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I didn’t know I was going to get ill and need surgery last year and I might need surgery this year and I am still not over the surgery from last year. I just feel a victim and abused by doctors and colleges and churches and everywhere I go, but its not me causing the trouble. like I just simply asked the college about their refund policy and explained my illnesses and they got up me and attacked me making out I was writing graphic crude content. I guess I could have got my gynecologist to explain it in breif and that might of helped more, but they attacked me for just asking and don’t seem to want to show empathy or on compassionate grounds from my GP letter they just don’t want to refund me and were abusive. I have got a lot of abuse from doctors and hospital staff and even churches (one was selling drugs on the grounds so I reported it to police), you would think doctors should know better than to verbally or physically attack and abuse their patients wouldn’t you? Afterall its not their business and they are not judges and police and they get up to more dirt them most of us average people. | I don’t understand the world anymore. but my mother is right about the rudenss of pom males towards australian women. it hurts when you keep meeting men from other countries who begin to abuse you and you don’t know why and doctors abuse and you don’t know why, like its some personal crusade of theirs to defend their rapist poofter mate over an abused woman. years ago men defended the woman in hope of a good time or sex or even a crush and smile from a women, today men seem to just only know how to abuse and hate women. something is wrong with this world. if you can’t tell a adult male your health issues in confidence and expect some degree of confidentiality and sensitivity and respect who can you tell ? if men don’t want to listen women just won’t love or notice them or give out anymore. I mean war means war. mature adults should support victims of abuse and crime and illness but this college is just a scam from poms.

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