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I have attended the 3 day workshop & gone even further. And would love to speak to anyone interested before you attend the 3 day Abundance EDU meetings. I can be reach [email& 160;protected] | SHAME ON ME I fell for all of it and i’ll give you allot of insight before you make the same mistake. We spent a total of 50grand. | YEP. After you finish the 3 day and if you buy into the program. It doesn’t stop there. There is a HARD push for the INNER CIRCLE!!!!!!! Don’t do it talk to me first. | Lsandler | By The way, I did close a deal in the first 90 days….Infact 2 deals & according to Abundance EDU The declined both. They were fix & flips they didn’t qualify because I hadn’t also sold the property in that 90 days. I don’t about you guys we weren’t told that on a fix & flip you had to purchase, rehab & sell the property for a profit. The EDU mentor’s???? Told us you had to close a deal in the first 90 daya for you to get the 2,000.00 well I didn’t anything back. There is so much more I could say but the guys before me have covered everything I would also say.

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