AARON M. ALTER Aka Kovner Chalumo

AARON M. ALTER Aka Kovner Chalumo Review

I bid on 2 iPod 60GB from the seller e commerce4ever. The “buy it now” price was $110 with a $20 shipping charge. I purchased 2 identical items from him, so I immediately sent him $260 in the form of a money order, to his name and address listed below: | Kovner Chalumo | 574 east 37th street | Brooklyn, NY, 11203 | as you will see later in this message, this guy has other names with suspiciously similar addresses who has scammed other people. | At the time that I sent payment, seller did not have a negative rating as you will find out later that his rating changed between the time that I bid and the timethat I am sending this notice. I notified him via e-mail that I had sent the money order and that was the last I | have heard of him. I e-mailed him SEVERAL times,of which I have proof, and he failed to respond. When I went to the auction to look at his feedback, there were many more people that had filed bad ratings on him because they, too, sent their money and were not hearing from him or recieving their item. I left a bad rating on his record, more descriptive and critical than the previous. Almost instantaneously, I recieved several e-mails from other people who had purchased iPods from this seller and had not recieved their item, either. For many of us, it has not been 25 days since close of the auction, so we cannot yet file a complaint with Yahoo! auctions, but there is | evidence that this seller scams people repeatedly under sirnames and when he is busted, moves on to the next name and next series of victims to steal from. I have been in contact with people who have suspected (with evidence) that they have other names this guy has used to scam others in the past. One of the victims asked me if it was the same guy that scammed her, and sent me his name and address: | AARON M. ALTER | 721 EAST 9TH STREET | BROOKLYN, NY 11230 | This bears a striking resemblence to the address I listed above. | GOOODSELL, TRANZPORT55, AND WINTERSALEZ are the other names that I came across that all resembled the man I originally mentioned ripped me off.

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