If you or your organisation is listed at Skeptic Files, naturally there’s a lot of fear. Naturally, you don’t want to be on this site. It sounds negative because it could be negative. As a business owner, most if not all of the people that you deal with are not going to go to the internet sharing wonderful stories about you. That’s just not how we’re wired as human beings. Skeptic Files offers an Advocacy Program if you’re open-minded and forward-thinking and want to change the situation in your favor.

Enhanced Company Profile

Change layout of your business profile and leverage customer experience.

Delay or Prevention of review publication

Contact customers and resolve their issues
before a review goes live.

Fully Customized Review Page

Validate the author of the review. Make sure
the review is intended for your business.

Customized Google appearance

Shape search results and reduce negative connotation to meet needs of your brand.

Prevent Anonymous Reviews

Customize review collection flow to respond to identified and verified reviewers only


July 14, 2020


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