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Well I would be writing a book if I was to say all the things they did. Everything about them is anything but professional. Ok well they actually showed up on time and when we answered the door they said ‘You gave us the wrong number’. Well we assumed they were the movers then they showed us the paper and realized they were the movers. They were dressed in basketball shorts and a T-shirt, so looked like a bunch of drug addicts. Didn’t look inside at all. So they started loading up a bunch of small things when we specifically told them if it can fit in a car, then leave it. So they started loading the garage and packed it where it was going to take 5 or 6 loads, and at $65.00 we didn’t want that. So we told them they would probably want to go inside and get the beds, refrigerator, washer/dryer, couches, and all the big stuff that was not going to fit. Well after my father-in-law seen that he told them they needed to start putting the big stuff on there and the ‘kid’ said I misunderstood you, and turned around and walked outside. Ok there isn’t much understanding that it was simple. Well then it just gets worse… So they drug our leather sofa across the concrete because they were carrying a 50 lb. couch with a dollie. So when they went up the ramp, they failed to pick the other end up. We were sitting in our living room when the older guy came in the house and said, ‘Who is out there saying we aren’t doing it right, because thats my nephew and he isn’t afraid to knock anybody out’.Yes those were his exact words. So we went and got my father-in-law and then proceeds to tell him he needs to be more specific and thats his nephew and he will knock his a** out. So it just escalated from there, because YOU don’t come into anybody s house disrespecting them like that! I was very disappointed and will never use them again, but it looks like this company isn’t run very well either.

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