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The Dish Network installer from American Satellite was god awful. To begin with, he came at 12:15 for an 8 – 12 a.m. appointment. The guy came in and acted very impatient and rushed. I told him numberous times which rooms I wanted the two receivers in but he still put one receiver in an incorrect room. The installer left tons of garbage; fingerprints, dust, broken cables all over the house. He cut off the old DirecTV dish and left it lying in the middle of our front lawn. He was rude, impatient and talked down to me. I was under the distinct impression that he could have been under the influence of methamphetmine. Long story short, we have to have them come back out for $12 to move the receiver to the room that we specifically asked him to place in in to begin with. A miserable experience indeed and I would recomend someone other than American Satellite for a Dish Network installation in Sacramento if that is possible.

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