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Woman Accusing Billionaire Leon Black Of Sexual Abuse Asks For Texts

A former Russian model accusing private equity giant Leon Black of rape and harassment has asked him to share a trove of text messages, recordings and other documents the billionaire co-founder of Apollo Global Management asserted in a Tuesday court filing contradict  the key claims made in her lawsuit.

A lawyer representing the ex-model, Guzel Ganieva, filed a motion Monday night requesting Black’s legal team hand over the materials referenced in the 52-page counterclaim he submitted earlier in the day. 

In his response to her lawsuit, Black admitted he had an affair with Ganieva—who is roughly 30 years his junior—while he was still married but deemed her allegations of sexual violence and defamation a “work of fiction,” adding the only thing he is guilty of is “extremely poor judgement in entering into an affair.” 

Black claimed to have “irrefutable documentary evidence,” including numerous recorded conversations and written communications, which he said tell a “stunningly different story” to the abuse Ganieva alleged in her lawsuit. 

Ganieva is now asking for these materials—which allegedly include proof Black did not threaten the ex-model to sign a non-disclosure agreement to keep their relationship and contradict the details of her allegation Black raped her 2014—to be handed to her lawyers within the next 20 days. 

Though her legal team says it is entitled to see all the purported evidence, the main document they are trying to get ahold of is the 2015 NDA that Ganieva has been requesting a copy of for years, Jeanne Christensen, an attorney representing the ex-model, told Forbes

Black’s counterclaim published two paragraphs of the document, an agreement to give millions of dollars to Ganieva over 15 years, claiming it was the result of Ganieva threatening to go public with their relationship and it required her to admit she was making up claims of abuse. 

Black’s lawyers did not immediately respond to a request for comment

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