Acima Credit

Acima Credit Complaint

Charging people more than double what you should pay for the item or items. The better business bureau need to shut them down. Just taking advantage of people. I was there, and applied, approved, and didn’t get a receipt or a copy of the lease. So I called the lady she forgot to give them to me. I did end up getting both. Look at the payment schedule it was ridiculous. Bye the time everything was done I paid what I should have. I was offered to give it away to a non-profit organization or settlement. I was trying to establish better credit, and instead they put that leasing charge on my credit report, I refused to pay an additional $1400.00 to them for their gain. I will tell the public not to purchase any leasing agreement with ACIMA. I will notified whom ever I need to so people don’t get ripped off.

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