Advance In-Car Driver Training

Advance In-Car Driver Training Complaint

Advance Driver is not an official school. Do not let the fancy website fool you. It is ran by one person. He goes by the name Coach Griffin. There is no we or our, like stated on the website. It is only him. He answers the phone, is the only driver and there is only one car. Also found out that he was FIRED from Cypress Driving school for treating their students so horrendously. The following is a link with the reviews from there. Learned VERY LITTLE with him. I drove a lot better and calmer practicing in a family member’s car than with him. Guess it would be easier to drive without having someone barking down your throat. Can understand being firm, but his attitude was mean and downright hateful. Would not recommend Advance Driver to my worst enemy. Those hours in the car with him were a living hell. If you need someone to teach you how to drive, I’d recommend a driving school, a real one with multiple instructors, a family member, friend, anyone but this. It is downright insulting to spend hundreds of dollars for driving lessons to be treated in such a despicable manner.

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