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So out of all the qualified candidates we had today, why do you think we should hire you? I guess everyone must get scammed once in their life to realize that there are people out there willing to do anything to be on top. I worked at this awful job for almost three months, and in those 90 days I managed to get behind on bills, friends, and family. Life before this job was not the best thing in the world I mean the economy is still pretty bad, but just think while you are striving to put gas in your car to go to the ridiculous places that they send you to your boss is going on cruises and taking all sorts of vacations with the money that was promised to you ended up being a thanks for my new pair of heels. Just beware of the people in the photographs. The two women one on the left is Kelsey…the one who begins the scam with false hope aiming to poor college students who do not know where to turn as they are on their quest to figure out what they want to do in life she ropes them in and suck them for every dime they got. On the left is Vanessa, the manager the woman who is your everyday sells representatives…think about those words! Typical cheerleader attitute will think she can do it, but she is secretly saying you look like you could bring me in some money. The two males on the right, the one on the left, be careful, looks are not always what you want. Do not trust this blonde hair, blue eyed guy who makes you go bankrupt, teaches others how to do it and in the end everyone crumbles and there he is smiling as he only needed you for the time being. The one on the right is Reese, just stay away from the guy who says he is confident and not cocky, but it is just too bad the light bulb has not turned on yet. JUST STAY AWAY!!!

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