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This is the most horrific experience I”ve ever had!! I want to see Jason Loh personally demoted or fired! My kids are here with no food, no heat, i have a flat tire on my car and no money to fix it because i was supposed to get my paycheck today and did not! As a employer you were supposed to do your job and pay me. As a human being, morally u were supposed to want to help make sure a mother and her kids did not have to sit stuck in a city with no family, no heat, food or money especially since i earned my money. So even though Jason Loh is on vacation he could”ve easily called to verify my hrs and approved my timecard last week before his vacation or All of this week. He had time to email everyone about how he was taking care of my situation just incase I called them but Jason never did. So he insured that no one else would help me and made sure he had to be the only one! I called him several times begging to do his job so i can please not have to go into the new year with nothing for my kids and he waved me off, laughed and lied to me as if i was nothing, a lesser human than him. I called his corporate in HR but she could do nothing for me but send Jason and Yogeshkumar an email but yet he took the time out to call Yogeshkumar and tell him that he was handling it but couldn”t respond to HR. So now he and Jason are not picking up their phones or emailing back HR and he is blatantly ignoring my calls. Instead of avoiding me, lying and making excuses.. The professional, adult, kind and also fastest way to get me out of his hair would”ve been to make your couple calls and emails (like he claimed he had already done) and if he could not reach anyone approve it the other ways he said he could get it approved. Im sure that would”ve taken 20mins out of his vacation instead he took heat and food away from me and my kids(Pure Evil). I worked hard to provide for my kids and he took the food out my kids mouths because he felt like it. I will make sure something is done about him and i do not care how long it takes. I am determined and even though he hurt me and my kids at the end of 2017. I will make sure his company hurt his pockets and therefore him before the end of 2018. My manager called and confirmed my hrs on his voicemail because he refuses to pick up phone. Call now and see for yourself [protected] Jason Loh

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