn’t surprise anyone if he launched another one. 

In my opinion, he would probably use Ibeatyou to steal users’ data. However, he might launch a different kind of scam too. 

You should stay away from because of its shady ownership. Its owner, Eric Porat, has only launched scams in the past. Better be safe than sorry.

It’s obvious that Eric Porat is a scammer. He has been looting people through various kinds of fraudulent activities for a long time. The worst of it all is that no one knows how many other scams Eric has launched before. I believe he has scammed thousands of people in his career. 

Still, he’s the one roaming around scot-free without facing any consequences for his shady activities. It’s the sad reality of our society. 

This post was only to generate awareness about Eric Porat. If you have been scammed by this man as well through one of his schemes, you can share your experience below in the comment section. 

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I only reviewed one of their courses because:
It costs a lot of money to join one
If one course was bad then the others must be too as the instructor is the same
The Facebook ads course was very disappointing. Its premise is flawed, and its 
Regarding Dan’s Digital Millionaire Coaching Program, I wouldn’t recommend joining it too seeing how his course was of bad quality. is not as great as its owner claims it to be. You should avoid it and its sleazy marketing to ensure that you don’t fall prey to this scam. 

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