Admiral Petroleum

Admiral Petroleum Complaint

Admiral Gas Station at 802 E. Superior St. Went there to get gas and pulled up to pump 4 started the pump and while it was going was washing the windshield the pump did not shut off and some lady came up and told me it was running over so I went to it right away, when I went in there to get gas I had a half tank and it cost me 34.41 with the spill, I have a S 10 Chevy pickup and the most it has ever cost me to fill it was 20.00 the rest went on the ground and I do not think I should have to pay extra for a pump that did not shut off, to me this is a rip off and the lady that was working said they had alot of problems with that pump for this is not the first time this has happen. If they want people to buy their gas they should have pumps that shut off, to me this is very unsafe. I think I got ripped off and I am not very happen, plus my truck now smells like gas for it got all over my clothes and this is not right either, I hate smells in my truck and so does my wife for she drives it most of the time to work. We never let our tank get under a Half. To me we had to pay extra for a pump that is unsafe and should be out of order and a sign on it so people cannot use it. To me gas is to high in the first place but, to get ripped off like this, well it is not right and I hope this does not happen again for as I said the people are getting ripped off, because they have a pump that should not be working in the first place, it should of been shut off for if it was it would not have costs me this much for I would of Used another pump and I wish someone would check all their pumps out for maybe they all do not work right. We lived here in alma for a long time and we always got our gas there and this has never happen before and it should of not happen this time for this pump is unsafe to use.

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