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Dr. Osakatukei Omulepu

Dr. Osakatukei Omulepu involved in Cosmetic Surgery Malpractices

In Florida, where a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Osakatukei Omulepu is now facing malpractice lawsuits for botching four different butt lift surgeries over the course of two days in 2015, causing life threatening injuries to his undeserving patients.


The medical malpractice lawsuits now pending against Dr. Osakatukei Omulepu stem from a handful of surgeries he performed on patients last May in Miami. Following through on his advertisements, which claimed that he was “aggressive with liposuction,” Dr. Omulepu repeatedly tore the internal organs of two of his patients, causing infections as well as kidney and respiratory failure. He also improperly administered local anesthesia, which made the bleeding even worse, and raised further complications.

Despite his ads, claiming that Dr. Osakatukei Omulepu was a specialist in cosmetic surgeries, he was not board certified in plastic surgery.

After finishing the procedure, Dr. Omulepu then discharged both patients to a motel, where they had no way of getting the medical care and oversight necessary even after a successful surgery. One of the victims was found there by her father, bleeding profusely from the operation.

All four of the patients required hospitalization after their cosmetic procedures, lasting from three days to three months, and racking up considerable medical bills, in addition to the charge from Dr. Omulepu.


Even worse for the unfortunate victims of his conduct, Dr. Omulepu was not carrying medical malpractice insurance. As a result, the four victims will not be able to recover from an insurance company – only from Dr. Omulepu, himself. As with any lawsuit against an uninsured party, this is often an uphill struggle without a guarantee of success.

Dr. Omulepu, however, is also facing reprimands from the state of Florida. The Department of Health has issued an emergency order to strip him of his ability to legally conduct liposuction and certain cosmetic surgeries, and his ability to practice medicine in the state might come under fire, next.


The deplorable conduct of Dr. Osakatukei Omulepu towards these unfortunate patients shows just how important medical malpractice attorneys can be. Even if a doctor does not carry malpractice insurance, skilled medical malpractice and personal injury attorneys like those at Gilman & Bedigian know where to look and how to get to the assets that should be used to compensate you for your catastrophic injuries.

Miami’s Dangerous “Butcher Shops”

Discount plastic surgeries bring in massive revenues for uninsured South Florida doctors. Generating a medical tourism boom, trendy surgeries like the Brazilian butt lift can be had in our state for a fraction of the price paid elsewhere in America.

This loosely regulated industry has already taken the lives of several patients who came to Florida.

Butt lifts, which involve the transfer of fat from other areas of the body to the buttocks, can be especially dangerous. One in every 3,000 people who undergo the procedure die, while the mortality rate for all plastic surgery procedures performed at doctor’s offices is a much lower at 1 in 50,000.

Florida Statute 458.320 basically provides that “As a condition of licensing and maintaining an active license…for the practice of medicine, an applicant must… demonstrate… financial responsibility to pay claims and costs ancillary thereto arising out of the rendering of, or the failure to render, medical care or services.”

In practice, however, the State of Florida routinely fails to check whether doctors are informing patients that they are uninsured for malpractice, and it rarely checks that they have sufficient funds to pay potential claims.It is common practice for uninsured doctors to refuse to pay anything.

In fact, some uninsured doctors have adopted a scheme where they pay for legal protection from lawyers to fight lawsuits with no money ever allocated to victims.

At least eight women have died in Miami. A single doctor was in charge of the two clinics where these women were fatally injured. Dr. Ismael Labrador hired doctors with no plastic surgery certification and ran the clinics like assembly lines, with professionals performing procedures one after another, from morning till evening.

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