American Doc Prep

American Doc Prep Review

They are basically a telemarketing company who prepares paperwork that you can do ALL BY YOURSELF. They say the paperwork is “bank ready” and is the same paperwork the bank uses. This is not true! The paperwork came back with multiple errors and the bank made me REDO everything! Anytime you speak to someone it seems like they dont really know what they are doing. I found out they are not even licensed to prepare peoples documents! Where is the training? Is there any training AND BY WHO? They also promise and guarantee you qualify for a government program called hamp. The banks dont even have to participate in the program! But they act like the bank has no choice. If you call the hope hotline that the government gives you then you can REALLY find out it you qualify. They also help you with your paperwork FOR FREE. American document preparation is just like a scam, and really with all the lies they give you I guess they are.

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