Advanced Medical Institute (AMI)

Advanced Medical Institute (AMI) Complaint

Because of my health, I am on an extreme amount of medication, which does not allow me to become Sexually inclined. I first went to AMI re their ad for Nasal Delivery Technology “Get you performing at your peak! Go for it” At the interview, they said that Nasal Spray could create allergies and my best approach would be Penile Injection (which I believe to be at a higher price). Read their contract and there was mention if the program was not appropriate for me, then AMI will refund to me the total cost of the treatment incurred by me less 15% administration fee and less the cost of the medication supplied to me. The total cost would be $8, 000 less the $500 I paid. The remainder was to be deducted at the rate of $53.57 fortnightly for 140 payments. I asked the Staff before I signed the document, what the 15% entailed and they assured me that the 15% was based on the treatments received. (NOT ON THE WHOLE $8000 WHICH THEY ARE CLAIMING). They then came back with a counter offer that they would pay me about $150. My total cost for something that did not work was $767.85. I received 2 treatments and found that nothing was working, so after consultation with my GPs, I notified AMI that I was quitting the Agreement. This was followed up with a letter from me as well as from my 2 GPs, as It was causing me too much anxiety, depression and blood pressure problems, in other words they were concerned with my health, as was I. I found myself an many embarrassing situations. I am claiming $767.85. plus travelling costs to Gold Coast plus Cause of added extreme anxiety, stress, and now the total disinterest in sex, because of their product.

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