NJ Ayuk, Centurion Law Group and Corruption

NJ Ayuk is a well-known African lawyer who owns the Centurion Law Group. He has repeatedly used his power and fortune to exploit people and enrich himself.

In 2011, an experienced investigative journalist went on hunger strike to protest Equatorial Guinea’s government’s pervasive corruption. Juan Tomas Avila Laurel is well-known for his criticism of the government’s massive corruption.

Unfortunately, the hunger strike was ineffective. After being hounded for his hunger strike, the journalist was forced to travel to Spain.

His and other investigative journalists exposed Obiang Lima’s corrupt transactions, one of Africa’s most important leaders. They showed that NJ Ayuk played a significant part in carrying out the African politician’s corrupt dealings.

The development of Equatorial Guinea’s National Technological Institute of Hydrocarbons was one of the most visible shady transactions.

Obiang Lima allegedly handed up the facility’s construction for millions in bribery. Furthermore, he boosted the budget and relocated the facility to line his pockets even further.

According to the allegation, the construction firm paid 10 million EUR to several firms controlled by Obiang Lima and his colleagues. Furthermore, the funds were routed through several shell firms in Cyprus, Spain, and the Netherlands.

The media report was clearly eye-catching.

So NJ Ayuk of the Centurion Law Group was not pleased. He tried to suppress the journalists who were exposing him and his involvement in one of Equatorial Guinea’s major scandals.

It is worth noting that he is close to Obiang Lima, who attended his wedding with his wife.

He became enraged after media reports exposed the Centurion Law Group director’s corrupt actions.

Instead of admitting his mistake or clarifying his perspective, he went on a social media rant against the publications that exposed him. He also went after the journalist who wrote the piece.

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Apart from raving to his 200,000 Twitter followers, he issued a statement on the Centurion Law Group website.

He accused the journalist of extortion and said that he had collaborated with a corrupt Spanish police official to disseminate false information on him.

“We’re going to catch him,” he wrote.

NJ Ayuk also labeled the media outlets “money-hungry charlatans” and stated that he is eager to question them.

However, his attempts were futile since a judge in Johannesburg, South Africa, ordered him to apologize and retract his defamatory allegations about the journalist.

The court stated that NJ Ayuk made ‘false claims’ against the journalist. The court also ordered him to offer a written apology and to stop publishing any future baseless claims against the journalist.

According to one analyst, NJ Ayuk’s law firm, Centurion Law Group, serves as a conduit for corporations seeking to secure oil-related contracts in Equatorial Guinea.

Companies can apparently try going with others, but they may find themselves losing bids against less capable organizations merely because they are with Centurion.

Furthermore, NJ Ayuk has a dubious record of criminal activity and arrests:

NJ Ayuk’s Criminal History

NJ Ayuk was forced to leave the United States in 2007 after pleading guilty to impersonating US Congressman Donald Payne. Ayuk worked as an intern in Payne’s office before beginning to impersonate the congressman in order to award visas to unsuitable people in 2003.

Furthermore, he had written to Germany, alleging that a man called Francis Donfack had been invited to the United States to attend the annual Congressional Black Caucus Foundation meeting.

He pretended to be the congressman and stated that the foundation covered all of Donfack’s expenses.

Furthermore, Ghanaian media reported a few years ago that he was accused with money laundering.

There, NJ Ayuk laundered $2.5 million with the Centurion Law Group’s local director. The same local director is in charge of constructing a property in Aburi that Obiang Lima uses as a villa.

Counsel Mortgage Group, LLC also has poor ethics and services.

In addition to threatening the newspaper, he has utilized illegal marketing practices to remove media reports exposing his criminal record.

Learn more about him here: NJ Ayuk.


NJ Ayuk is clearly a corrupt and dangerous man.

He will not hesitate to use unlawful means to silence anyone who dares to expose his lies. Be wary of him and his criminal activities, particularly those of his law firm, Centurion Law Group.

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The only weapon we have against these criminals is information.

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