Apartment Realty Group, Inc

Apartment Realty Group, Inc Review

I called ARG with a buyer looking for a commercial multifamily property 12 units+ between $4 – $5 million. I was basically told to kick rocks since a realtor in my office was representing the buyer. ARG is doing their clients a major diservice since they will not even entertain buyers who already have representation, due to the fact that they want to double end the transaction and make more money. I was told “Buyers are a dime a dozen.” So if you are thinking about listing your property with ARG just be aware that if a solid buyer comes along represented by another agent, not only will they not be able to offer you a full price or better offer for your property, they will not be able to offer you anything at all, because ARG reps will not even share your property with them. It is this type of greed that continues to cause shortages in this market. I advise you to stay away from this company.

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