Adler and Associates Entertainment

Adler and Associates Entertainment

Adler and Associates Entertainment Marie Adler Marc Belasco Company is not Legitimate Distributor!!. Marie Adler and Marc Belasco of Adler Associates and Entertainment are failed actors who simply turned their energy to scamming wanna be filmmakers and aspiring filmmakers who don’t know any better. Marie Adler and Marc Belasco attend events in Los Angeles and at times other cities posing as a legitimate distribution company as well as sending mass emails to post production industry lists of any film in post production. Marie Adler and Marc Belasco can’t do anything that you can’t do for youself… only placing your film on free platforms that anyone can put their film on such as Amazon. to be clear… where they put your film would be free for you to put your film as well… Amazon is free. By going to an aggregator a filmmaker can own 100% of their film and get their film on more platofrms such as itunes. You and any aggregator is more capable than Adler Associates and Entertainemt if your film does not get a real distributor with real films in their library. Marie Adler and Marc Belasco attempt to obrain funds from aspiraing fimmakers requesting fees for these services of which are free. Again, you can upload your own movie to Amazon! As well, Adler and Associates request fees for so called “marketing and promotion” of which none exists. They will attempt to make contact via skype after sending a blind email to movies listed on IMDB and industry magazines as films in post production. They will send emails to everyone associated with your film that has any contact listed with their name. They are a joke in the industry with those educated and working on real productions and with real distribution but sadly over time they have started to take advantage of those that don’t know better. Review the trailers in the library of Marie Adler and Marc Belasco to learn more. Marie Adler and Marc Belasco will present themselves in a manner that may have the linguistics and vocabulary and contracts that appear at a very surface level and to those that don’t have experience to be of industry standards but when you review the contract and really listen and more importantly… look at the trailers in their video library! One can easily spot the scam. If you start to ask questions. Any questions. If you saynyou will be working with an auditor to ensure they will be giving you a perecentage of any monies earned. You will no longer hear from them. They make no money on your film, only from you… so an auditor won’t actually be needed. But say it so they will leave you alone. Marie Adler and Marc Belasco prey on aspiring filmmakers that don’t know any better to give them money and hope to obtain any and all so called movies or films to place on Amazon Prime (which is free for anyone to do) and then hope to obtain clicks per movie which equals a few cents a click hoping that in extreme bulk clicks and bulk films monetary compensation will go into their pocket. In addition they will continue to try and get money from the filmmaker with made up stories, costs and etc. No agent, no distribution co, no manager etc. EVER… should ask for money. There is money needed for SOME platforms such as hulu and itunes but distributors front the money because they believe in a film and believe that film will make money. Also, films need to be of specific specs and standards for those platforms. No films with Marie Adler or Marc Belaco would meet those standard. They are only obtaining money from filmmakers to put films on platforms that a filmmaker can do themselves. No monies will ever be seen by so called filmmaker by Marie Adler and Marc Belasco of Adler and Associates Entertainment THIS IS NOT A REAL DISTRIBUTION COMPANY! Marie Adler and Marc Belasco are criminals who need to be proscecuted DO NOT ANSWER EMAILS BY THIS COMPANY AND IF THEY APPROACH YOU AT AN EVENT… WALK AWAY! Again, these people are criminals only taking advantage of aspiring filmmakers

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  1. Brigitte de Roch
    September 24, 2021

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