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Report Filed: Andrew P.Ordon, MD Plastic Surgery Institute This plastic surgeon appears on TV so I believed in excellence instead I have an ugly permanent scar in the middle of my face. Beverly Hills California!!

Terrible experience resulting in a permanent protruding scar in the middle of my face. This doctor appears on TV so I believed in highest standards and excellence. Never had anything done before, so after an initial consultation I decided on a dermal filler to smoothe a wrinkle in the middle of my cheek . This was three years ago, and I never uunderstood how a simple procedure meant to improve my appearance can literally ruin my entire left cheek. Why I did not sue? I do not like to sue people so I waited patiently because a dermal filler is supposed to dissolve after maximum two years. But mine never dissolved . This ugly scar appears on all my pictures and it is a source of my constant misery. Here is the chronology: I had dermal filler Radiesse injected in my left cheek by Dr Ordon’s assistant Mr Rob Lucas, on April 11, 2011. MY preference was Juvederm but I was injected with Radiesse without Dr Ordon’s supervision. He was not there. I came to the office again on June 6th to report negative results and ask for my money back. I paid $750.00 for this disaster. I am a senior on limited income, so I expected some good will and an apology. Again, I asked for Dr Ordon, but he did not want to come and see me. Total arrogance and avoiding responsibility. He did not want to rembourse my money, either. So I wrote certified letters begging for help and appealing to Dr Ordon’s conscience. As I found out his assistant Mr Lucas performed this procedure incorrectly. The Radiesse was injected too close to my skin surface. Still, I was waiting for it to dissolve. Eventually I made an appointment on Spetember 9, 2014, with the assurance that Dr Ordon will see me. Again, I was fooled. I was told that Dr Ordon is away on vacation. Imagine my disappointment. The request for reimbursement was denied by the office manager. I want to stress total unprofessionailsm and arrogance of everybody I was talking to. The assistant Rob Lucas was in total denial. Never apologized. The office manager told me not to come any more, because “””Dr Ordon will not do anything”” and she shrugged. She told me I was a “”persona nongrata.”” She did not even want to acknowledge my letter addressed to Dr Ordon that I brought with me. Dr Ordon once again succeeded in avoiding me. No apology

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