Angelbare Permanent Cosmetics

Angelbare Permanent Cosmetics Review

SHALA WHITMORE tattoed my eyebrows last year and IT WAS THE WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE . CHEAP PRODUCTS, NEVER ON TIME, UNSANITARITY AND POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! and because of her awful work i did the laser removal several times, and then retattoed at another great these stupid eyebrows cost me like 3000$ and what really surprised me is that she got the guts to go and submit a complain against me just because i wrote my experience on her website and all what i said was 100% the truth and everything she said was an absolute big lie, trying to cover up her huge mistake instead of being professional and apologize to me . i believe that i have absolutely the right to share my story and if she didnt have anything to hide she wouldn’t ve deleted my review and comments ..good luck shahla i hope you learned you lesson and try to better your work and self and then ur reputation 🙂

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