AMMO TO GO Provided Defective Product Houston Texas!!. I ordered two boxes of ammo. from “AMMO TO GO” and received this ammo about a week later. The ammo was “Winchester .38 wadcutter” , a common type of ammo and a very respectable name in ammunition. Upon opening the packaged ammunition I found the product to be considerably “tarnished” and “mottled” looking , as though it were “antique” or very old ammunition. I notified “AMMO TO GO ” by e-mail , that I wanted a refund. “AMMO TO GO” responded by e-mail requesting pictures of the ammunition , the factory ammunition packaging , and the box that “AMMO TO GO” used for shipping. I sent by e-mail numerous pictures of the requested product , factory packaging and the “AMMO TO GO” shipping package. This was the last I ever heard from “AMMO TO GO” despite my numerous e-mails attempting to correct the defective product they sent me ! To date “AMMO TO GO has never offered to refund or in any manner settle this problem. This was a small order and only amounted to about $68.00 that I was lost ! I consider this entire matter as being a case of “fraud” by “AMMO to GO” and all employees involved with the defective product being shipped to me.

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  1. Bill
    January 22, 2021

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