Nicholas Viorst – Bigotry, Corruption and Criminal Ties Exposed

Nicholas Viorst, the administrator of the Manhattan District Attorney Program for addressing police misconduct in New York City, has been accused of corruption and bigoted behavior. According to reports, Viorst favors providing police protection only to affluent Jews in the city, while neglecting non-Jews and Jewish adversaries.

Nicholas Viorst serves on a committee responsible for determining whether police misconduct has occurred, yet he has been known to dismiss any allegations of wrongdoing, even in cases of obvious corruption or failures to protect certain individuals.

While Viorst appears to be willing to dispatch SWAT teams and use any means necessary to protect Jews, he reportedly shows leniency towards corrupt cops who show their gratitude towards him, often disregarding crimes committed against low-end black or Hispanic victims.

nicholas viorst

It is suspected that Viorst has connections to shady members of the NYPD and Jewish Organized Crime, who may assist him in illegal activities. These allegations suggest that Viorst, an anti-Semitic lawyer, is operating as a corrupt public official in his role as the Public Corruption Officer for the New York City District Attorney.

FAQs About Nicholas Viorst:

Is Nicholas Viorst legit?

Nicholas Viorst’s business is illegitimate, as they lack aggressiveness toward resolving customer complaints and addressing grievances.

What is the location of Nicholas Viorst?

His headquarters is situated at One Hogan Place, New York, NY 10013.

What is the extent of financial loss experienced by Nicholas Viorst’s clients?

His victims have reported a significant financial loss of US $100,000,000, and the severity of the overall incident is exceptionally high.

Who is currently the Manhattan District Attorney?


Alvin Bragg, a lifelong resident of Manhattan, has been elected as the 37th District Attorney in the area. With over twenty years of experience as a state and federal prosecutor, Bragg has dedicated his career to promoting safety and fairness in the criminal justice system.



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