American Strategic Insurance Group [ASI]

American Strategic Insurance Group [ASI] Review

We bought or home in October 2012. Before purchase an inspector was sent out and the only problem he found with our home was the A/C unit needed repairing.In October 2012, American Strategic Insurance (ASI) sent out an inspector before insuring our home and policy was in effect immediately after inspection. We were not informed of any damage or needed repairs. In 2013 we refinanced our home and an inspector was sent out and found everything to be in good shape. May 2014 we had a severe wind/ hail storm and rain was coming in damaging interior walls and flooring. I called ASI to ask about reporting a claim and they told me to call a roofer out 1st and then call them back with the roofers findings. I did this and a claim was filed on May 26, 2014. ASI sent out an adjuster that told us our roof was definitely storm damaged and submitted his findings. After a month of waiting, we were informed ASI was paying a roofing engineer to come out and assess the roof. We were told by a claims supervisor that they were paying this other company $3500 to make this assessment as they were trying to get us more money. Once this assessment was made, ASI told us the damage was prior damage and fell under a clause in our policy which paid only a fraction of the damages. Once we were given the amount, the roofer came back out and said that the amount ASI was trying to pay would not even pay for a jury rigged repair job and refused to do such a repair and also stated no other reputable roofer would touch the repairs for that amount. It is now July 23, 2014, and we still have not seen any money and still have damage to our home. ASI agents were very unprofessional as 1 told me I needed to reign in my husband and another called me a conspiracy theorist! Be very careful about using this insurance company as they would prefer paying a 3rd party $3500 than to pay a valued customer the amount needed to repair their home. Read reviews, check the BBB, ask friends and neighbors, don”t wait until something happens to your home to discover the integrity of your insurance company.

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