Online marketing and shopping have been in the market amphitheater since 1994; when the first ‘secure’ retail transaction was made by NetMarket. Since then; Amazon, eBay, etc. developed into the major stakeholders of the online marketing sphere with access to the majority of the items and commodities to the public. With these major collaborators of the online market, there have been augmentations of certain websites that deal in similar domains. These markets either sell a range of products while some focus on a limited range available to the customer to ensure ‘reliable’ and ‘commendable’ online services to the community. Out of all these generally mentioned websites; Tophatter has been an acclaimed name in the US markets. Tophatter at first was a very rigorous website dealing in jewelry items which were then expanded to electronics, home appliances, and fashion products along with their jewelry packages. It never took long for realizing the bogus system of Tophatter and how relentlessly they were involved in manipulating and deceiving their customers. It has been highly recommended by the users in the United States to be well-aware and cautious of such spam and suggested to keep a distance whilst targeting more credible websites with better and up-to-the-mark services.

Analyzing The Method of Tophatter’s Online Marketing

At first, it is important to give a complete ‘post-mortem’ report of the structure of this platform and then discuss how it negatively implicates the society and tends to damage their monetary conditions with their deceit over the certain products identified as spam by the users.

Tophatter functions under a ‘bidding’ scenario. The products and items are predominantly put into the market with a mere starting price which is then won by any customer through bidding. The payer bidding the most after the closure of the deal shall be paying the money for the item won in the bid. If we get to have a glance at the basic GUI of the website, it matches principally with other online marketing websites; where all items are arranged in buttons along with their classifications under a specific domain. The bidding is open to the world which is then dealt with payment after the setting of product orders. Any customer with the greater intent of winning the product will be investing more money onto it which will be then paid accordingly by the bidder. It seems to be a very proactive marketing stunt where the company can get benefited from the profit it gains from this version of payments; which is a very distinctive way of retrieving twice or thrice the size of the basic cost. They do in general provide a cancellation button for the order, but their terms and conditions whilst booking a product isn’t proper in the subject.

Wait, it wasn’t what I ordered

Imagine how you would feel if you find a pair of socks in your pre-ordered Samsung Galaxy S10 box instead of the phone itself. Well, Tophatter hasn’t been reported with such a bitter gush. Now imagine how you would be feeling if all the .925 silver jewelry ordered from Tophatter turns out to be fake? That is what Tophatter is being avowed for in the US online market.

This moiety of scam prepared their clientele at first for registering into the auction. That client, amazed by the variety of the lavaliere they were offering ordered a bunch of items for themselves. He won bids to eventually pay for the products and the moment he received those items onto his doorstep made him realize the amount of scam this website has been offering to its clientele. As exclaimed by the user of this website, he never received what he had been ordering on the website. If judged on a scale of 1 to 10; these items were 0.1 times near to being pure silver (as exclaimed on the website). Regrettably, it was just the start of the hoax consumer services of Tophatter.

Ordered the US; got a Chinese

Never trust online markets with electronics; there are a thousand ways they can deceit you over the quality and efficiency of the commodity. How was it possible for Tophatter to remain laggard from this race of inefficiency? They ensured the customer service to be the cheapest and flimsiest as much as it can be. Strange how elegantly they wanted their customers to learn new languages; they sent products with instructions in Chinese. Their enthusiasm for China and Chinese products never concluded to the languages, the products weren’t even leveled according to the US sockets. It was assuredly a waste of both time and money for the consumers.

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Another quotation made the users of Tophatter discover the falsifying nature they had packed for them. Under the name of “Genuine” and “Originality”, they handed out fake products to them. The pure authenticity of Tophatter can be judged by the “original” content they sold having different font words for the same product available in the market; the “brilliance” of providing fake items to the customers.

“Order 2; Get One” Offer

Tophatter introduced a new trending offer into the market. To compete in the market, it is undoubtedly true that we have to pitch something new into it. Apart from the fake jewelry they gave away to their customers, they made incomplete orders. With a check of the ingenuity from a jeweler store and ensuring that the item that has been ordered by the customer is far from being silver; it also came into the knowledge that a gift bag that has been placed along with the product ordered is also missing from the package received. Promises are made, and breaking them ain’t a bigger deal for Tophatter. They would promise the customer a piece of additional baggage during the purchases but will fail to provide it in their order. It doesn’t stop there; as stated by the customers of Tophatter, with a check of the item they were promised with a box, it never was there in the list.

“Payment accepted, but sorry we are out of the product ordered.”

It is very bizarre to hear that a payment has been done for a specific commodity, but then it is stated to the customer of its unavailability in their stock. Tophatter surprisingly is “the” place for such vandalism. It so happened with people that they paid extra dollars for getting a laptop in a bid, but missed the cravings stating “Laptops not included.” These criminal acts made consumers pay hundreds of dollars in return for a whiff. And this is the very reason why bidding over products online is the vaguest consumer service apart from it being a money-hunger feat. The customer paid extra dollars for getting their hands over a certain item, yet that item hasn’t been stated as part of the deal but is still showing as an image in the specific trail. The briefing, the consumer has been paying for something that isn’t being provided.

“No” Return Service

Amazon and eBay are still reliable in comparison to Tophatter and such bogus sites as they have some specified return policy and they keep themselves bound to it. Tophatter has made it their obstinacy to make it impossible for the customer to return the product ordered. If a client has been bothered by the service they have been providing, Tophatter makes it more impossible for them to return the order. They’ve completed every formality of showing off the cancellation of the order but will gift them with a suspension of the account if ever tried out. It couldn’t be more unprofessional in attitude by a company towards the clientele, but it also shows the foundations of this company are a mere fraud. Their policies for return and refunds are antic. The customer has to pay $30 extra for shipping it back to China. Apart from this, the customer remains unsure about the payment of the refund. With no assurity, it becomes unnecessarily a preference for the user to keep it for themselves; hence a win-win for the Tophatter’s. They, either by deceit are still successful in selling out their products and gain the maximum profit out of it.

A company operated with bots

As stated at the start of the article where it was discussed how the company operated with the bidding methodology to carry out online transactions, it was taken into consideration how this can be used as an act of deceit and corruption. The items that are predominantly taken into bid are ‘rigged’ in nature. This shall be proved with proper argumentation. With a list of items featured, it is clearly stated appropriate over how stained customer services they provide. Most of the items that are sold by this company are occupied by bots that take part in the bidding. These help them increase their bid to 2x or 3x its original number. The presence of bots isn’t yet confirmed; the questions that are asked on the company’s contact info are replied with pre-stored and written messages. This confirms how poor the services are provided along with the confirmation of how this fraud is controlled with the help of bots and how unethically they sell their products by increasing their bids with the help of bots.

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If any sane man would be offered a sports car at $200, it would be never accepted because it is evident from the pricing that this item would be having some major problem in it. Tophatter sells such items that cost hundreds of dollars yet they are bided over just a few dollars. It seems clear that to sell their cheap auctions, they have introduced such scams into the market; fooling the less aware out of it. Every method that involves the authenticity factor of the product has been charged with several dollars by Tophatter. At first, a customer has to deposit $10 for referrals, and even if that item is sold to some other person, the customer going for the referrals fails to get anything out of it. They lose everything in the cause. Such criminality by this company has made the users affected by its venom stay quiet over the case. What’s lost has been lost with a no return point. This scam has made Tophatter earn thousands.

Automated responses

No matter how the consumer responds to a situation or how they report an issue, it has always been felt that the company never tends to respond as a real person. This shows that the company’s algorithm runs over automation. There isn’t any result out of emails too. This is hence clear as a customer that they won’t ever be entertained by the company’s services with no answers to their queries; henceforth keeping them unsure of the services.

Tophatter Review Conclusion

The online marketing system has arrived like a flash in the consumer market and people have been amazed by the services this system tends to provide. Since its introduction two decades earlier, this system hasn’t operated up to the mark for the consumers. Apart from its incompleteness, it came as an opportunity and a window for the scam to get into this service. These unfortunate deceits have been sucking the blood out of the lesser in intellect since the starting of online services; with hundreds of thousands of people affected by it. Companies like Tophatter are responsible for not allowing the online market to thrive and digitalize the marketing system completely. For this, people using such services need to be very careful. A small act of greed can cost them thousands; a random site giving them a $20 discount over a commodity in comparison to another site can result in a fake product. Hence, the use of credible sites and proper terms and conditions is necessary to be undertaken to avoid the maximum scam in the system.



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