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Adam Coury AC Plumbing Review

I am a 63 year old female senior who has lived in her home since 2004, good build, small house, and learned recently I had a slab leak when my water bill doubled. I made inquiries on Home Guide, Home Advisors to interview plumbing companies to repair. | Adam Coury was one of multiple plumbers who replied to my cry for help. He said he could fix it for $300. You place your problem in the Home Guide and he responded back $300. I had a locator mark the areas how the pipes ran through my small home and the locator put 3 big arrows under kitchen sink and identified manifolds. | The leak was in the hot water pipe. I interviewed a lot of companies to ask about the process to repair and was told we will have to reroute pipe through the wall into the attic down the kitchen wall and it will require some holes as minimally invasive as possible 4-5. Adam was so sweet and so confident and so anxious to do the job when I met him face to face in my home on 12/15 that I offered him the job. | The route was from the garage to the kitchen, a short distance. My handyman offered to come over on the day Adam arrived on 12/16 and it was a nightmare to see all the holes and cuts, walls opened, kitchen cabinet nicked, plaster everywhere, nothing to cover, my handyman who is 70 years old and going strong guided him through many recommendations and shared his tools with Adam that he was lacking. | My heart went out to Adam because of his strong desire to do the job. He assured me he has 17 years in the business and it was very easy. He asked for 50% up front of the $1,000 we agreed upon. I offered him $100 in cash to purchase pex pipe and some bolts he said he would need, and paid him the $1,000 before the job was completed. | I took lots of pics. He assured me and my handyman he was 100% sure he cut the correct pipe and I scheduled my handyman to come tomorrow to replace all the drywall, return appliances to their original position. etc. Adam cut the wrong pipe, the leak was not repaired, and my house is a mess. | I called another company today in Adam’s presence and asked Adam to collaborate with them at my expense to resolve this. Adam has a baby on the way, spent time in jail for DUIs I learned today, and my heart went out to him. He has such a strong desire to build his business and do the right thing. | I fed him and we enjoyed many laughs together with my handyman. Unfortuantely, Adam was not skilled to handle this job as he overpromised and undelivered. I will have another company come tomorrow, I’m back to square one with no leak fix except a lot of holes, plaster and a complete mess in my house. | The new company will provide documentation of anything Adam did right and did not do right at my request only to spare future customers the heartache. As I told Adam, please do not cut or open me up unless you are absolutely sure you are cutting in the right place. He assured me numerous times he knew what he was doing and grew very impatient with me and told me I was making him nervous asking him so many questions. | I most likely will report this to the Registrar of Contractors now since I learned that Adam Coury is not licensed or insured. I still like the young man, I just wish I was not his guinea pig. If he did anything that advances the new company to fix my problem, I will ensure Adam receives additional compensation but at this point, I’m not sure that will be the case.

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