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To AMResorts: RE: Secrets Puerto Vallarta My wife (Andrea Sabada) and I recently returned from a 13-day vacation from Secrets Puerto Vallarta during the period Dec.22 to Jan. 4 inclusive (Room 1227 Preferred club). On Dec. 26 I suffered a serious injury to my right leg. It occurred at 7 pm at night. It happened in the main lobby on level 3. I stepped into the water that separated the floor into sections and fell quite hard on my right leg. I had a serious cut and skin scrape. My wife was very upset when she saw what happened. The medical team was quick to respond and bandaged my leg. We went to the hospital by taxi and the treatment required a surgeon to use four stiches to close the deep cut (they could see my tendon the cut was so deep). They said the second wound was the first layer of skin being removed and needed to be treated carefully to avoid infection. They gave me a prescription for antibiotics. We returned to the resort at about 11:00 pm so the evening was obviously ruined. My leg was wrapped in a bandage and I was advised by the treating physician not to go in the water or walk on the beach for the remaing 9 days of our vacation. I was also advised not to go the gym which is a daily activity I enjoy. This ruined my enjoyment of the rest of my vacation. When we talked to another couple they commented that they had seen three other guests step into the same place that I did that week albeit their injuries were not as serious as mine. There is obviously a problem with the design of the main lobby floor and it should have been foreseeable that such accidents could occur especially when it is dark. Moreover, after the first person fell, either a cautionary sign should have put up or the open water covered. On the following Saturday Dec.28th, the resort doctor looked at my two wounds and changed the bandage. She would be able to speak to extent of the injury. As this was not an accident as a result of my carelessness, I am seeking compensation, as I firmly believe it is your obligation to protect guests and compensate them for this type of injury and the loss of enjoyment of their expensive holiday. As an aside, my wife and I have vacationed 8 or 9 times at Secrets resorts ( Secrets Maroma and Secrets Huatuco) and always enjoyed our time at Secrets. I”m enclosing two photos. One shows the area where I had the fall and the second my leg with the two wounds. Also attached is a picture of the two page invoice from hospital totaling US$1, 304.91 for the treatment of my injury. I am sharing this with so you fully understand the extent of the injury. I look forward to your reply and your view as to what is reasonable compensation in the circumstances. Sincerely Roman Fedus [protected] [protected] Mississauga, Ontario, Canada [protected]

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