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Alpha Rug Expo, Inc. Review

We selected a wood sample from the retail store that didn’t represent what was installed. We notified the retail store after the first few boxes were installed and instructed the installers to stop the installation. I told the store that we were going to stop the installation until this was resolved, they convinced us to go ahead and finish the installation because they couldn’t resolve any disputes unless the work was completed. GS insisted that he would be our advocate to fight the issue with the manufacturer and he agreed that the sample did not match the floor we ordered. Once all the work was completed I told Alpha Rug that I was going to hold the last payment until the issue was resolved. Once again he told us that they couldn’t fight the manufacturer unless all balances were paid. We relented again feeling confidence that Alpha Rug and GS were on our side. Several days later the manufacturer came out to our house and it was clear from the start that Alpha Rug and Sovereign has no intentions of fairly evaluating the situation. We ultimately received a letter from Sovereign indicating that this type of variance was expected and not under any warranty. So the two issues we have with this business enagagement are: 1. I felt like we were not dealt with properly by Alpha Rug (they encouraged us to go down a path that they knew would not end up in our favor just so they could get their money, needless to say we gave them alot of other business other than this room). We identified the issue early on in the installation process and we could had some options to make a change even if it meant we would be willing to purchase the few boxes of materials that were used 2. The represented sample was not a close enough representation of the installed material (it looked like the sample may have had water damage which gave it the rustic look we thought we were getting). My recommendation is to take your business elsewhere for all of your flooring/rug and furniture needs.

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