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To whom it may concern: My name is Matthew, i reside in Murrieta California i as well own a retail home furnishings store in the same city. I first contacted air n in late June of 2006 for purposes of obtaining a “Swamp Cooler” for our business as it is extremely hot in this area during the summer months. Upon entering the web site and browsing their selection, i found an item which caught my eye, it was a “Kenstar Turbocool Major portable swamp cooler”, i also found a sf609r portable swamp cooler. I spoke to one of the sales reps whom was very personable and seemed very knowledgeable as well. I inquired as to how many of each of the products were in stock and i was given the answer of “Plenty”. I made arrangements to have a friend drive to Fountain Valley California (where air n water is located) the very next day and pick up my purchases that i had reserved via my credit card. Upon arrival my friend had found that the larger of the two swamp coolers would not fit into his sedan (this was on a Friday) so i telephonic-ally informed the Manager of air n water that i would pick up the larger unit on Monday.My friend had paid for both units by check in full prior to leaving. I telephoned air n water on Monday morning prior to driving the 80 some odd miles to inform them that i was on my way. The manager had informed me that they did not have the original unit that was to be picked up on Friday how ever he had one waiting for me but it had a damaged box and had minor cosmetic damage as well, he also stated that the damaged unit was up on a pallet rack and had to be inspected to see if that was the extent of the damage. I attempted to remedy the situation and agree to wait until they got another load of the same product in the following week according to the manager. I had with out a doubt purchased the swamp coolers that were advertised as “new” and not damaged or refurbished, the company offers “will call for local customers”, you will find on their web site that their is no mention as to selling damaged units. On Tuesday the next day i decided to not wait a week for another unit to arrive so i called air n water back and acted like a new customer and inquired about a comparable swamp cooler because we couldn’t wait any longer because temperatures in our area reached triple digits and is unbearable. The sales rep had informed me that the new unit i was inquiring about was in stock and they had 30 of them. I then told the rep who i was and that i wanted to come down and pick one up in exchange for the damaged unit i was being forced into accepting, the rep told me that i better take the damaged unit because they were discontinuing it and that it was the last one. I was soon after placed on hold and then a few minutes later i was told by the rep that the 30 that they had in stock were purchased by other customers and were being shipped out as we were speaking. I explained to her that i had prepaid a few days before and that air n water was trying to give me a damaged unit that i was not in agreement of and that i wanted to please please please get at least a unit that was as advertised and my moneys worth at that. I am convinced beyond doubt that air n water had defrauded me. Took my payment in full and then attempted to force me to accept the last “black sheep” damaged unit that no one else wanted. I was transferred to the manager once again and explained to him that i would be showing up to their facility with local law enforcement regarding fraud which is not only a civil matter but a “criminal matter” firstly. After explaining my position to the manager he in return agreed to hold one of the 30 second choice units so that i could pick it up that day. I eventually got a new undamaged swamp cooler but not with out the stress and shock and worries accompanied with the whole sham. I will be contacting the on line BBB which they claim to be members of and will not be satisfied completely until i get a formal apology and am reassured that air n waters tactics will stop and not affect others that order on line from them, i am fortunate to reside in the adjoining County of air n water and fill remorse for those who are stuck with what this company does to their customers who do not have the convenience of just showing up with the police. air n water practices are criminal, under handed and misleading and greedy. Do not purchase from air n

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