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AIR 7 SEAS Transport Logistics Inc Review

I had shipping my cargo from CA to overseas and they sent it to Sri Lanka and then to India! No where close to my destination. I lost all my valuables that I couldn’t take with me via airplane and many other items that I had been collecting over the years and they would not get it back for me. | Air 7 Seas should not be in the shipping business. They don’t care about the customer, only the money they bring in. Once the money is paid, you only hope they will do what they said. Check them out in the BBB for SF Bay Area, there are complaints about them with the BBB too. DO NOT ship with them under any circumstances, I am warning you! If they lost your cargo (whatever it may be), they won’t help you. They will just look away and act as if they did nothing wrong, and stand up and watch you cry over it. | They are just greedy for money, other shipping companies have told me this. They do not even have their own warehouses to store the cargo you ship with them, it is kept in unsecure lots with third parties. No wonder the cargo gets lost! They won’t even respond to your email for help or updates. They will tell you that the cargo is reaching within three weeks, and even after six weeks, it doesn’t reach you! It never reached me. Do not trust them, do not ship with them. Even if they offer you the cheapest rate, do not ship with them. Spend a little more elsewhere and you will be better off. | I had a lot of headaches and heartache dealing with them. They never once apologized for the mistakes they made. They are arrogant people! Do not have anything to do with any of them. Do not even email them for a quote. It will be the biggest mistake you make if you ship your cargo with them. | May G-D forgive them for the wrong they have done to others and the hurt they continue to cause. Please do not do business with them, your money is better off with someone else who cares for your shipment, Air 7 Seas does not deserve even a single customer.

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  1. Wilford Macahilas
    June 16, 2020

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