Allstream Business (formerly Integra Telecom)

Allstream Business (formerly Integra Telecom) Review

we were without service for 2-3 days after we spent $2500 in tv advertising! No one could call us. They were told to enter a mailbox number (a generic mailbox). It wasn”t even our mailbox. The company couldn”t figure out why it happened. We have spent so many hours calling and complaining about the problems with their service but this one was a big problem that cost us lots of money!! we could call out but no one could call us! Customer service was horrible and repair people were stupid! We were told that they checked it out and the phone calls went through?? We have emails from people who said they could not get through and the boss of the company was one of them who got the voice mail message. That was when we realized the phone was messed up.

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  1. Maricela Fatula
    June 17, 2020

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