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I am an Indian national who went to the Philippines in a 59 day tourist visa to explore possibilities of business. So initially I was checking different options to see if there is a good opportunity. In Laguna province, it didn’t work. So I went to Manila. On the 19th of May, 2019 while I was in starmall, Alabang, Manila NCR, I got in touch with a lady on “Tantan”, a dating app and who claimed to be separated and has a girl child. | Since I am a single, never married guy, I asked her to come to Alabang and we booked a room at a good hotel. She came there and everything went well. We also had Milk shake and I gave her a slice of Pizza that I had bought. She also guided me on taking a bus and MRT/LRT and the areas where I can set up a spa business which was one of the original ideas. I had told her that I am a potential investor. The friendship developed and we met again at Malate, ate together and she took me to Baclaran, Las Pinas and other areas. We also spent some more nights and I used to pay her for being a guide. | She showed me around and we were looking for a space/shop to start a business like a spa or a bar. She used to bring her female cousin sometimes and we 3 would go around Makati, Baclaran, etc. I used to pay both the ladies and for food, transport etc. I even paid for a non functional mobile phone which she claimed was in the service center and couldn’t get it repaired because she had no money. I also used to send money sometimes when she needed for medical expenses and for searching places for a room to stay and for a space. | In due course, she zeroed in on a space near Las Pinas, near the airport and showed me in person. She claims to have negotiated with the landlady and told me that the price is good. I backed out due to some reason and I also needed to go back to India urgently. In a week’s time or within 10 days, she messaged me. She said in the message that her mobile phone has been stolen and she needs a new mobile. And that she would return the money of 4000 Pesos if I sent her through Palawan. | I asked her to make a police report and she sent me that. (I dont know if that report is true or bogus). I sent the money though Palawan. The very next day she told me that she has bought a new phone and thanked me. And she told me that since I have some capital, I can do very good business of money lending and I can try it out. She promised that she would help me and she had lots of contacts and would be my collector. She convinced me that there wouldn’t be a problem although I felt that the interest rate of 30% that she was planning to charge was too high and unreasonable. So I went ahead and told her that as an experiment, I can give her cash of 20000 pesos but it is her responsibility to collect it and recover it. | We met at Alabang Star mall and I withdrew cash from the BPI ATM on the 3rd floor next to coffee project. She showed me the agreement copy format and took my signature on some of them. I handed over the money and left. The very next day she called me and told me that the business is growing and there are 8 more people in the pipeline. And both her cousin and she can meet me at Starmall again and she could handover the agreement copies and collect more money from me. | I agreed to it and we all met and I withdrew 17000 pesos and gave her. She gave me the agreement copies and we left. Again the following day she told me that there are some more people and I had agreed to lend to them too. I objected and said that I don’t remember to have said that. But she argued and threatened to quit the business after collection if I don’t keep up my so-called ‘promise’. I said that this is a misunderstanding and just to save her face, I would be willing to give another 17000 pesos for the business. | So we met at Alabang and I withdrew the cash from a ATM outside the mall and we went to the room in hotel Sogo and I handed over the money. There was no physical relationship then. She left and 2 days later asked me a favour of 10000 pesos for her cousin who is in dire need and promised me that she would guarantee all the money would be returned with 30% interest on the 28th of June, 2019 and just the last time I would need to send. I sent 5000 pesos in all for her cousin through Palawan and then waited for the 28th. | Around that day, I went to Manila from Los Banos and stayed in a hotel and tried to reach her. She was very inaccessible, was not responding to calls or messages and was giving excuses. I tried very hard to reach her, called her many times and she would always say that she is at work and cannot answer or pick calls. | I had told her before I handed over the money that my visa was expiring on the 9th of July, 2019 and I would have very little time for such experiments. She had promised me that she wouldn’t put me in such trouble and she would guarantee me that things would be smooth. | But throughout the first week of July, 2019 she kept giving excuses or dodged me. Finally, I had to tell a couple of my friends in Los Banos about what happened. They promised to help me to whatever extent they could. They took her details. And I left the country on the 8th of July, 2019. | After that, she sent me some message promising to send me on the 25th of July, 2019. She also mentioned that she is sorry for the delay and so on. I wrote back stating that she has to pay the full sum of 59000 pesos (4000 for the mobile +( 20000 + 17000 + 13000 + 5000 for the lending business). I told her that I trust her words and I believe that she would pay. | But when my friend in Los Banos, Laguna had contacted her she twisted the case and told her that she is my girlfriend and that we had a special relationship and nobody else should interfere. She also said to my friend in Los Banos, Laguna that 18000 pesos has been returned to me which was not true at all. | The total of all payments made through Palawan and the agreement copies with clients comes to just 32000 pesos (so the proof of payment through palawan and the agreements is just 32k. The rest was given through cash withdrawal). She has never sent me any further agreement copies. And when I showed these copies to some of my friends in Los Banos, they told me that it is full of loopholes. It does not state the date of return, the full names and addresses of the clients and the witnesses. | The only proper reference or proof I have is the facebook chat history where there is substantive proof of transactions and the whole game plan she got me caught in. | So till today, I haven’t filed a formal complaint as I am in India and I have to be physically present in the Philippines to do so. So this lady along with her cousin who is her associate is an expert at this scam of gaining the trust of foreigners then defrauding them. | Beware and be alert when you are in Manila NCR and if you happen to meet this lady who has many aliases you already know that she is a scammer. She and her cousin have perfected the art of honey trapping foreign men and scamming them. | She has at least 4 different profiles on Facebook through which she operates her scam probably by giving different identities to different men. And if one gets into trouble she already has another. | She operates in dating apps like “Tantan”, “Tinder” etc. | Here are the links to her 5 different profiles with 5 different names: | 1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. Both she and her cousin Inday are scammers. They are well organized and well planned. Guys be very very careful

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