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I bought the Wesley Virgin Overnight Millionaire program in May. I saw his ad on YouTube and it got me thinking, “Man this guy is right, I’m not making a ton of money and it’s all my fault, maybe he’s not like those other gurus”. So I went ahead and bought the Overnight Millionaire program from him for some $$. The program is definitely not worth the price fellas. They charge $37 for the most useless program and the Millionaire Mastery program is $99. I did not have astronomical expectations from a program priced at $37 but it still seemed overpriced.

It’s A Waste of Money!

It is nothing special. I had used this app called Headspace and those guys provided better meditation audios than the Overnight Millionaire. And like a f***ing dummy, I thought it’s my fault that I wanted anything better so I decided to buy the more expensive program. IT WAS THE WORST PURCHASE OF MY LIFE! OMG! It’s so bad that it’s laughable. A few hours after I bought the program I realized that I’ve been duped and I definitely wanted my money back. I’m an unemployed mfr so I didn’t have a ton of money in the first place. That money mattered a lot more to me and I thought to myself “C’mon it had been only a few hours, so they must refund my money right?” Actually, this wasn’t the truth at all!

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I contacted the official email of customer support at Wesleyvirgin.net to get a refund, and I received what looked like an automated email. When I replied to their email with the details they asked for like the order number etc, they did not care to respond! I emailed them again and still did not get any response whatsoever! That’s when the truth hit me, THEY DON’T EVEN HAVE REAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT STAFF!


I had just lost all the money I spent on this scammer and there was NOTHING I could do about it! It has been 1 month since I bought the expensive program and Wesley Virgin has not given me a refund even though they claim to have guaranteed refunds. Wesley Virgin is a f***ing scammer, avoid this f***tard! I can’t believe that I wasted my money on his garbage program. Well, I did think that I’ll get a refund if I find the program unsatisfactory.

After this happened I went online and did what I should have done before I bought anything from him, looked for a good Wesley Virgin review. And boy oh boy, this guy is not just any small scammer, he has dozens of fake f***ing reviews posted online! I expected that there would be other people who would have shared their experiences online but there were none, you know why, because this m****f****r doesn’t let that happen. He has paid up reviewers and bloggers online to write good st about his sty program so that he can make a fool of people online.

I found out about this elaborate scam through this Reddit post I found online. And you know what, THAT’S NOT ALL! The testimonials of celebrities that he shows in his ads of the Overnight Millionaire program are f***ing fake as well! Apparently, there’s a site online where you can hire celebrities to say good things about you or your product for a fee that ranges from 40 bucks to several thousand dollars. The dumbs hired sellout celebrities from that website and paid them to say good things about him and his program. WTF?!?! How dumb is that!? Well I don’t have the right to mock him considering that I got fooled by his fake ads too. But this is unethical and bad, it’s just cheap!

Wesley Virgin is Getting Flack from the Real World

Wesley Virgin’s landing page video

If you do bad things nowadays, then you are going to get called out man and this has happened to Wesley Virgin already. There is a 40+ minute video that he plays for the sorry people who visit his landing page. If you’re reading this, then you’ve definitely seen at least the few starting seconds of it, the fake FBI warnings, I don’t know what this guy thinks he’s doing. Anyways. In the comment section of the video. you can see the ugly truth about Wesley Virgin. I’ve recorded the video for you all to see. It is hilarious.


There are tons of fake positive Wesley Virgin review articles

Wesley Virgin would have never had to pay celebs or bloggers to say good things about him or his product, if there was real value in them. Period. The f***ing fact that he had to PAY for making sure people don’t expose him, shows that he is a f***ing scam. I really really hoped to have found out about his fraudulent activities before I wasted my money. I truly wish that. But I can’t change that now, can I. I wrote this big**s post so that I can show ya’ll the real truth about the scam Wesley Virgin is.


Wesley Virgin lies about his net worth and all the cars and money
Loved this photo, got it from here: https://www.istockphoto.com/in/photo/placing-equipment-for-interrogation-of-a-man-with-lie-detector-gm494416612-77425477

Scammers like Wesley are always on the hunt for people like me and you, they think they can fool us by showing off their rented cars, yelling at our faces, manipulating us. But the truth is, these guys don’t have no f***ing money at all! WHY THE HLL WOULD WESLEY SELL A $37 PROGRAM IF HE IS A DECA-MILLIONAIRE?! I have the answer, because he is not nearly as rich as he claims to be. He doesn’t go on vacations every 3 months, he doesn’t own a dozen sports cars like Bieber, the guy is just like you and me, but he is more sadist, pathetic and desperate. You have to be greedy as f*k to try to scam people during a world PANDEMIC like Wesley the billion dollar virgin is doing.

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All I wanted to do with this post is to show you the truth, now I don’t care if you go ahead and buy his program, maybe that’s what you want to do. But remember, the s**t that he’s selling, it’s totally cr*p and you will just waste away your money. Stay safe from these scammers fellas, they are always out to f***ing get us. I’ll post up the links down below of the Reddit post and the review.

Total Score

Wesley Virgin is a guy I would avoid from now on. He is NOT the legit self-help guru I thought he was. With his fake reviews, fake testimonials, and no refund tactic, he is nothing but just another scam.

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  • Scammer
  • Bribed bloggers online for fake positive reviews
  • Overpriced program
  • No ethics
  • Fake testimonials

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