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I am one of the many suckers that were taken by this company and am horrified with what I have been reading | I think Adriatic Services is very unprofessional (as you can see by some of Bob’s rebuttles – he’s more on the defensive rather then being a professional business man and approaching things with a more business-like demeanor. Which leads me to believe that the only reason he’s responding defensively is because he knows they are screwing people over – Deceptive people always get defensive!!) | I can guarantee you there is not one person who has opened an adult webstore through Adriatic Services payed the same amount as anyone else. The company will take what they can from you. If you’re a hard sell – the price will be dramatically lower then someone who was an easy sell. How can a company justify selling the same store, the same amount of products (which are out of stock frequently) the same upgrades all for different prices. One person pays $329 the next $1500. Hosting fees are all over the place. | If this is a legit company and part of a 59billion dollar industry why do they need to pray on innocent people who are just trying to make an honest living from home? If things are so good for them why are they willing to bend the pricing to fit everyones budget? Could it be they have a kind heart and just want to help people??? Definitly not!!! | If it were me, I would say if you can’t afford to put out the required money for this business we don’t want you. I would only want people who have the finances to back their business so that they make a profit which in turns guaratees we make profits. | The only thing Adriatic Services is interested in, is making money off of uninformed innocent people looking for a way to work from home. I’ve been in contact with some Internet Marketing Guru’s who have said that they wouldn’t touch this opportunity with a 10 foot pole because it is NOT what they (Adriatic Services) | make it out to be. | First of all, sure the online Adult Industry business is a multibillion dollar industry, but what this really means is that there is major competition. Someone who doesn’t have the know-how to internet marketing is guaranteed to fail at this business. Especially when these stores are all cookie cutter sites and have no originality to them. Had I known how hard it would be to market my site on the internet, I would have never ever signed up and wasted my money. | I (along with allll the other website owners) were all told that we would have support 24/7 and given the tools to market our sites. We were all told that you don’t need to be a guru to make money with our sites. THEY LIED. We can all also agree that there is NO SUPPORT and many of us were offered Marketing Secrets that were NEVER revealed to us. | After being in contact with many site owners I contacted the one person I trusted right from the beginning. Bob Klinghagen. He was the one I trusted enough to buy this opportunity from him. Seeing as Customer Service was of no help. Jackie Wilson had fallen off the face of the earth (whom was the one who got another $500 from me and was to reveal Marketing Secrets once my site map was set up….and am still waiting for those fabulous secrets). I had no one else to turn to for help so I emailed Bob – this is what my email said to him and his in response to mine (take note of his tone in his reply as well as the way in which he wrote his email – my 10 year old could be more professional then him) | My email to Bob: | Hi Bob! | I’m not sure if you’ll remember me, but I bought the adult website from you ( I’m very dissapointed in things that I have heard and also with the lack of support. First of all, the only reason I bought from you is because I felt a sense of honesty from you and I really didn’t feel like I was going to be screwed over. I trusted you in what you were telling me. | After purchasing the site from you, I got the call from the marketing department (which I’m sure you’re well aware of this process). I spoke with Jackie Wilson and he talked me into spending $500 (lucky for me, I’ve since spoken with peolpe who dished out as much as $3000 to receive the exact same thing I received for my $500) on getting my site map done, upgrading my site (in which he was very inconsistant with his details each time we spoke on the phone ~ which should have been a red flag to me but too bad for me I ignored it) and also revealing “marketing secrets” in which I NEVER received. | I emailed customer service a few times and requested Jackie give me a call because my site map was completed and i was waiting for these secrets he was going to reveal. I have yet to hear from him. I no longer have his direct number and I cannot get through customer service. | Bob, I really feel as though I’ve been scammed. I’ve been trying to stay positive about this, but it is very hard after seeing and hearing from MANY new and old store owners and what their experience has been…none of which has been good! I feel that your company prays on individuals who are unaware of the complexity of marketing and selling on the internet especially with an adult based, cookie cutter website. | I’ve done ALOT of research in these past few months and have come to the conclusion that to get the store selling at a profitable rate I will need to spend an insane amount of money on advertising and just plain trying to get my webstore in the top spots on google. Getting the top spot isn’t as easy as was portrayed – ppc advertising can be very expensive for the uneducated. | And I also get the feeling that the Marketing Strategies and tips that were suppose to be delivered as part of the extra $500 i dished out are all strategies that I’ve found on my own and ALSO cost money. I’m not really sure what the $500 was for, considering a google site map is free to do if I were wanting to do one myself, the upgrade….well i got the same upgrade as someone who paid $1500 which makes no sense, and this money that was dished out made no difference in sales and your marketing team knows that. You guys KNOW that 99% of the people who start these sites are going to fail. | When you and I spoke on the phone, you told me that you guys are out to help us, after all, our sales mean money for you guys. Well where’s the help!!! There’s dozens of us out here who are swimming without a lifejacket and are drowning! There are a group who are rallying together to try to figure a way to get their money back and plan on reporting Adriatic Services. | I would like a reply to this email in regards to what I should do now ~ I have a website that is costing me more then $30/month just on the hosting fees alone. What is your advice Bob? I need your help! | Desperate for help, | Jennifer Hope | | Bobs response email: | Jennifer I kind of take offense to the accusations of me myself I have never received a call telling me you are unhappy or til now I thought everything is fine unfortunately I do not have a crystal ball in front of me to tell me when my clients are unhappy .I dont know anything about what they sell as far as marketing goes I can make suggestions as far as what to do the first thing would be to do a search for free adult website advertising the 2nd adult website link or banner exchange programs and sign up for adult affiliate programs just dont bother jackie anymore if you need help call the person who did not lie to you and keep in touch and I WILL HELP YOU | In another email I asked Bob about their marketing/advertising department (whether that department was outsourced or if they all worked together in the same place) and this is what Bob replied with: | “no we dont work with them they are a part of our company but we dont work with them” | Why on earth would anyone want to do business with a company who doesn’t even trust their own Marketing/Advertising department?? Bob even admitted that Jackie lied to me. | As far as I’m concerned, they are all deceptive and should not be trusted. | This company needs to be shut down!

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