Ageless Health Solutions, LLC.

Ageless Health Solutions, LLC. Review

I got scammed by Hydroluxe for $456.82 (U.S.). | Signed up for a “free” sample, agreeing to pay the shipping charges, and was then told I had signed up for a monthly subscription of Hydroluxe products. That one request for a sample product resulted in three online companies charging my credit card. | Beware of these companies: Ageless Eyes Serum; Beautiful Skin Formula; and Web Skin Care Now. My credit card company stated it could do nothing to block future charges by these companies, so I had to cancel my credit card. All three companies operate from the same address in Nevada: 5348 Vegas Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89108. | All I was ever sent was one 1-ounce jar of Hydroluxe Hydrating Day & Night Cream. | In my correspondence with these companies, I have been asked twice to respond to their emails by simply saying “Yes, I agree.” If I do that, they say I will be sent a small refund. I smell another scam and am not going to send that reply.

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