Aliso Laguna Family Dental Care

Aliso Laguna Family Dental Care Complaint

Aliso Laguna dental care installed a crown on October 2006 and I had to pay for the total cost. They told me it was not covered by my insurance. I found out later that the crown was covered. I kept having problems with the crown and went back couple of month after to Aliso Laguna dental care. They removed the crown and put the same one back and told me that it”s fixed. I kept having problems with the crown but was soo occupied at work and did not go back. Eventually I had to replace the crown after 2 years at another dental office because it was not properly installed from beginning. The XRAYS taken by the new dentist showed open margin and open margin at distal and open space. I did not know about this untill 2008 when I had the new XRAYS. When I asked Aliso Laguna dental care for refund they said that my dental insurance paid for the crown and they are responsible for the issue. This was not true as there was no claim at all with my dental insurance. After that Aliso Laguna dental care changed their story and said I signed on papaers at day of service that says that I am satsified with the crown and that I am not entitled to refund if some issue arise with the crown. This was a big lie. Up to this moment they did not provide me with the document that they claim I have signed.

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